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Passing the Buck...

You guys are worse than Politicians. 
Btw- Mannu- Don't eat the entire credit about who posts the most. Since you all are active enough to bicker over who is going to put up the next post, rather than doing that- I thought- Even though I have my exams coming up... I should write. Atleast it will give us something new to bicker about.

You  know- all the guys are alike. They have this urge... to always argue with a girl and prove them selves right... on something stupid... that is... but when they are told that they should mend their ways for their own good... by any woman in their life... (MOMs and Granna's included... and sisters too...)they just happen to realise that they being themselves is the best thing in the world... how so ever much it irritates the other person...
Why are you all such a bunch of lazy kids... that is still tolerable, but what is with the thick skins around your heads?? 
Not to demean any one... or anything- I am just wondering- because- I have guy friends... actually you all- One girl best friend... but mostly guys- not now- but since I was a kiddo... and I still have not figured why guys are like guys... and why is the quotation- ' Boys will boys' so apt ...why why and why??? One last question- why do wrinkle your nose when a girl talks about self esteem and ego...?? 


That was mere generalisation and that's why difficult to gulp down.You are saying as though gals dont groan over when their Mom or other family members scold them.They do.And I ,in fact, find the phrase boys will be boys absolutely absurd.It's just that we need some free space of our own and dont like somebody to stand with a danda over our head all the time .And if girls want all the attention all the time, then they should spare folks like we all-who are passionate and work hard for their goals.Then those insensible idiots who dont have any ambitions in life will definitely be able to keep them happy with their nonsense talk all the time.
raj alakshendra said…
obviously, boys are boys ... how can they be girls???
sakshi r u k ???

ladki kyon na jaane kton ladko si nahi hoti ....
Sakshi said…
I am absolutely fine. Its just that I have been having a lot of girl guys I thought I will try and get a few answers from the horse's mouth.
Mannu just One thing- Its not only the boys who work so hard for their goals... girls do that also.. but really that does not fall under the excuse that the goal oriented guys cant give time to their girls or be a lil unexpected at times...!!! And its not about ' I always want your attention' its more about quality...than quantity...
Somehow I get the feeing Shayon is in very HOT water!

Ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, I'll put up a post on Sat. for sure. It's all written up, though I have to clean it up. So patience please. It's not the post about my trip. That will take a bit more time.

@ Sakshi
Your little outsurst has given me a topic for my next post (I'll need a bit of time to formulate it though).

So in total you'll can expect 3 posts from me in the coming month

Ha ha ..Even i think so :D

And did I read it correctly or am I hallucinating ? You,I mean You, are gonna put up a post. This should be flashed as a 'breaking news' across all news channels.
Hahaha.Dude,not possible.3 in a month and that too from YOU,who doesnt get time off from his lab,novels and movies.Add to that laziness.
Sakshi said…
Mannu- I agree... 3 POSTS...!!! Ok, if Dion gets this one... 3 Posts in a month.... I am going to whole post to you..!!!
Sakshi said…
And I hope you all not angry with me for this lil outburst...
@ All
You'll got yourselves a deal. One month counting from the day the first post comes up (i.e. this Saturday)!

One whole post to me ?But why ?I dont think I have done anything this great to be the cynosure and I havent told you my whacky deeds also so that you could ve written something about them.
And beware,your boyfriend may blast you off for writing one whole post on me.
Sakshi said…
Ok! Kings of Dual meanings- The one post dedication is for DION and not you. My fault for writing it such a way...
Shayon said…
@allWell, yeah. Have been getting quite a bit of flak lately, thanks to WarCraft. I guess, that's always inevitable. What can I say? Even if I apologise, that would sound very meek :-p

@DinoAll the best, man!

@Atri BCWhere the hell are you, these days? Couldn't even reach you on phone. These days, we folks from college have started playing WarCraft online. Care to join in?

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