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Here comes The Dark Horse...

After Shayon setting the grounds for really whacky acts,it's time for Sam to don the mantle of giving the word "Whackiness" a new meaning,a meaning which any of us can't even think of.Talking about Samik,he's been one of my closest buddies and I,for sure,can say one thing-his looks are really misleading.He comes across like a shy and reticent guy in front of those who don't know him,but people who know him ,know it very well what kind of wildly-creative mind he has been gifted with.Weaving utterly humourous tales (with 80% masala and 20% truth,a fact he used to openly confess) being one of his fortes.Very few people can match his sense of humour-wild,crassy-yet-cute and of course,extremely funny with sex,porn and the related things being his topics of special interests.What sets him apart is that his narration of his stories or any lil thing he used to do,was enough for leaving people around him in splits.Due to this very reason,I was once thrown out of the Physics lab as I was going mad with laughter and just pulled his cheeks which was,unfortunately,seen by the great joker-cum-lab-Assistant Shambuji.Sam's USP is exaggegration of the actual incidents ,but unlike the exaggegrated stories of others(Rohini being a gud example,who used to think that he is being funny ,while others used to get bored to death hearing his nonsense bullshit),Sam used to exaggegrate them to make them funny and we,no doubt, really had the time of our lives listening to his wacky acts-all four years.Unlike most of us,who probably didn't have a greatly eventful school life(in terms of doing crazy things)Sam has done a lot of crazy things in school,a glimpse of which is below:
Hmm...I did think about it..Mann has asked us to feel free to write down our whackiest moments on a PUBLIC blog!!!!..pretty scary...It's like ceremoniously stripping yourself in front of a huge crowd.And u have ur signature on it.It takes lots of courage.

I doubt anyone would write their "The True Whackiest Moment" .Because That would definitely nt pass the TWM censor board and who knows it better than the gentleman who initiated the topic .What u say mann? :D

Okay let me come to the point.I too had my share of crazy moments.But it's nt possible to publish all of them on TWM without the 'A' rating on them.So here is two of them which rt now I can think of n also suitable for public reading...(I know you all will be upset with me since I can not meet your expectations,but please understand if we write our real crazy deeds then this blog will turn into a PLAYBOY magazine:-))

1.This is during my childhood days when I was around 10-11 years old.Back then me n my elder brother used to have fights almost over every trivial issue.During one such altercation,we were fighting over a cricket bat.Since it was my bro's bat,he was not allowing me to take it to the playground.So I created a home version of Mahabharata in the house.Sensing his defeat my brother threw me a challenge to prove myself.He said,"Prove yourself and the bat would be your,forever".The challenge was to collect excrement in its raw form(I'm sorry! I could not be more careful in choosing words) with my bare hand from the home sewage.As the final prize was too lucrative, I readily accepted the challenge without giving it a second thought.But my bro had something else in his mind.I,somehow, managed to collect a handful and went to show it to him.But,as soon as I went to him I discovered,to my horror,our mom was standing beside him.My shoulders dropped and I realised that I had been cheated..and what happened after that remains a faint memory...I can only remember my buttocks receiving countless whips and my mom beating the shit out of me(literally)..

So this was one of my many crazy(read funny) moments.Plz vote for me if u liked it.My code is SAM111.

P.S.- My butts are stilll carrying the scars :(

2.This one is also from my schooldays.I was playing with one of my friends on the terrace.Suddenly, we heard some noise coming from the neighboring house.Out of our natural curiosity we decided to have a look at it.The jaws of we,two innocent kids, dropped on seeing the LIVE scene.They couldn't close their wide agape mouths but then also watched the entire SHOW.I leave it to the imagination of the reader as to what the two kids would have seen :D
I'd like to mention that both the stories are absolutely true without any iota of exaggegration.I can't resist the tempation of adding some more Whacky acts to Sam's credit.Obviously,I can't write the more crassy ones here,but I'm writing the things which are suitable for public reading.
1.Most of us would have learnt about the interesting topics like stimulation,etc. probably at the age of 17-18.The great Sam was way ahead of us and had learnt about what all CAN be done and HOW is it done,at a tender,innocent age of 12 by watching all channels like RenTv and the likes ON MUTE MODE,for hours.Wat a kid!No wonder we constantly pulled his leg on this topic for 4 years.
2.I hope all of you remember this very scary subject Manufacturing Technology(popularly err notoriously known as ManTech)which we had in an initial semester.The strange thing was,during the exams,while all folks used to be busy doing one-evening or one-night studies,our sexy Sam used to be an exception.An exception in his own right.Not that he didn't want to study.He wanted to,but his laziness ,somehow,used to get the better of him.The surprising thing was that he used to feel extremely sleepy during the exams only,on other days he could wake up till late in the night.The evening before the ManTech exam,since most of us hadn't touched the book for the whole semester,we were pretty scared that there's so much to study and the good thing was Sam was AMONG one of us.But Alas! like most of us,who used to unwillingly force ourselves to study,lest we flunk the exam,Sam started feeling all the more sleepy.He had his dinner.At 9 PM,he said,"I'm just sleeping for half an hour.Abhi mujhe bahot padna hai.Wake me up at 9.30"(this dialogue ,incidentally,happened to be his pet dialogue during the exams!).So the lazy-man slept at 9.We woke him up at 9.30 sharp.Sam washed his face and got down to studies.Within 15 mins,overcome by drowsiness,he got up,went to his bed,lied down and said,"I'm unable to concentrate.Meeri neend poori nahin hui shayaad.I'll sleep till 10.30 p.m.After that,I'll get up and set the night aflame by studying".Good joke,indeed!We woke him up at 10.30 p.m.Sam said he's unable to open up his eyes.As I used to be the last one who used to go to bed on the exam days,he asked me to wake him up at the time I'll sleep so that he can start his studies.1 p.m.I finished my studies,woke him up,finally he realised how much less time is left.Now,if you all are now expecting that he'd have studied after this,then it means that you don't know this lazy bugger,Sam.With that cute smile on his face,he said,"I'll get up early morning and study".I was like Holy Shit! you are gonna study this huge a syllabus in the morning when the exam is at 9 am ??.He smiled and said "Haan ,karna toh padega!".The next morning,Sam hardly studied for 2-3hours,couldn't even cover half of the topics and then what happened in the exam is a history which we all are aware of.The whizkid,the guy who hardly used to study for the exams yet used to come out with flying colors,flunked the Goddamn exam and that too -just because of his sheer laziness.And who doesn't know wat happened when he went to the that ManTech Prof.Sam argued,"Sir,I have got 33.I just need 2 more".He said,"Impossible".The prof said,"When you haven't written anything,then how can I give you marks".Poor Sam!
But I must say that I have seen very few people who are as talented as him and yet so down-to-earth,who's sensible yet extremely fun to be with,one who's the epitome of laziness,as I am of forgetfulness.He's so damn lazy that he wouldn't even get new shoes or clothes when he needed them,or would wear the same clothes for days instead of giving them to dhobi.And I think some of his laziness has indirectly seeped in me also as now I don't care much of the everyday trivia like him.
I consider myself really fortunate to have spent some great years with him,a real diamond he is .God bless him!
Please pour in your masaaledaar comments on Sam and his whacky deeds.And do let us know anymore if you can think of.


Sakshi said…
With so much discussion On Samik and his deeds, I think that we should open a separate forum for Sam... and his deeds. And I have no issues even if this forum becomes 'Playboy' issues... (ofcourse... if Shayon has problem... well...his problem not mine...!!!)Man,if these two incidents are minus any exaggerations, I can only wonder what the exaggerated versions would be...!!! I was laughing holding my tummy...!!! Way to go...!!!
Btw- I said this to Mann, But here it is too- In between you all, I feel so small... I have done nothing exciting/whacky or crazy...!!!
@ Sakshi
Now you know how I feel. I too haven't done anything whacky in my life. Never done anything on a whim or just for shits and giggles.

Sam, good ones, but I'm sure there's a tonn more of real over the top whacky stuff that you've done. I was witness to a few of them too!

Mann, great job!

raj alakshendra said…
samik is God of whackiness..
i remember the incident al dion's home ... what he did in the washroom ... i cant go into the deatils of that ... i think samik has got a special attraction to the shit thing..
btw he is crazy ... jus put fire in hiss ass & he will do anything ...
I also agree of the idea that we should post about samik's deeds on a constant basis ... if he is not telling then lets we all post it .. whst u all say ???
Sam is really too-cool.He's pretty good at mimmickery too,especially the way people talk,their body languages,walking styles,etc.
When he used to immitate Shilpa's weird walking and standing style,I used be in splits or when he used to immitate Gandhi.And Sam,alongwith Dion are also responsible for creating those folklores around me which never used to have an iota of truth.These fuckers used to exaggegrate everything and every incident like Main Tehri Garhwal ka Rajputhoon which I had SUPPOSEDLY said when I had thrashed that STD booth guy.The funny thing was none of them were there to witness my saying.Similar is the case with those "tent" stories and "Whose is the BIGGEST?".Holy Crap!They used to create a mountain outta molehills.Phew!
Had a great time with these buggers
Ha ha ha
raj alakshendra said…
@ mannu
ya in GH girls used to say u God... those girls must be missing u ...
Haan haan..aur maar le meri..Es absolutely unfounded hype kay piche teri,sam aur Dion ki kripa hai..At least,maine jab kisi ki maarta tha toh kuch toh sach hota tha ..In my case,God knows! from where all you guys used to come out with untrue stories D
Sakshi said…
Mannu- Wow...!!! I din know... That...!!!!
@ Sakshi
Mann was a GOD in the Girl's hostel!
This was an open secret and that too right from the first year. He had an amazing following!
And just to clear the air, did you write the "Wow" for the stuff that Raj wrote about or the stuff that Mann said about himself?

Seems like everybody has joined hands to make me the scapegoat.This post and the ensuing comments were supposed to be for Sam,not for me.

Dude! We all filthy bastards think the same way.Don't we? The very question you have asked Sakshi hit me when I read her comment ;-)
Taking double meaning outta simply innocuous statements remains our collective strength .haha
raj alakshendra said…
i am also thinking what tha "wow" was for...

newez there is a famous story abt mannu, the God, inside GH.

since he was not available all the time the girls had made an idol & regular prayers were held in the name of mannu baba ...many girls used to do fastings too...

everything was going well & fine until the time of leaving the college. The girls had a fierce "cat fight" as to who will take the idol of mannu baba ...
after a lot of bloodbath the lady warden made an entry & gave a solution. She said to gift it to the jrs ...(infact warden was mean to think abt her) at last, the 2k3 girls gifted it to the jrs. still the prayers r going in the name of mannu baba ....but mannu baba felt very sorry for 2k3 girls.. after all he is God & he has to make everyone happy... so he gifted every 2k3 girl a prototype idol as a memory...
Sakshi said…
This one is for Raj's Story. I do not think that, I would be able to put my actual thoughts in words.
*Laughing my head off *

The previous wow is open for interpretations...!!! ;P
Waah bhai! Waah! Wat creative writing have you done.Wat a story have you spun
Itni creative writing college kay creative writing competition maine karta toh prize pakka milta.D
Lagta hai ki Samik ka deptt tu sambhaal raha hai yahaan,cooking up outworldly stories D
@ Mann,
You're right, these comments were supposed to be about Sam. But you are the rascal who started talking about himself and this resulted in all the ensuing comments.
About the double meanings; I've always had a thought process that finds two meanings to a statement. And I don't even break my head to think of a different meaning, it just comes to me, like something natural.

@ Sakshi
I like your style! I was afraid you might start crying (most girls would)!

@ Raj
Nice one. And whatever Mann wants to say, he can. But we know that whatever you said is the truth. Sam and I did some detective work in our first year and found out about all these GH stories regarding Mann.


The murthi in the GH is called the 'Mann ling'!

Sakshi said…
DION I am NOT a cry baby. Ok?
And, Mannu... doesn't even need to put up his story get his leg pulled...!!! Mann Ling... OMG OMG.... I just cant stop laughing my head off.
Mannu, you should tell me more of these stories when we meet...!!!
Dude,my intention wasn't to kickstart a discussion on myself only.I was reminiscing the far-fetched stories Sam(and you) used to spin around me and thus, I was talking about the man for whom this post is dedicated-Sam,only.
Regarding the double meanings,girls here in office unkowingly use such open-for-interpretation sentences that I feel embarrased that why the hell can't I think of the regular meaning..Maine Khol doon, "Service" de do ,Maine "le loon".Jara bottle "hila lo".Hahaha..Poor girls! Had they known what are the other meanings of their sentences ,they wouldn't have dared used them D
@ Mann
It's possible that they know what they are saying. Bunch of 'cock teasers' for all you know!

Just to inform y'all.I wont be able to post the next article till the coming weekend as it's gonna be about you-know-who,yes! you guessed it right,it's gonna be about the whacko who started this contest!I am a lil busy this week.In the meantime,somebody please bring back the website from hibernation to an active state by posting something new, so that we can have get some bakar to feed ourselves with.
raj alakshendra said…
put some post dude..its long time u hav put something
Sakshi said…
How abt your Mainak putting up a post?? his share is so due?
raj alakshendra said…
i too agree to sakshi ...
No point in asking Dion to put up a post coz he's not gonna do that.Reasons being, he is always quite busy and secondly even if he gets sometime off and he would want to write something,he won't out of sheer laziness.He's as big a sloth as his roomies of Room No 211. Sam indirectly induced his lazy-cum-gach attitude in all of us .Ha ha D
raj alakshendra said…
abe koi kuch likhega ki nahi .... or should i write something
haan tu hi post kar de bey..Es website pe waise bhi har dusra post mera hi hota hai toh tum log bhi kuch mehnat karo D

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