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"Now that U r gone!!"

" Ohhh no, is it me again ??
tell me, why m i going insane.?..
Ohhh no...there is no sun i see,
Ohhh no..there's no rain i feel..
& now that u r not here
do u know how i feel ?...
do u feel the way i feel ?..

Now that u r gone
i m standing here alone..
standing here all alone...
How much hard do I try
I aint able 2 take u off my mind
& it leaves me wondering
if I Am alright?

Ohhh no, is it me again ??
caught up,trapped up in ur love hurricane
tell me, why m i going insane?...
tell me ,why i m nt da same?

Ohhh no, I can't bear this anymore
when u r not here
why should i live anymore,wat for ?
From the time u ve gone,
baby i m lonely, i feel all alone...

Do i need 2 say anything,anymore ?
look into my eyes..they speak it all...
it aint hard 2 see how i now feel...
but why believe ? when u r not here
Ohhh dat i see...
again & again
all i realise it's me
all i realise it's me
all i realise it's me."
Guys this was da lyrics of the new song I'v…


Is anyone at home??? What's happened? This blog is as sad as the comm. on Orkut and as quite as the Topfloor corridor in 'E- hostel'.
What's wrong with you'll guys? Post something, anything. Even it is just a hi or a what going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll guys seriously suck big time after all those promises to keep in touch and all.
Write something and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!1