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Next B'Day gift for "Che"-tia

Post heart break rehabilitation program...

hi folks , as the topic suggests this post is going to be quite hilarious & humorous... now lets start... heart break or break up , whatever u call all leads to hell of a pain & who knows better than me :) :) After three major break ups , I am still standing tall... There are two types of break up - a) dumping someone b) mutual break up... Which is more painfull ??? its depends on the individual ... But i can help how to get out of it... Instantly after break up follow these steps ... 1) Never ever listen to romantic songs... In every song u are going to find ur girl ...taking example of a song - "tum se hi" from "Jab We met".. Bryan Adams songs are a killer under these critical conditions .. 2) No romantic movies... Every fucking romantic movie would resemble ur story ... For God's sake never see "sweet november" ... 3) Watch a lot of action movies or sex comedies to divert ur mind ... or best option is animation movies.. 4) Talk to all ur f

My City..My Life..4

Recap: 1 2 3 The perfect start to a Sunday. I had a good night's sleep, woke up early and ran two rounds of the nearby community playground. Normally if I happen to do an early morning jog, I see only old folks walking and doing laughter exercises in the playground. They will come all dressed up in branded shoes and tracks. Today the old folks were few and the one's I saw were wearing T-shirts and caps with the Indian tricolor. Then it crossed my mind that the old also have a reason to celebrate today. The Indian cricket team is playing South Africa in the city. They were taking the first bus in the morning to the stadium.I am pretty amazed to see the enthusiasm of the older generation of this city. Other instances are quizzes and they are really serious about it and can leave young quizzers with a wounded pride, one of my roomie knows well. I came back to our flat. My roomies were smiling or snoring in their sleep while there may still be couple of hours left in the transiti

More Gyaan, on Techie Language

So, Karma in his previous post talked about how the techie slang has taken over his life, and the life of others. Here is my addition to it. The real author is Sorcy , and you should definitely go read him. He is really awesome. And the credit of the following pick up lines goes to him... :P So here it goes   Err..Feel free to try these pickup lines at your own risk.' Note:There is no risk when you are standing sideways and a hand's length away while trying these lines on the chick you find in the pub. Some of them are customized for e=mc^2 kind ____________________ Excuse me...Err...Is your name North? Cuz my compass is pointing in your direction. Hello there Baby!! Are those firmwares real? Ooh!! You turn my floppy disk into a 'hard' disk. You have a greater gravitational pull than earth, I think I am locked in your orbit. You look so hot, you would keep my lap more warm than my laptop. Ooh la la..Can I mount my server on your rack? Baby!! You overclock

Tada ! Time for some Karma-Sutra!!

Hi Junta ! Back again to torment you. Excerpts from a SMS I got today: What would you call a person who has relinquished all the pleasures of mortal life,live away from parents and all forms of civilization,bereft of sleep,wears and eats bare minimum and pays scant attention to the fairer-sex? In older days they were called Hermits or Sadhus ...Today they are called IT Professionals!! My first reaction was " OMG :-) ROTFLMAO"!Whats with my language? This ain't the way I chat now,this is way I have started speaking! This seems to be more cryptic than Newspeak in 1984 !! Well this is what become of us - Digital Zombies.The virtual realm has engrossed us in such a degree that it is apparently beyond our capability to escape this digital asylum.Let me give an example: In morning my sleep is snapped by the sound of Gayatri Mantra streaming from Youtube,in office my entire time is spend in front of an IBM ThinkCentre working on intricate applications ,interspersed with leisu

here I am...

hi guys.. how is it going ?? karma's three back to back post motivated me to put up something ... Lots of things are going in my life ... Lets start it one by one.. For three weeks my lappy was not working properly ... It used to take ages to start & open any file ...I was deprived of my daily movie show... I tried everything from asking friends to calling up Dell service but nothing worked...I must admit here that Dell service is superb.. They were ready to send a technician at my home...Everyone told me to format it ...When I was fully prepared to format it , something clicked me , I re-examined my system & fixed the problem ... I felt very proud of myself :) I realized during this time that computes, phones & other gadgets have become important companion of our life ... My parents achieved a new pin level in business & they gifted me a digi cam.. Last time I had got my lappy... The digi cam thing has also got a long story .. I was confused which one to buy ...I d

Minus Human : Esoteric comment by Rathz

Well,junta now that I have started the ball rolling...I am in no mood to stop! I guess I am heavily under the influence of Twitter - can not just stop posting.Just wanted to share a a comment by Rathindra I found very wacky on my blog.I remember writing a post lamenting my inability to write well and subsequently the dearth of comments.Here's what Rathz said in reply: ye kaisi behki behki baat kar raha hai.. the blog is lovely dark n free, but u've nirvana to seek. and miles to write before u sleep. and miles to write before u sleep.. -Rathindra Fros t

Minus Human : The Disclaimer

So here I begin. To start off I would share the disclaimer I had for my blog.I mean everyblog has some central theme the writer intends to convey and it was no exception for me,but in this case I included one neat disclaimer.Here it goes: I solemnly admit that the content of this page is purely the figments of my imagination,however , any possible resemblance of any person dead or living ,images or reference to real life is purely co-incidental and might be even deliberate at times!! Viwers who wish to take all the pains to read my posts are free to do so and I recommend them not to lament later!!

Coming back to life

Hi Junta! I have hit what you call a "writers block". Every time I visit our blogpage and find its pages bereft of any activity,I kinda feel compunction of not devoting enuff time to the cause of the labor of our love.But I don't seem to get any inspiration which might lead me to do something towards it.Just when I was about to turn off my lappy I remembering owning my own personal blog which I named "Minus Human" (which is actually what has happened of it).Very few people are aware of it and I have decided that why not revive the posts which I had done there.Our blog has climbed a long distance in Google's Pagerank and I find it pretty exciting proposition to post those novice articles here.It might garner the adulation and attention which I could never accrue in my hackneyed blog. So Junta stay put!

Happy Birthday Raj

Yeah, its the Dude's birthday, and I hope and pray that his day be really great. And wish him all the best and all the luck in life- Happy Birthday Raj...!! Raj, You have been one of the greatest friend that anyone can hope for. You have been there, when you are needed the most. You have been, Just there. And, somehow, it is not you just being present, but just being a thought away that makes you so special. Thank you- And have a Great Birthday...!!!

I heard

That you all are kind of confused. I, ahem, well, I think I owe you all an explanation. I did go away for exactly two days. And now I am back. So, you guys should not be confused, I am back. I was angry, and now am not. Ahem, so, yeah- Hi, guys. Wake up.

Happy Holi...!!!