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Chug Along - III

If ever i think of my best train journey , the first thing comes in my mind is the journey of our first goa trip .

It was 23rd september when we left for the most memorable trip . Before even our journey started the train was late by four hours due to heavy monsoon rain in the eastern part of country.

Many people accompanied us including juniors and they got down as their stations came . In the pics we look so young and fresh . Btw who are the other two girls in the pic.

We sang , we played dumb C , we slept and the best was "male bonding" .
Shayon as usual became topless due to intense heat . Also he asked some weird questions to each of us.
My mom gave her hand made food in nagpur . We ate every single stuff but still our stomach was not full.

By the time we reached mumbai we missed our goa train .
Fortunately we got reservation in another train next morning... In that train of Konkan Railways we ate , ate and only ate the whole time ... They served everything from sabudana pakodi to chicken lolipop ...

I still have the sweet memories of the trip and every person was responsible to make it so enjoyable .


samik said…
Haan be...mast journey tha..especially the journey from Mumbai to Goa.We had Chicken lollipop for breakfast,lunch,dinner.Mast food tha
@ Raj,
I still remember that journey! Raj's moms food (she'd even send me food when I travelled alone and passed by Nagpur!). We were stuck in Bombay overnight, Rathz and I went to book the tickets somewhere and it was so late that there wasn't any transport. So Rathz and I walked all around the place (went up to the Asiatic Library I guess)!
Thankfully I missed the 'male bonding' part- God knows what they were up to and with with Shayon around there's nothing you can disregard!
Ha ha ha ha haha!
Shayon's dad came to the station and dragged him away, even though he wanted to stay at the platform with us while we waited for the Goa train!

Unknown said…
I remember it all too well that you too were a part of our "male bonding" session when one of the questions I had asked was "what is your style of cleaning up after taking a dump?" Hahaha!! :-D
raj alakshendra said…
infact shayon wanted to come along with us to goa but didn't get the permission ... poor ass !!!

btw how can any male bonding be complete without ue sexy legs !! :)
Unknown said… a memorable journey that was..There were Jammy and Nandan as well..

Jammy had a peculiar way to indicate sallu bhai (Salman) and also Sunil Shetty I think, in the DumbC rounds..Nandan was going crazy with all the things happening around him !! hahaha..

And of course the fantastic lollipops..Sam and Jammy were asked for college i-cards as age proof in CST while returning, isnt it ;)
raj alakshendra said…
that sam n jammy incident was height of the situation ...

yup , its madness !!! :)

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