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Its not yet the end of my dream run

Friends , the veteran topfloorer,Mr. Raj, has come to a challenge of his love.
Some of u wil say , Oh no not Again . Even I am thinking what a fucking destiny I hav got.
I remember the words of Raths , iske aage koi nahi honi chahiye . Lekin kya kareen . Its not in my hand . Il giv a brief idea what actually happened.

We were in deep love . One day suddenly she didnt call the whole day . Actually a lot of relatives had come to her home due to some wedding of her cousin . Somewhere in my heart I had a doubt bcoz from day one she wud call somehow even if she is busy. In the night at 3.30 we finally talked. This is what actually happened on that fatefull day.

Her relatives were talking abt her marraige n she, in excitment, told that she will do love marraige only. On hearing this her parents just went out off control. Now listen to the warnings given to her :

1) her dad said that he will stop her studies at that instant only n she will be married to someone else.Also she will do her further studies in Baroda only.
2)Her mom warned her to kill herself n the same day her mom got sick. Also her mom said " tumhe meri kasam if u talk to that guy "

In this whole family drama they didnt even care to ask who that guy is , what he does n all. Basically they rejected me even before knowing about me .

She was totally in shock n she had no other option than to end up all this. I tried my best to boost her up . I said everything will be ok in next 2-3 years & by that time il be in a much better position to present myself. But she has lost all her hope . After battling for some one week through sms & all she finally told me yest 2 stop msging or calling me else she will change her no . Only my brother had talked to her in this period n he told she is totally broken .

So King Alexander lost at the final frontier. I am again clueless what to do. As per my past records I am never single for a long time . So , what u all think ki I am searching for a new girl . Naah . I am waiting aditi to come back in my life.!st time in my lifetime someone has loved me with such a passion. Anyone having any solution . jus now i remembered the solution given by my dad.

u know what he said " usko utha ke le aao aur tum dono ki shadi karwa denga". i was just shocked 2 hear this. My dad is great . It happens only in movies. Hats off to him.


Sakshi said…
I agree with ur dad.
Didn't know what to write coz I,somehow,find the dialogue "everything will be ok" irritating at such times.js thought of dropping a comment to show that we all are there.
raj alakshendra said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
raj alakshendra said…
Thanks for all ur support.
But what has happened 2 everyone. Mannu next post. U all dont b upset . Let lov grow in silence. Wait n watch what God has in cards. Its life n v have 2 move ahead.
raj alakshendra said…
I deleted that post since i posted above post twice
Sakshi said…
Ok, Nothing related to Raj...Mannu, where the hell are you?? I have been calling you up like crazy, for 2 days...!!!!
Dipayan said…
Hey Dude,
Sorry to hear this...but I completely agree with your dad. Agar sidhi ungli se ghee na nikle toh ungli terhi karni parti hai....
Dude, life is a war and dont let alexander, loose his final frontier. You are well off in your life so I think you can take better care of your girl. But the biggest decision needs to be taken by your girl.
raj alakshendra said…
the action plan is like this...

let her finish off the final sem exam by june... by then she would come out of the shock n in a better position to think ... but she used to say me ki take me away ...galti kiya , i should hav done it that time only ...
newez , its turning out to be a movie style ... lets see what more happens :)
@ Raj
Bite the bullet and move on. Shit happens. But if you really want her then fight for her!

Ankit said…
ask her to tell her family that she'll never marry & stick to that...u or that case, u dont have much of a option except to give her strength morally....and be with her...and because only she can do somethin...give the situation some time....but ask her to be firm and strong like a rock...and dont snap contacts with her when she needs u the most in this situation...gujjus are very community will take some time for acceptance..and abt god....god helps only those who help ask ur better half to take some concrete steps..
raj alakshendra said…
il kill u ...sala u coudn forget ur girl whn nothing concrete is going on & now u r asking me to back out .. see v love each other n its jus matter of time & everything will be back 2 normal . n yes m fighting for her ..

u sometimes talk sensible ...
m, doing the same what u had said ...
@ Raj
Kapil gave me some good advice long time ago. He said son "There are lots of fish in the sea".
So I never forget the girls that I fell for- that would be heartless, but I've moved on each time. It's just possible that I haven't found that one yet and you have. That's why I said to fight for her if that's what you want.

raj alakshendra said…
i moved on bcoz 1st case was a one sided affair .... its jus a coincidence i found some1 but that too after some months latter .... m not "heartless" like kapil to be in simultaneous search of many fishes ...
Mainak said…
Honest Advise: The more u run to catch a butterfly the further it will go away from u. Just wait patiently and it will sit come n sit on ur shoulder. thats what i have doen after that horrific moment of my life n trust me i have succeeded :)
raj alakshendra said…
i agree wid u n m doing the same...

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