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Heart- Broken....

I tried very hard to talk him out of this... I even told him that it won't be the same without you... but he just wouldn't listen. Raj, you know in the analysis of what boys want and what are girls made up off... I completely overlooked a fact about all the Guys... that you all are such such stubborn heads that... its so difficult to talk any of you out of an idea that is stuck to you.

Here is what I got in my mail box a few mins ago... 

Due to certain unavoidable reasons, I am leaving the website. It’s been a really wonderful experience to have been in the unforgettable company of you all. Thank you so much. I am sure all of you will take TWM to greater heights as it  has become the part and parcel of our daily lives.This is not a website but a platform where in the virtual world we sit down in a room and talk like the way we used to do in college. You don’t have to worry about the Mr. Whacko contest. I am forwarding all the entries to one of you and he’ll take care of them and if any of you still has any doubts who’s gonna bag the title then my entry(ies) will dispel all your doubts .Adios.
------Mannubhai- The Mad man
I am HEART- BROKEN....!!!! . SAD... :((


And by the way, I'm getting married! In Jan next year!

raj alakshendra said…
its an april fool's plan

@ dion
n now u r playing with us ... dont fool us... which girl will ever risk her life marrying u :)
n u used 2 say that u wont marry ever ...
Shayon said…
Oops! Disregard my previous comment. Clicked the wrong button, mistakenly.

It was definitely not funny! And to top it, after this post, you just sms asking whether ur data can b recovered despite the fact that your hard disk crashed? WTF, man?

Dude, it's true that I do not really trust the bunch of Wall Mag regulars, they can do anything everything in life. Yet, as for you, you should have tried a better idea.
raj alakshendra said…
guys the better half of shayon made a fool of everyone ... there ws no mail sent to sakshi by mannu ... this whole plan is of sakshi ,the lawyer , who made a fun of all the engineer's.
in fact i shud say she is a step ahead of shayon.
I agree with you.

Congratulations! You have achieved what you had set out for :D
Sakshi said…
In My defence.... It was after all THE Fools Day...!!! And Mannu... I am so sorry I had to make such a mail... I hope I din hurt anyone's feelings... It was just a prank...!!!
Love u all...!!!
The culprit was not Sakshi.It was me.I made her do this .:D.And I must say that all of you are such duffers. Seriously.You couldnt even figure out that I edited Raj's post yesterday only so all of a sudden how can I leave the wesbite..Phew!! Dumb bastards D

You said that you are sorry that you HAD(special emphasis) to make such a mail.Isme regret ki kya baat hai ?
Sakshi said…
Mannu... baba, I was just getting back at you for giving me all the credit... But, all of you all, we both were equal partners in the crime... !!! So now, lets move on... we have whackier things report about...!!!
Hey Mann!
My comment indicates that there's a possibility that this was a prank!
So you probs. didn't get me! ;P


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