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Passing the Buck...

You guys are worse than Politicians.  Btw - Mannu - Don't eat the entire credit about who posts the most. Since you all are active enough to bicker over who is going to put up the next post, rather than doing that- I thought- Even though I have my exams coming up... I should write. Atleast it will give us something new to bicker about. You  know- all the guys are alike. They have this urge... to always argue with a girl and prove them selves right... on something stupid... that is... but when they are told that they should mend their ways for their own good... by any woman in their life... ( MOMs and Granna's included... and sisters too...)they just happen to realise that they being themselves is the best thing in the world... how so ever much it irritates the other person... Why are you all such a bunch of lazy kids... that is still tolerable, but what is with the thick skins around your heads??  Not to demean any one... or anything- I am just wondering- because- I have guy

Here comes The Dark Horse...

After Shayon setting the grounds for really whacky acts,it's time for Sam to don the mantle of giving the word "Whackiness" a new meaning,a meaning which any of us can't even think of.Talking about Samik,he's been one of my closest buddies and I,for sure,can say one thing-his looks are really misleading.He comes across like a shy and reticent guy in front of those who don't know him,but people who know him ,know it very well what kind of wildly-creative mind he has been gifted with.Weaving utterly humourous tales (with 80% masala and 20% truth,a fact he used to openly confess) being one of his fortes.Very few people can match his sense of humour-wild,crassy-yet-cute and of course,extremely funny with sex,porn and the related things being his topics of special interests.What sets him apart is that his narration of his stories or any lil thing he used to do,was enough for leaving people around him in splits.Due to this very reason,I was once thrown out of the Ph

Its not yet the end of my dream run

Friends , the veteran topfloorer,Mr. Raj, has come to a challenge of his love. Some of u wil say , Oh no not Again . Even I am thinking what a fucking destiny I hav got. I remember the words of Raths , iske aage koi nahi honi chahiye . Lekin kya kareen . Its not in my hand . Il giv a brief idea what actually happened. We were in deep love . One day suddenly she didnt call the whole day . Actually a lot of relatives had come to her home due to some wedding of her cousin . Somewhere in my heart I had a doubt bcoz from day one she wud call somehow even if she is busy. In the night at 3.30 we finally talked. This is what actually happened on that fatefull day. Her relatives were talking abt her marraige n she, in excitment, told that she will do love marraige only. On hearing this her parents just went out off control. Now listen to the warnings given to her : 1) her dad said that he will stop her studies at that instant only n she will be married to someone else.Also she will do her furth

The God of Whackiness,speaks ...

Here's an entry which is gonna truly take the competition to an altogether different realm.We have with us,a guy who's been through a lot in life and who has really got that I-don't-care-two-nuts-about-things-I-don't-like attitude.Here's the man himself,Mr Sayantan Pal.Talking about him,he's a man,who can be aptly termed as a Tragedy king (or Drama queen-another sobriquet given to him,by Dion).For me,it's such a relief to see folks like him-for when I get depressed seeing my flawless track record of continual carelessness and forgetfulness,losing around all my belongings every other day(8th semester gradecard,Driving license,innerwears,towels,slippers,floaters, helmet(have lost 2)being some of the recent ones),Sayantan Pal comes as a shining ray in the clouded skies for me,for he,too, has made a mark for himself in the field of losing his things due to his carelessness.A newly bought MOTOROKR & his PAN card being the recent promiment additions to his glo

Im back

Hi All Iam back after a gap of 2 yrs or rather i have joined :) just gimme some time before i also start full fledged Blogging. Currently doin some research on how to BLOG!!!!!!!!!

"Karmic" deeds

I hope you all are enjoying the entries.I,for sure,am having a great time reading the entries and the comments that follow them.As the crescendo of whackiness rises,here we go with the man whose literary skills leave some gasping for breath and whose effective use of his enriched vocabulary forces people to wipe the dust off from their Oxford or Webster dictionaries.The man,I must say,has a real potential to continue the Bong tradition of giving good writers to India. Here we go with the entries of Abhishek Karmakar-popularly and commonly known as Karma. ------------- 1.It was a sultry day.A nondescript time of the hour.Four little children were chatting excitedly,sitting in the front row. The teacher- stockily built and heavily moustached (looked like a Walrus when he started to laugh)was scribbling away on the board,occasionally flinching from the noise emanating from the four ruffians.Other students were too busy in other distractions rather than what was being taught by the teach

Please Congrats ME...!!!

Because- I stood third in my Batch in the VII SEM results which were declared yesterday. And, I achieved another FEAT- MET Shayon's mum for THE very first time minus hiccups...!!! So if not for the reult congratulate me for THIS. Cheers...!!! 

No wonder he's called A-BC

At the onset,let me apologize for being late in posting the entry again.I've been really busy over the past few days due to a certification exam which I have to take.In this post,our very own cabaret-cum-bellydancer-turned-tippler -the great Atri Mahapatra shares an anecdote of his daarubaazi days .Since he had been my rommie for two years,I wanted to write something about this great personality whom we had named "The man with a question mark on his face" due to an ever confused countenance on his face and ever agape mouth mumbling something in Bengali but Alas!I wont be able to do justice to him now due to lack of time and due to the length of the entry which he has submitted. Without taking anymore time,here we go with ABC's Story of a Tippler in it's original form. ------------------------ Friends, while going through this article don’t just read it….put yourself in this situation and try to feel it. I don’t know whether it is wackier or not, but when I aske

Happy B'Day Samik

From topfloorers, with love.....

Nothing Whacky,just a special mention :-)

Ladies and mentlemen,it gives me immense pleasure to invite the lawyer herself-Miss Sakshi Chopra to plead her case for a claim on the Mr.Whacko contest which ,as per her wish will appropriately get modified to "Miss Whacko"-IF SHE WINS-a highly improbable though in itself.So here we go with the lawyer and there she speaks : -------------------------------- I do not know if the following three incidents qualify being whacky or weird or whatever.Unfortunately, I have had a very unexciting life and incidents as compared to the life you guys had in college. So,let me start with whatever whacky I think I have done -one by one: 1. I was asked, rather I acted for a TV commercial at the age of 8.The commercial was aired on Doordarshan for quite sometime. It was a social message commercial whose message was- That it is very important to educate the girl child. My role was of the girl child, I was to recite a poem called Jhansi ki Rani. I dont know if I got paid for it at all,but I do

Confessions of a love-struck kid

Here we go with the second entry of the contest. --------- I am least hopeful of the crown of Mr Whacko. I feel like David amongst the Goliaths ;-). No seriously my nomination will surely be a entry with the Olympic's principle 'Participation rather than winning. I am into this contest for the spirit of TOPFLOORers. As I sit down to write something on my whackiest moment, the first thing that came to my mind was when I was still a kid who was getting used to his new school in second standard. That age I was still an innocent child and still coming to terms to understand the relationship between a girl and boy, though it still might be confusing at times. So I a young lad of 6 years was going to a new school in the big city of Madras. Parents are always apprehensive about their children at a new place. No wonder my mom got hold of a colony didi (she was one or two years senior) to keep me out of troubles at school. So there she was coming to me at the small recess & lo

Happy Birthday Dangs aka Ankit Gandhi

Oh my God!! What is this? I'm leaving the blog ?? My head is spinning, whirling, twirling,going topsy-turvy.Junta!seems like Sakshi wanted to take a revenge for being moaned on her last post(in which she had asked we,innocent kids,to rate some Adult site)and going by your comments,smes and calls,she definitely succeeded in making a fool or at least succeeded in shocking most of you poor,gullible fellows.Phew! The supposedly runaway-member is back again for the love of his friends,in general, and one friend,in particular,whose birthday happens to fall on this fateful day.Let me wish my dear friend-The Great Ankit Gandhi,the rockstar of 2k3,a very happy birthday-with whom I spent some really incredible nights .He's so soft,tender..err. I mean, soft and tender at heart.With all the love in the world,all the active and hibernating Topfloorers wish you a very rocking birthday.And what can be a better way to celebrate the day than contribute something meaningful to the economy of Ind

Heart- Broken....

I tried very hard to talk him out of this... I even told him that it won't be the same without you... but he just wouldn't listen. Raj, you know in the analysis of what boys want and what are girls made up off... I completely overlooked a fact about all the Guys... that you all are such such stubborn heads that... its so difficult to talk any of you out of an idea that is stuck to you. Here is what I got in my mail box a few mins ago...  Due to certain unavoidable reasons, I am leaving the website. It’s been a really wonderful experience to have been in the unforgettable company of you all. Thank you so much. I am sure all of you will take TWM to greater heights as it    has become the part and parcel of our daily lives.This is not a website but a platform where in the virtual world we sit down in a room and talk like the way we used to do in college. You don’t have to worry about the Mr. Whacko contest. I am forwarding all the entries to one of you and he’ll take care of them