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"Now that U r gone!!"

" Ohhh no, is it me again ?? tell me, why m i going insane.?.. Ohhh no...there is no sun i see, Ohhh no..there's no rain i feel.. & now that u r not here do u know how i feel ?... do u feel the way i feel ?.. Now that u r gone i m standing here alone.. standing here all alone... How much hard do I try I aint able 2 take u off my mind & it leaves me wondering if I Am alright? Ohhh no, is it me again ?? caught up,trapped up in ur love hurricane tell me, why m i going insane?... tell me ,why i m nt da same? Ohhh no, I can't bear this anymore when u r not here why should i live anymore,wat for ? From the time u ve gone, baby i m lonely, i feel all alone... Do i need 2 say anything,anymore ? look into my eyes..they speak it all... it aint hard 2 see how i now feel... but why believe ? when u r not here Ohhh dat i see... again & again all i realise it's me all i realise it's me all i realise it's me." Guys this was da


Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Is anyone at home??? What's happened? This blog is as sad as the comm. on Orkut and as quite as the Topfloor corridor in 'E- hostel'. What's wrong with you'll guys? Post something, anything. Even it is just a hi or a what going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll guys seriously suck big time after all those promises to keep in touch and all. Write something and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!1