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The Internship story... so far...

I wanted to write about my experiences in office in my last post, but, as soon as I started the post, Mumbai came into my mind. And I couldn't help but to write about it.

I have been at work for like four days... and each day has been an experience in itself. 
I'll start at the beginning, Ok, I dunno what do you guys know about Law firms, but, I was also blown out of my mind when I saw the firm. Overlooking the Marine Drive, bang opposite the Trident, is the Indian Express building. On the 23rd floor is the office of AZB & Partners. (Just incase you are wondering what the short form is for, then,: A- Ajay Gupta, the Managing partner who sit in Delhi. Z- Zia Mody who along with the B- Behram Vakil sits in this office). The firm is spread over the entire floor, which is HUGE by a law firm standard. It employs over 100 associates and partners in addition to the interns and the paralegals that work here.
I have my own desk with my own computer (Internet is not der... :() . But there is intranet and therefore the first thing that is done is after you join in is, that you get your unique e-mail id and password for your computer. 
There is an Internet room, wherein you can access the net, else if you have you lappy, you can use the wi-fi.
There is a cafeteria, from where the view is breath taking. The pantry has a coffee machine which has like 7 choices...which includes espresso, tea, cappuccino , hot chocolate etc. and it has a stocked fridge with cokes and diet cokes and what not.
The cubicle where I sit, as amazing people- My neighbour is Sarah, who is like the sweetest, Danish, sits behind me and there is Jeeta who is a complete tomboy. There are loads of other interns so you dont lack company... but the best part is that there are lots of great looking guys also around... Oh, and yeah, there is something called as a buddy system, wherein you are assigned a senior associate as your mentor. Mine is a guy called Adheesh Nargolkar and he is so so so sweet... and pretty good looking as well. The partners too are so sweet... atleast the Z and the B are. They  do not have the airs... Bahram actually came to us interns to make sure that we all have quality work and Zia is so finicky about the timeslips(this is basically a format through which the firm knows how many hours you worked for a particular client, you are supposed to print your time slips and put it in a yellow envelope that is on your name, the peon will come and pick them up after you have gone and returns it the next day... Zia actually checks them, there is a tick on them...and if its screwed up, I dunno what happens...!!) that today she had a list of defaulters who did not do their time slips and was scolding them. 
The timings are weird though- 10.30 am to 8.30 pm. And if you stay back till after 9, you get free food (yup you can order at office expense for upto 250 rupees per person) and a free cab ride till your house.
On the second day itself, I got stuck in office and came back home at 11.30. 

Its been a great experience so far. I have even managed to bag a great project. Its fun to do that. 
Oh yeah, believe it or not- I have a guy named Sayantan Banerjee also working in the firm... I haven't seen or worked with him, but am looking forward to it...!!! ;)

Its been fun so far and now when Shayon is going to be here... Lets see how things work....!!! Thanks mannu n dion your advice works....!!! :)


Karma said…
Kewl !!
Seems like the Great Indian dream we use to have in collage...a swanky officespace,super-cool bosses and great looking pplz around !!!Alas we pinned so many hopes on the IT industry to fullfil our whims...
Anyway I am not gonna bore with my usual nonsense...but its great to hear that u are enjoying ur work!! I hope ur great stint continues and u have a blast of a time !!

Joyguru Njoyguru !
Phew!! That seemed more like a diary page or some page straight outta a 'Mills & Boons'(& I despise them no end)
It's gud that you are elated with the experience but, mind u, after sometime it'll all become commonplace & the only thing which will keep you hooked will be the work!!! If you would find the work interesting then only u ll like your office otherwise you ll join our "league"
Sakshi said…
Mannu, I am no fan of Mills and boons either... but well, I cant help it if it sounds that ways..!!! But yeah as of now, I do have some work...lets hope like Karma said-hope ur great stint continues and u have a blast of a time !!

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