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Remembering... the dark hours of Mumbai....

Alright ppl all over the world... the gal is back.... 
Ok, I just wanted to give the article a very VVIP start.... Anyways, the thing that I want to talk about in this post is, about the 60 hours of sheer madness and terror in Mumbai. It was something that is going haunt me, at least all my life. no, not because I was stuck there or was even remotely near that area. But, seeing the heritage of the 'city that never sleeps' being ruined at the hands of a bunch of young guys, just because they have been misguided by assoles was scary and numbing. (Ofcourse, this whole fiasco was threatening to kill my mumbai trip... that too was scaring me...)
After the action, its the reaction time. With everybody blaming everybody. But in that all, we forgot a very important lesson. 
India is a huge country with so many religions and states and what not. What binds the country together is the fact that we are proud of having such distinct cultures in one. And, even in one family no two people are the same and therefore there are arguments and fights there too, but we dont stop loving the other person nor do we stand disunited in front of the others. When an outsider attacks the family, bad relations or not, you stand up for em.

Similarly, in the wars of our states wherein people like Raj Thackery and his goondaraj makes international headlines and show to the world that India is even incapable of handling her own people. 
History tells the story of how the divided kingdoms of India attracted the Brits to slave us for 200 years. And today, because of the vested interest of the politicians a divided India is getting enslaved to terrorism. 

The most who are to blame is us, because we don't put our foot down. We do not use our right to vote judicially at times not use it at all. 
Let us try and get this message across to people, that getting into riots for all the wrong reasons with our own fellow country men is not going to help us, its just gonna make things worse for us. India is a peace loving country, where  people are proud of the beautiful past that we have had.
Keeping this in mind, I'll pray that, we apply this lesson to ourselves also. Fighting amongst the family should strengthen the bonds not losen it, so that we dont invite an outsider to completely destroy us.



Ya u r rite..The Mumbai attacks have suddenly spurted our old rusted machinery into action & I guess this time something will be done as the UPA govt doesnt have any choice.The general elections are approaching & one more terror attack will be catastrophic for them & will mitigate their chances of coming to power again.So for at least politics sake ,if nt for the greater good of the people,they will certainly leave no stone unturned to avoid any sort of carnage
& Regarding Raj Thackeray .I hate that person more than Osama Bin Laden..At least Osama has a very composed ,innocent look!
Sakshi said…
Well... mannu this was hilarious.....!!! abt Raj Thackrey...!!!

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