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when i quit fb !!!

Once upon a time there was Mr. Raj who was crazy for facebook . he would update any damn thing starting from breakfast to bathroom to dinner . some people even hide him from their list but some even waited for his updates .

But the scene has changed , I have quit facebook. Unfortunately u can never delete ur acc on fb , u can only deactivate it.
The prime reason for quitting fb was wastage of time ...
I was hooked to my phone every second . sometimes while working i would think about comments n updates.

There are many positives on quiting fb ...

1) The first thing is that now i can have sound sleep .
2) My phone doesnt ring the whole day . the good part about this is that i can drive freely.
3) I can do my bathroom acts in peace :)
4) I am mingling more with real people rather than virtual friends.
5) I dont have to explain anything if by mistake i wrote any wrong comment or post.
6) My life is more private now.
7) The most important of all is that i can contribute more to our very own "wall-mag".

few days back i had logged in to my fb to search for someone n i was going through people's updates ... it was so funny to read them ... i know i was also doing the same few weeks back ...

now i am happy living in my real life..



ABC said…
pic mast dala hai..reminded me of Ghostbusters..

What about the other social networking site (matrimonial ones) ! haha..
Unknown said…
@Rathz: Aajkal saara time hi toh leta hai :D
Yeh sahi hai. Though I have always found this whole craziness about social networking a little stupid but now I'm exploring ways to capitalize on it to expand our business. For business owners and companies,I think social networking sites have created a new channel to reach out to potential clients and engage with current ones and I am enjoying exploring the vast range of things FB has to offer.

Add to the list of websites Raj frequents these days :-P
Unknown said…
@Mannu bhai

FB does give a good network base and that too very viral to spread an idea and thus gives instant popularity but the buzz remains only until the next craze !

Is FB a necessary evil today? Don't be evil !!

Anyways hope you are connecting well for your venture, good luck.

@Shayon/Mannu bhai
bharatmatrimony bhi ho sakta hai list mein :P
I haven't started connecting to our clients. We'll probably outsource our social media marketing aspect to another company,but before doing that I want to understand how does this entire thing work and how do companies engage with people. Yesterday,I came across the Starbucks group and whoa! they seem to have the maximum number of fans I have ever seen on FB!
Unknown said…
@Mann: Lemme know when u r ready to outsource. I'll get ready with my resignation letter :)
raj alakshendra said…
i am a paid member in jeevansathi n bharat matrimony > also i have registered as a free member in

for me presently fb nothing more than a search engine to find people...

u inform me too abt ur outsourcing plan , i too have few people who can be of help to u ...
I don't think that we'd have money to afford you in the near future. :P
By the way,what are you doing on May 14th ? Let's catch up on that evening if you're free.Haven't met Sakshi for a long time also.
Sakshi said…
Forget the post by Raj, and you can add elitematrimony to the list too..

Mannu- Yo actually asked about meeting? Sahi hai :O
Okay lets figure out- 14th May, Sweetie, Shayon, how about your diary love?
Unknown said…
@Mann: You can afford an entire firm... but not just a single person? :-o By the way, May 14th seems to be so far away... can we connect on 11th-12th on this one?
Tikh hai.12th seems good to me.Kahaan milna hai ?
raj alakshendra said…
abe tum sab yaha milne - milane ki planning kar rahe ho ??? idhar main akele pak raha hoon ...

ph pe baat kar ke time set kar lo !!!
@ Raj,
Good for you! Facebook is a waste of time, but it's fun to visit once in a while and see what's going on with the rest of humanity!

@ Mann,
It's Jeevansathi not Jeevanshaadi!

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