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Will you do me a favour?

My guess is NO! How do you define a favour? Like really? What is it? Going out of your way to do something for some one? right? But, who would you do that favour to? To any random person on the road? OR To the person who you know will only come to you, when he or she is in a genuine need! Right? My father has never turned down a person who comes to him for free advice, and neither have I turned down any one who comes to me for help themselves, or ask us to do a 'favour' mind you, to give advice to their next of kin.. or next of next of kin. That is really a problem you see, being a lawyer or a doctor (I am sure TUIB's will agree with me on this one) is that, when they get to know who you are, they start discussing their problems, be it legal or be it medical. If I start generating bills for this, I would have been a crorepati by now. And, when you approach them, for something, you know, something as meagre as getting bookings done at a certain place, beca

"Happy Valentine's Day"

This year I am having nobody to wish - No more red roses , chocolates , teddies, cakes ... So I wished Raths in the midnight :p I got a Valentine's day gift from my parents - a paid account in "" ... I also got a 25% off on membership as a V-day special offer !!! I can't imagine that I availed such type of offer. This day is special for someone as their love story had started seven years back on the same day... This is the last time they will be wishing each other being unmarried as by next year they will be married couple ... You all must have guessed that I am talking about S & S - Shayon & Sakshi .. Wishing u guys a happy seventh anniversary ... Sakshi , your post on confirmation of wedding is pending ... For the rest of us (the singles) keep the search on ... God is not so cruel , we will find someone someday :)

"The Land of Smiles" - My trip to Thailand ...

Yes Thailand is actually "the land of smile" - all smiling faces :) :) It was my first foreign trip so its obvious how much I was excited (most of u know that) .. In thailand , there are two sets of tourists - Indian & rest of world ... Indians married couples might not do sex on a regular basis but nobody can match their potential to reproduce at such a great rate ... This might be problem for our country but there is also a positive side to this - We Indians are at every corner of the world !!! As soon as landed , police asked me many questions ... It reminded me of the incident when samik was caught at Mumbai railway station. In my case too my get up was pathetic enough for the police to question me . I didnt like the Thai food much - it smells so bad !!! But I love Thai girls ;) .... I didnt find any fat female (of any age) there ... Thailand is not a shopping heaven .. Infact most of their personal & home care products are imported from India ... We Indians are