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completion of 4 years !!!

If you guys remember , this was the day - 12th may , when our college got over ...
I cant believe we have completed four years passing the college ..

Four years down the line but we all r so intact to each other ... Thanks to wall-mag ...

cheers to all of us ....



God! 4 years seem to have just passed without us realizing it. Imagine if we were in college, how would we have looked at those who are working for 4 years-we'd have probably thought that such people live a humdrum life.But here we are -living exciting lives and exploring new avenues and sailing in new seas.
I think the only thing we'd probably not miss the college for is that we don't have to go through those endless power cut. At least now we can work in air conditioned offices and sleep in air conditioned rooms. These days it's freaking hot here in Delhi and I was wondering had it not been for living in ACs throughout the day,what would have been my plight. My head starts aching now when I go out in heat. And to simply think that some years back we were deprived of even availablity of electricity in college leaves me amazed that how did we manage to survive those summers.
shastha said…
back in college, whenevr i used to hear about 95 or 96 bacth I always felt that they were very senior (and never a part of the college then), here we are in year 2k11 (and we are 2k3 batch guys) ... but i still feel to be a part of the college ... interesting how we judge others
@ All,
I'd forgotten that our last day was 12th! I hope I kept that last ticket of mine somewhere for posterity!

It'll be four years in Sept., since I came to the US and it doesn't seem that long. Time really flies.

And Shastha, you're right we do tend to judge people like that. Now we're in the shoes of the "'96" batch!

And Mann, I still don't have an AC when I go home in Dec., so you should count yourself lucky!

Raj, thanks for remembering this eventful day!

Yeah, I didn't notice that how would people from 2k11 look upon us. They would think that we are probably grand dads by now

I too don't have AC at my home in Mumbai.I think the heat in the coastal regions is not that unbearable as it is in the interiors here. As sam used to say in summers in Jamshedpur "I've become a roasted chicken here" ,so before I would become so, I had to install an AC here.
raj alakshendra said…
saare comment gayab ho gaye blogger ke down hone se :(
Sakshi said…
What the hell! Has it been that long already!
My God- You guys remember I wrote a farewell post for you all!

It just seems like yesterday, but that yesterday it seems is a long way gone! :)
Time truly flies!

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