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here I am...

hi guys..

how is it going ?? karma's three back to back post motivated me to put up something ...
Lots of things are going in my life ... Lets start it one by one..

For three weeks my lappy was not working properly ... It used to take ages to start & open any file ...I was deprived of my daily movie show... I tried everything from asking friends to calling up Dell service but nothing worked...I must admit here that Dell service is superb.. They were ready to send a technician at my home...Everyone told me to format it ...When I was fully prepared to format it , something clicked me , I re-examined my system & fixed the problem ... I felt very proud of myself :) I realized during this time that computes, phones & other gadgets have become important companion of our life ...

My parents achieved a new pin level in business & they gifted me a digi cam.. Last time I had got my lappy... The digi cam thing has also got a long story .. I was confused which one to buy ...I did a lot of research & found that people mostly buy cams blindly ... For them higher the mega-pixels better is the camera ...
Jamshedpur is the worst place to shop ... If they are not having any specific model they will say that model is not for India or that model has stopped coming or any shit excuse ... At last I got my cam in Nagpur.. Its Nikon S570 , 12Mp with 5X optical zoom... I have fallen in love with it .. There is so much in that camera ...I am still exploring it ...

Now coming to my marriage thing... My parents get motivated when I come home & forget the whole topic when I am not around... But on one thing is for sure that i have to my parents way... Kya karein apne haath mein koi tikti kahan hai :) :)

Business is going great ... Every month new people are coming ... Now i dont remember the nos..
This all from my side...


ABC said… some snaps and post in a web album (poora TWM page mat bhar dena)..

btw kya fix kar liya apney lappy mein !!

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