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Chug Along - III

If ever i think of my best train journey , the first thing comes in my mind is the journey of our first goa trip . It was 23rd september when we left for the most memorable trip . Before even our journey started the train was late by four hours due to heavy monsoon rain in the eastern part of country. Many people accompanied us including juniors and they got down as their stations came . In the pics we look so young and fresh . Btw who are the other two girls in the pic. We sang , we played dumb C , we slept and the best was "male bonding" . Shayon as usual became topless due to intense heat . Also he asked some weird questions to each of us. My mom gave her hand made food in nagpur . We ate every single stuff but still our stomach was not full. By the time we reached mumbai we missed our goa train . Fortunately we got reservation in another train next morning... In that train of Konkan Railways we ate , ate and only ate the whole time ... They served everything from sabudana

Chookar mere mann ko!

A sudden push and all I can see now is the blue sky and the fluffy clouds while my feet are no longer on terra firma. There are gentle progressive tapping on my back now, not like pokes but soft pushes that seem to be sending me up. Yes, I am airborne! The clouds seem to get closer gradually but as I let myself to float and enjoy the heavenly sights suddenly  the soft forces disappear and I go into a free fall. Wait, there are some strings dropped from the clouds which wound around me and pull me up. All these movements seamlessly transferring me from different moods of the joy of floating, the sadness of solitariness and the excitement of free fall. After I go even higher than the clouds, all forces, gentle and violent, disappear. I am falling, I will soon hit terra firma but just inches off the ground, the invisible and delightful forces reappear for the last time, catch me and put me on my seat! I happened to go for a concert (playing music of Rossini, Chopin and Beethoven) at a lo

Something New...

Finally some relief.My waitlist in XIMB(b-school) got converted.For the last two years I have seen only two seasons.Summer season followed by MBA season and both sapped my energy considerably.Though I missed the XLRI bus despite having very high percentile but I am happy. May be I got what I deserved.The idea of getting back to campus/hostel life is exciting.The concept of 9-7 job and a thick pay slip has never been too appealing to me(I can afford to say this because there has been steady flow of salary in my account for quite a sometime :) )I know after 2 years I will be recycled back to the same system.But my resolution is that I will use these 2 yrs effectively and find myself a job which I will not get bored of for the next 8-10 yrs atleast :). Now that for 20 odd days I have plenty of time to kill and I am using this time constructively(read sleeping).Last week I visited a place called Wayanad in Kerala with Pranav and some other guys.The main attraction was the overhyped

completion of 4 years !!!

If you guys remember , this was the day - 12th may , when our college got over ... I cant believe we have completed four years passing the college .. Four years down the line but we all r so intact to each other ... Thanks to wall-mag ... cheers to all of us .... enjoy

Skids... or Mudflap...

My New Car! :)

Chug Along - II

While reading Rathz' account of his train journeys, I couldn't help but remember another train journey that i had experienced I was in the first year of college. I had written about it long back on Rediff Blogs. As a matter of fact, this was how I started blogging, in the first place. And I am sure a couple of you have already read this one in the past. That's why I thought not to write about it here. However, thanks to Sakshi's coaxing, and the fact that Rediff Blogs is gonna close down any day soon, I thought I'd post a copy here too, as a part of Rathz' 'Chug Along' Series. Train Journey that changed my Life! [snipped and unimportant] I had come to Mumbai during the Durga Puja Holidays. [snipped] I was leaving for Jamshedpur, also known as TataNagar, by the Gitanjali Express on the 11th of October. I was supposed to travel with a friend of mine, Arun Prasad, who stayed in Lokhandwala Complex. Arun was supposed to board the train from Victoria Termin

when i quit fb !!!

Once upon a time there was Mr. Raj who was crazy for facebook . he would update any damn thing starting from breakfast to bathroom to dinner . some people even hide him from their list but some even waited for his updates . But the scene has changed , I have quit facebook. Unfortunately u can never delete ur acc on fb , u can only deactivate it. The prime reason for quitting fb was wastage of time ... I was hooked to my phone every second . sometimes while working i would think about comments n updates. There are many positives on quiting fb ... 1) The first thing is that now i can have sound sleep . 2) My phone doesnt ring the whole day . the good part about this is that i can drive freely. 3) I can do my bathroom acts in peace :) 4) I am mingling more with real people rather than virtual friends. 5) I dont have to explain anything if by mistake i wrote any wrong comment or post. 6) My life is more private now. 7) The most important of all is that i can contribute more to our very ow

Chug Along - I

I had loved it and then in between it started to become a painful experience but the love is back. I am sure all of you must have made train journeys at some point in life, unlike one of my friends who was always flying and undertook a journey on rails only recently. While travelling on a train, the window gives a live picture of the wayside and it's like a cinema except the music is only the rattling of the rolling stocks. Travelling in an air conditioned coach with a Side Lower (SL) berth during the Monsoons in India is highly recommended if you do love simple pleasures of life! As I am in UK, the London underground or tube experience has been amazing and since I have the taken many rides in Kolkata (Calcutta) metro & Mumbai (Bombay) locals, I have managed very well to shuttle between two points in London. I have not experienced the crowd here but may be it is different on weekdays or football match-days. Please do not 'Mind the gap' in my information regarding the