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Simon says..

You all remember this game- 'Simon Says??' where, there was one leader who would give out commands with each command starting with the phrase 'Simon says......' and you would get out if you perform a command without the phrase prefixed to it. What happens when life becomes this game! The big man up there would normally show you the way, give you a direction, and if nothing, then give you the faith and belief to move forward and do something... what happens when all these signs are gone, and when you fight your destiny, for what you really want, something that is not a part of the 'Simon's' plan for you? There are the cross roads that have to be crossed. There are decisions that have to be made. There is the 'plan' that has to be followed and then there are the 'factors' 'third party' interferences that change your plans and make you re think of every thing that you have ever thought of. What do you do when every day becomes a str

The Amazing Race

Preface It’s been a while since my fingers have touched this keyboard, at least to write something creatively creative (pardon the alliteration). I do write scientifically creative things on a regular basis- or I’d be out of a job! I guess it was last June when I posted something on the blog- as a promise made to Sakshi. Well, it’s been a while. Somehow the will; that youthful exuberance to attempt the more artistic things in life has gone. Recently, replying to an e-mail from Mann., I noticed the mail was far too long for any sort of standard reply. I was trying to put thoughts and reality into words- explaining the fairly mundane existence (to those not in the field) of an academic. I realised that though I probably did tell you’ll briefly what I do here as a grad student, I never fully explained what goals I am working towards. Hence, I will attempt a fairly non-scientific piece here (more creative writing than a simple statement of the facts of what I do), detailing how I see mys

We are the champions !!!!!

happy birthday gandhi !!!

enjoy n may u reach greater heights in maruti ... m going to see match so chote post mein manage kar le :)

Just a little update

Folks... I am posting something here after 3 - 3.5 years. There was nothing really happening in my life worth sharing with you all... anyways... How are you all ?? After a long and exciting IT life, I left my job when the financial crisis was at its peak ... I really don't know why I left the job... may be I needed a change... Somehow I cleared IISc Bangalore MS program and joined under a nice professor... We are a very new group here... We are setting up our lab... as a part of it, I kind of developed a website for the group... have a look ... Sam is here for the weekend... He is playing some random songs in my guitar... This campus has become a good hangout place for us... no pollution, no rush, fresh air and good food... Cheers Shanoob

Postcard from Morley, Leeds

How do you feel when you cross zones? It is exciting to go out of your zone; the probability of new adventures increases and you break away from a somewhat monotonous existence though there can be fatigue and emotional drain but that comes later and can be ignored for starters. The new zones will give you unfamiliar situations and you have to soak in everything. Later, these experiences will/may give way to new thoughts and directions. Well, I got to cross territorial zones three weeks back into UK from India. During the journey via Dubai and the stay so far in UK, language has never been a problem. English and Hindi/Urdu have guaranteed that I get my directions, tickets, seats and food without any translations. My first reaction while seeing the landscape while touchdown at Manchester airport was that it is like Assam !! Actually, it was green and wet to do the illusion for me. It was a fine sunny day when I arrived and it is a lovely time to be here. Locals say it is spring time an