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Chookar mere mann ko!

A sudden push and all I can see now is the blue sky and the fluffy clouds while my feet are no longer on terra firma. There are gentle progressive tapping on my back now, not like pokes but soft pushes that seem to be sending me up. Yes, I am airborne! The clouds seem to get closer gradually but as I let myself to float and enjoy the heavenly sights suddenly  the soft forces disappear and I go into a free fall. Wait, there are some strings dropped from the clouds which wound around me and pull me up. All these movements seamlessly transferring me from different moods of the joy of floating, the sadness of solitariness and the excitement of free fall. After I go even higher than the clouds, all forces, gentle and violent, disappear. I am falling, I will soon hit terra firma but just inches off the ground, the invisible and delightful forces reappear for the last time, catch me and put me on my seat!

I happened to go for a concert (playing music of Rossini, Chopin and Beethoven) at a local theater yesterday. I had already missed a performance few days back at the Royal Albert Hall. After all the unconscious classical music experiences and the deliberate ones in the past few years on multimedia, the real experience was truly delightful.

Why I say unconscious experiences is because the yesteryears cartoon shows have used classical music to bring smiles on the faces of kids and grown ups alike. Yes, think of Looney Tunes show, Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse, do you recall, in the background there would be an orchestra playing.

As a kid I did not know that the cartoons will have a connections with composers such as Rossini, Brahms, Strauss etc. Now I know, and it was a brilliant trick to put presumably boring classical music stuff as background scores in cartoons same way our moms would do a trick to make us swallow bad (high in nutrients !) vegetables.

You may already know but the score that plays in Titan ad is actually from 'Symphony no, 25 in G minor' by Mozart. You may as well try to listen to few classical pieces, they are really beautiful musical compositions.



samik said…
Sahi hai...It must have been a great experience to be there in the concert in person.
@ Rathz,
Last Nov. was the first time I went to a concert and I must say that it was a nice experience. I enjoyed most of it, but not all!

raj alakshendra said…
aahi hai masti kar ...
I have been thinking for quite sometime to put a post on the cultural life in Delhi as I frequently(almost every other week) go to watch plays and other cultural events . I think theater reflects the cultural and social fabric of a city and Delhi scores very high on this as it has renowed places like National School of Drama, Sathya Kala Academy, Sri Ram center for Performing Arts, Indian Habitat Center.Every weekend,there's something or the else happening at one of these places and it is quite relaxing to visit these places. There's lot of natural greenery,peace and tranquility in and around these places,so it provides a fresh lease of energy to start the next week.
Ankit said…
@rathz..yeh tera favorite song hai naa...i remember in the final video of top floorers u sang this one...
ABC said…
Sam - I could have learnt a bit of guitar from you yaar..or at least the abcd of Music..anyways I do like to strum whenever I get a guitar..btw two unclaimed guitars are in can take one to BBSR..dusra Rudra ka hai..

Dion - In my case, I did not enjoy the violent (hard key presses) Piano portion..

Mannu - yeah, you'd mentioned about your cultural weekends once..

Ankit - haha..yeah..In the vdo, the original song accompanied my singing !!

Cheers folks..
Sakshi said…
That is some information! From now on I'll pay more attention to the music in the classic cartoons!

And, I am sure it must have been awesome fun!

Like Mannu says, Delhi too has a lot going on.. but I haven't really caught up on it.
Did do a lot of cultural stuff in and around CWG, now that was AWESOME!

Oh Btw- Metallica is coming to INDIA! and the day it performs in Delhi, I'll be in Goa- a.k.a 28th Oct!
Was wondering how does "a.k.a" fit in that sentence ? :-D

Couldn't see the video earlier although I had read the post. Ab samjah mein aaya what exactly were you saying in the post
ABC said…
There's also the F1 race in Delhi this October !

agli baar acchey sey likunga taaki logon ko samajh aayein ;)
Sakshi said…
PLEASE, don't be a teacher! :P

I know, my cousins are very upset about the fact that we would be dancing to shaadi ke gaane, when the race would be on!
But you winsome, you lose some!

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