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"Now that U r gone!!"

" Ohhh no, is it me again ??
tell me, why m i going insane.?..
Ohhh no...there is no sun i see,
Ohhh no..there's no rain i feel..
& now that u r not here
do u know how i feel ?...
do u feel the way i feel ?..

Now that u r gone
i m standing here alone..
standing here all alone...
How much hard do I try
I aint able 2 take u off my mind
& it leaves me wondering
if I Am alright?

Ohhh no, is it me again ??
caught up,trapped up in ur love hurricane
tell me, why m i going insane?...
tell me ,why i m nt da same?

Ohhh no, I can't bear this anymore
when u r not here
why should i live anymore,wat for ?
From the time u ve gone,
baby i m lonely, i feel all alone...

Do i need 2 say anything,anymore ?
look into my eyes..they speak it all...
it aint hard 2 see how i now feel...
but why believe ? when u r not here
Ohhh dat i see...
again & again
all i realise it's me
all i realise it's me
all i realise it's me."
Guys this was da lyrics of the new song I've composed.I don ve my lappy here 2 record it.nywys!! I'd like 2 hear ur feedback,watsoever!


Unknown said…
Shit man!!!!!
The lyrics are good. But why do rap lyrics have to be so morose??? And whom are you talking about??? I sure hope as hell it ain't one of us guys.........LOL. Good work as usual, but we need some music for it!!!!!!
Send me the song after you finish it.
Shayon said…
is it Gandhi you're crying for, baby?;-)
seriously, lovely lyrics man. it'd have been a great treat to hear you rapping to its tunes.
shanoob said…
n how do u feel now ????!!
Unknown said…
who made u to write these lines..

sahii hai..
complete it with music n upload it asap..
may be we too will come up wid a song,this time duet frm sam n prags..
Karma said…
so forlorn and sooo worked up.....damn good work dude......eagerly waiting for the musical version............don't make it all rap...
Manvender said…
@ Dion
..thanx man ..i m flattered but it aint a rap song...& whom i m talking abt?? wellll.. u know it btr ..dont u ?? :)

@ Shayon
...thnx..who now i mayb missing all f u nt Gandhi in particular..again it aint a rap :)

..ahah..nice qs :) well.well.aft reading all ur compliments i feel pretty gud.. at least btr than da miserable feeling i had while reading diz dumb song...

@ Rathz...
haan yaar i m eagerly waiting 4 smthing creative 4m ur side...y nt make a vdo song on ur stay dere...i mean it would b cool....

@ Karma...
Thank U.Thank U...


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