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Another Flight of Imagination

Knock Knock !! Anybody's home....Well, I guess everyone is in slumberland now.Ah long time since I dusted off the grime of my online diary and started scribbling random stuffs.What do I write now?? Today was quite eventful by the way.....Our dear 'ol Ton-dulkar,the holy grail of the cricketing community,has surpassed the coveted 200 run mark.What an achievement!! I could hear people whistling and howling in glee on the completion of the double ton - guys neatly dressed who normally speak nothing in office other than project delivery and deadlines.I guess it is in the time of great adversary and in tumultuous celebration the status quo and dis-congruity among people fades out.I think I am digressing from what I intended to write today. Well,junta I am really tired of this office culture.The dog-eat-dog ambiance really has pissed me off.Employees of gargantuan MNCs bear the same trait - easy to procure and easier to dispose just like toilet papers,you clean your shit and flush

Daksh Team won !!!

Zoom the pic to see the LOGO .. So the good news here is that The Daksh team won the " Best Engineering Design" award ... Amal had called me from indore ... They were winners among 160 other teams... Also they stood 12th in the care race out of 80 teams .. The car needs some better materials to stand in the race .... They have planned it to redesign it ... They have also got cash award for winning the best design ... Our TWM logo was on the car ... In the 2nd pic logo can be seen ... I have encircled it .. Its not clear ... Very soon il put other pics too... Three cheers for our juniors ...

Happy Valentines Day

Whats the Valentine's Day Plan ???

So, what u all guys are up to ??? today morning i had talk with shayon on ph (here i had to mention ph since now a days people do more of virtual talking) ... He is celebrating his 5th year of relationship ... Shayon baba ki jai ho ... Congrats to both of them & pray that they tie up the knot soon ... What about others ... Anybody going out for a date or giving some gift to someone special ... As far as I am concerned , my parents are coming to jsr this weekend ... So , it will be a family affair ... Or it might happen that il send my parents to enjoy & il be sitting in home .... If i go into past, I havent ever gone out with a girl on this day ... ya thats true ... What a bad record ... In addition to this I havent ever got any Valentine gift also ... Hold on , hold on ..hey shayon , is it that, this is the best day to propose ??? Means this day is lucky & people end up into long relation ... For many of us this might be the last or 2nd last V-day of their bachelorship ..

My 1st visit to a play school

I dont know how many of u have visited a play school but today i got a chance to visit one ... The school is one of my distributers ...They asked me to come to the school... There are some 45 kids ... I must say that it was an ultimate experience ... Some were very frank, some shy , some notorious but all of them were innocent ... Nobody knows who is marathi or bihari, hindu or muslim ... All playing hand in hand ... If any one brings chocolates then he brings for all 45 of them ... I was wondering that these politicians should go & learn from these kids what is unity in diversity , how to live in harmony ... Can u hear Mr Thackreys... There was one new kid in the school & he was crying & crying ... It reminded me of my 1st day in school ... I took few pics & put them here ... he is yuvraj ... the smartest of all of the kids... He was too shy to face the camera... The sweetest kid... here is miss India ... she was so cute .... After seeing her pic she was very happy...