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Simon says..

You all remember this game- 'Simon Says??' where, there was one leader who would give out commands with each command starting with the phrase 'Simon says......' and you would get out if you perform a command without the phrase prefixed to it.

What happens when life becomes this game! The big man up there would normally show you the way, give you a direction, and if nothing, then give you the faith and belief to move forward and do something... what happens when all these signs are gone, and when you fight your destiny, for what you really want, something that is not a part of the 'Simon's' plan for you?

There are the cross roads that have to be crossed. There are decisions that have to be made. There is the 'plan' that has to be followed and then there are the 'factors' 'third party' interferences that change your plans and make you re think of every thing that you have ever thought of.
What do you do when every day becomes a struggle to survive your office, your family and your friends, and still at the end of the day you know that there is someone who is still sulking and is not happy by your efforts?
What do you do, when each decision is bound to another and the choice of onbe would mean automatically forfeiting the other?
What do you do, when love is actually a labour lost? When even a hug becomes less assuring, and more fearful of the loss, or when conversations are nothing more than mere formalities...
No you don't want that situation to happen, but you have to face it- because 'Simon Says it' ..
PS: I am on hardly three hours of sleep and I am very sad, and muddled with questions, had to vent it out. did it here! I am short of people who I can really talk to! Sanity is slowly parting ways with me...
Sorry for the emotional bombardment! 


Unknown said…
Are you sure you posted on the right blog? Anyway, I am not sure if many in this blog would ever have heard of the game. So, here's a Wiki link to help you out with the details -

Don't really have much to say on this post, so shall keep this comment short and succinct.
raj alakshendra said…
i think the indian version of the game is called "chidiya ud" game ...
i hope any of u guys know abt it ..

as far as post is concerened , u seem quite depressed ....

shayon take her for a date man rather than posting comment !!!
Sakshi said…
Thanks for putting up a comprehensive resource for my post.
And yeah, I was very sleepy, but not as much, that I did not know where I was posting what.

You know, I am not depressed. That is a very strong word that you used. My depression would be when I stop saying anything at all.
Any which ways- This is more about the confusions, and about the inability to make decisions that are helpful!
Sakshi said…
I dunno if the Indian version is what you correctly pointed out.
But I have always played 'Simon Says'
ABC said…
Thanks Shayon for the link !

And Sakshi..jaa uud..take flight..
@ Sakshi,
Don't worry, Be Happy!
These times will pass and one day you'll look back at all of this and laugh!

Take care,

I could feel some of the things while reading. Sometimes circumstances take such turns in life that you do not really know what is the correct thing to do.
In such situations, I try to rationalize the situation by saying "joh hoga dekha jayega". I feel bad when I do so as it is an escapist way but then,as they say, such are life's drearies.

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