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My last post ... its time to say goodbye ...

Dear all ,

This is my last post on this blog. Sometimes in life u have to take some harsh decisions. In the past few days some incidents took place which forced me to take such a step .

1) firstly, Shayon - this guy is the biggest bluffer ( i donno if this word exists) i have ever seen . wo jis thali mein khata hai usi mein ched kar deta hai ... he bluffs his parents, his girlfriend and all his other friends . n the best part is that he gives a perfect reasoning for all his mistake ,sorry i should say blunder . I know after reading these lines he will give a perfect reply using some classic words .
i would like to warn everyone that never trust him . he is very mean n lives for himself. everytime i open this blog it recalls me of him n what he did to me. u all must be anxious to know what happened . i wont disclose it . if someone wants to know then give me a call . n if u want to hear a distorted version then give shayon a call.
2) secondly , the cancellation of goa trip has really broken my heart . I had planned so much for that trip. I have been telling everyone abt the trip for past 2 months. i was so excited for the tripthat i cant express it in words . but now everthing is over.
After few days some people will say that Raths , the plan master , has got his plans always failed. They will feel very proud in the failure of their friend. let me ask everyone why this trip got cancelled . Was it raths or some of us guys who backed at the last moment .Ifact he arranged for all the tickets. Samik , inspite of knowing abt the goa trip why u choosed the centre as kolkata . i donno wht has happened to karma. he cant come out of his comfort zone in kolkata.

Dion , I am very sorry to say you that this planned too failed . This topfloorers is just a hypothetical term.We all are hawabaaz. How can we imagine people to come to goa when they feel so lazy to write a post?? It was all our mistake to expect so much of lazy n unpredictable bunch of guys. People have got trapped in this corporate world n they dont want to move their ass . I donno if we will ever meet again .Never ever dream of a topfloorers reunion.
For everybody's knowledge all my holidez are over n then also i was ready to come for the trip . I would have lost a minimum salary of Rs. 10000. Its useless to tell all this now .

I should stop here.I am really pissed off. I never felt this much bad even when nikita left me.This goa trip was like... leave it, its too late ...
Hey sakshi , i donno what to tag this post . now u wont here anymore Amway news n my study on girls. Thanks to everyone for liking my posts n writing comments. My english has improved a lot due to u all . It was all fun being here.
I will be getting married by Dec'09 , thats for sure, my dad told me this last night . But i dont expect many of you to come even if i send you all flight tickets . In that case some people will say that marry from their city else they wont come. there can be n nos. of useless excuses.
But i hope few of you will come.
goodbye for now ...
have fun n enjoy...


shanoob said…

No need of this blog n stuff to stay in touch wid u.. phone is enuf... dont wanna see u this angry or sad or wateva...
I am speechless..

Thanks for ur suggestion..If you feel that way I would js say that's just your opinion!!
DUDE! WTF??? The second time in a few days that I'm using those words!
Seriously, WTF??
What happened? Everyone is busy, and you can't blame them for thinking of career first.

And Shanoob. Most of us keep in touch via the blog. Most of our news- unless extremely personal goes from the blog. Ask yourself how many times you've actually called up the Topfloor people from your phone in the last 1 year and how much news you've got via the blog.
Think about it.

And Raj finally. I'm asking you not to leave the blog- it's fun to say the least. But, I won't beg and I can't force you to stay. The final decision is yours.

Ankit said…
I repeat....i am speechless..
And this blog is a way life itself as has been a part of life of topfloorers..recently myself, manu & saxi met at a cafe and not for a second it was like we are meeting after a long time...with manu after my convocation & with saxi for the first time...
We never feel that we are far from college...
None of us would like u to leave the blog..

And there is a difference between trip & marriage...and there can be some reasons more than just salary to decline my presence at the trip...
And sorry for hurting ur sentiments & other topfloorers' if i ever did, may god bless all.
I think Dion has given u the reply you deserved 'coz what u claimed was just nonsense,to say the least.

See the point is u may have differences wid certain people but that doesnt mean that u ll severe ur ties wid others.
Secondly,I think you are more broke coz of the trip crashing down.Whatdyathink Aren't we ?
I am sad & disappointed coz it would have been so much fun to meet all of you but there are somethings in life which you just can't help.After all life aint a horse which trots or gallops at ur will ..whatever is destined to happen shall happen..& that's a bittersweet truth!
I'm sure that you'll reconsider your decision ..Maybe not now but do give it a thought when things cool down!!!
All the best


Abey saale daangu tu kabhi kisi kay sentiments kaise hurt kar sakta hai..You are a sweet creation of God !!
Sakshi said…
I was absolutely shocked beyon words. Raj I know you are pissed off. And you are very angry at Shayon. But really, publicaly humiliating anybody even if its among friends is way beyon wrong. And I know that you are very angry at the goa trip not materializing, but doncha think that everyone is as heartbroken, if not more?
There is always a next time. And when there are so many people involved, the plans at times don't work. So relax.

I agree with what Gandhi, Mannu and Dion say... For all of us who are a part of TWM its a part of us, and our way of sharing our lives with all our friends.

So reconsider your decision Raj. Please.
Shayon said…
I had been stopping myself for long. from replying to this post, especially since Raj has made it clear that anything to do with me gets him irritated. Moreover, I wasn't sure if I should fume at his words "I know after reading these lines he will give a perfect reply using some classic words" or should I take things on my stride and move on, turning it into a compliment to my literary skills.

Yes, I have been wrong, more often because of my own abundance of lethargy and self-pity than my luck. However, I couldn't stay quite, any more, when mud got slung at my sincerity towards my relationships and judgment passed on how I should be handling them.

Probably Raj does have the right to warn you all regarding the plague that I might infest, what with him being friends with you too. But I do not give him the right to judge my relationships, ever! If any one of you might have any doubts over how I might feel on the issue, I am sure Sakshi could help you out with a little piece of my mind.

(@ Sakshi...
I'm sorry I pulled you into this circus. I was just trying to make a point, here.)

Owing to what cropped up between me and Raj (and I'm talking about it only because it had been spilled over, onto a public forum), I ain't discussing it unless any one of you gives me a real good reason behind why I should talk about it.

@ Raj
I do not know if you'll even care to read my comments. Yet, I'll make an effort.
If you really think that this blog keeps reminding you of me, the only thing I can suggest is I'll revert the domain back to the old one shall also change the theme to match the previous one. What more, I can also prevent myself from participating on the blog. And anyway, I have been more of a reader than a participant, int he last few months. You yourself complain about people being so preoccupied with their personal lives that they do not manage to take out time for the blog. Now, if you excuse yourself out of the picture, I can not even imagine its plight in the future.
And no, it's not a sacrifice to reclaim my hurt pride. It's a step i am ready to take, for the greater good. It's a step I am ready to take for the sake of the whole group, for the future.

I do not know if I have shared this with any of you, but, me and Atri had once shared a dream. i must credit Atri for planting the thought in me while I manifested it and envisioned something that could change quite a few lives.

I always remember Sakshi trying to patronize, asking people to take things in their own hands to better the world around you. I remember wanting to joint the "Teach India" program only to be disappointed 'coz I had to come back to college 'coz of my unfinished education.

Anyway, leaving my personal aspirations aside, I had planned to transform "The TopFloorers" into a wholesome brand that people could identidy with. I wanted to start small. I wanted to permanently fix up an arrangement so that the Jukebox and XGames always gets sponsored by "The TopFloorers", thus earning us the respect and recognition among the crowd. I had also planned to start off with a trust, a fund managed and contributed by "The TopFloorers" and could be used in financing college events that we feel right about but never see the light of the day because of lack of funds and enthu from the suthorities' side. I had also wanted to create a system that could ensure timely and substantial inflow of funds into the trust so that we could financially help the needy students or even the clubs. Aah... the opportunities are endless.

Why am i spilling it all out today? Well, quite a few reasons.

1. I had originally decided to talk about it to you all, together, during the Goa Trip. Since I was the first to back out, I still played it close to my chest 'coz I was sure I'd, at least, meet you all in mumbai.

2. I just do not like the ominous way things have turned. Suddenly, a fear of "The TopFloorers" disintegration has grappled me.

3. I just wanted to make Shanoob (and all the rest who think alike) that "The TopFloorers" is not just a blog or a web page. It's an emotion, it's an outlet, it's a point of solace for us all.

4. As Raj rightly pointed out, admit it, this blog has definitely improved our communication skills.

5. I remember, I was being interviewed for a job, some time back, and I was asked what I thought about the current political tensions going on between India and Pak, and I had replied that it does not make sense. In one hand we suggest the two countries should reconcile and in the other, my mom wants me to keep my beard shaved lest I get mistaken as a terrorist. All this politics and drama is a joke. It's high time the citizens themselves took matters in their hands. As if trying to corner me, he asked if I did anything, however miniscule, to change things in my world, the blogging world. And I replied, "Sir, I have managed to inspire a bunch of my college mates to take up blogging and have educated a few dozens more on the phenomenon." And guess what? I got the job! :-)
Anonymous said…
dont mind me disturbing u guys, but yeah Sayan bhaiya i luved ur last reason, n yeah i thought this post was pretty rude and n i think the guy has pretty overeacted (Raj, i mean)toward the whole situation... n else sayan bhaiya i agree with you that u ve actually inpired a lot of people to blog:) thanks!!

PS: since i aint part of the blog n i ve no idea of what has ever happened between you guys, i'm leaving my comment as anonymus n just wrote about what i felt after reading the post! :)
Sakshi said…
Oh My god, Whatever said and done, one thing that this post has surely done is, to get my younger sister to post a comment on TWM, a forum which she knows is responsible for her getting to meet and talk with mannu and Meerut.

Wow... so many plans... had I known about them earlier, they would have been place already. ;) On a serious note, I agree with Shayon about the scare of getting the TWM disintigrated.

This forum never forced anyone to write up. Most of the guys that have come in after long, have said, that if nothing else reading the posts brings a smile on their face and refreshes the beautiful memories of the college.

make an effort and I am sure, that TWM will become big...!!!
atri said…
@ everybody

hi guys......I have never posted a single article in TWM also it had been a long time since I have made a comment. So you wanna say something ( to me)? but onething that worries me is that ppl talking about TWM getting disintregated. I don't know why this idea is cropping it because of Goa trip getting cancelled?...or anything else?....because any plans getting cancelled is not new to us and that we always looked forward with great optimism...very depressing but quite normal, isn't it?.. My frnds, TWM will never disintegrate and Raj or anyone of us is not going to say goodbye to TWM....

frnds..... I want to say something .....we really need to understand why he felt the need of writing this post as we all know this guy is not " rude"," insensible", never does he "overreacts" and show an exaggerated response to something except" Amway" .. also we shouldnot post comments that really disturbs him as most of us dont have a clear picture of the trauma he is going through....

Onething we must admit we are good at making plans but fail miserably while executing it.....we really need to analyze the root cause of these failures.....

u know, i am an active reader of TWM and the problem with me is after reading any post I start planning how we can tranform Topfloorers and can be of help of the needy. Everyday I think of sharing my plans with you but get immersed so much in my dreams that till today I am not able to make it....(another failure in execution but I conveyed it to shayon offline)....

I will share my plans with u very soon....this time not only the plans but also how to execute it ....but if TWM disintegrates or ppl leaves TWM then who is going to execute it with such dampened spirit ?....

My frnds...plz let us not do any thing which hurts others ( specially topfloorers) so that one feels the need of writing of such a post.
To be very frank the whole episode.....the post as well as some comments really disturbed me.....
Disclaimer: I am nt judging or trying to drive a point home I am just stating what I truly felt
Half of the things were Ok i mean the points u have talked about !! but rest half didnt really make any sense especially the two paras above those points..

Hi Boka!! Wassup man ?I'd agree wid most of the things u said except for one:
Instead of sharing ur so many plans/dreams/vision for the topfloorers would it have been better had u taken the pains for even posting a single lil article or forget that even some precious comments now & then..I dont mean to be rude but if you guys can talk about all dreams n bullshit things without actually having the willpower to do take even a lil step then it becomes a lil too much for me to gulp down!!
Sounds more like making castles in the air.
Load mat lena par I really wanted to say that as a friend & all apologies too!!
Sorry for a lot of typos there!!!
atri said…
aree m*ba*** ki yaar..... if you have to apologize for your comments that too for me.....i dont know what to say .. hmmm i can realize times are changing that's why u r saying like this.....ppl are always thinking of precious time......but dude is not because of time or lethargy that i didnt post a single article..going through the posts it makes me remember of those days when we all used to gossip, do chit chats, listen to samik and rudra playing guiter and dion - karma singing, u playing ur shits or give gpl to gandhi and krishnan& so many things at the same time i start making plans for promoting the brand Topfloorers .... u know i get totally lost with these thoughts and now I always bore Raj and Shayon telling all my plans which I make ( but fail t write ) whenever we meet at Regent ( now it is "The Sonnet"). Tomorrow I am having dinner with Raj at Regent again and I will again bore him with the latestsht plans and he will say abey yaar tu post kyon nehi karta ....(-:)......

U r very perfect when u say "Sounds more like making castles in the air...." and we all must admit....U and Raj sometimes write the true feelings which I really appreciate....hmm it's time for action..

Never I want to hear " my apologies for being rude" from u guys untill and unless u betray me and say lies .....
Haan actually the thing is when u r face to face with a person then you know from his body language what mood he's in but when it comes to writing things then u have to be careful so as not to hurt people(unintentionally) coz it is very much possible that ur words may get interpreted the wrong way ..That's y !!

I hope all this "drama" in the end will turn out for the gud for this website!!
Dipayan said…
Hi everybody,
All of u must be very astonished abt the fact that this guy sometimes comes alive and writes some comments and goes back to hibernation but to tell u the truth, I just love reading TWM. I just love how I come to know about all my friends just by visiting one place....and now the very thought of TWM disintegrating has made me to jitter a lot....

When I first came to know that the plan of GOA is not materializing, I was a bit happy(being selfish!!) coz the next time this plan comes up again, I will be able to be a part of that team. Now when I am getting a feeling that this plan may not happen again, I am really horrified.

This may not be the correct thing to say to u bcoz I don't know what shayon has done, but becoz of that why are you refraining yourself from TWM. Please, Please, Please rethink on your decision. Being optimistic I can only think that the GOA plan and many other plans will materialize very soon. You know this is not the first time anybody is getting pissed off becoz of shayon. I had a similar experience and becoz of that may be its almost 3 yrs now that I and sakshi had never spoken to each other, but still I have not broken ties with shayon. That guy needs help man....sometime he acts very childish and the great virtue of lethargy is bugging him and ruining him. So, please dont let us down....please rethink on your decision. Man I just love to read you post be it just related to "AMWAY" :-P.

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