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"my arrange marriage story" part 1

Guys , here is my complete arrange marriage story ... it is going to a bit lengthy but interesting : Around 11 pm in the night on 1st july my dad called me and asked, rather ordered me to reach nagpur after ten days to see a girl .. I was like making excuses as i have lots of work and where will i get the tickets . Next my bro talked to me and said "bhaiya ek baar photo to dekh lo" ... "bhabhi mast hai " He then gave me her email id and asked to search on FB ... Unfortunately , my BB internet was not working that night ... Again my bro words were echoing in my ears ... then only it clicked me to use my BB wifi (which i rarely use) .. We have our common broadband wifi in my friend's flat nearby... It was mid night by that time and they had slept so i just went to their flat and standing outside their door i started the Fb search ... now the security person came there "sahab yahan kya kar rahe ho" .. man kiya bol doon "darwaze pe susu kar raha hoon

Nursery Rhyme

I'm A Little Teapot  I'm a little teapot Short and stout Here is my handle Here is my spout When I get all steamed up Hear me shout: Tip me over and pour me out!

the shift : orkut >>> facebook >>> google+

It started with orkut during college days and words like orkuting (chirkuting too), scrap , community , testimonial came into common language ... i still remember once we had organised a contest in college fest on highest no of scraps... Next we all moved to facebook and the orkut lingo changed to fb , status updates , feeds , events... Along with that FB brought many controversies ... Now are we again shifting ??? This time to google+ . I get a friend request almost dialy on google+. I joined it and have a look at it .. It looks much cleaner than FB but i cant comment or rather compare any more as I havent started using it yet ... But here the point arises - Do we get bored of these social networking sites after usage of few years ??? If you ask me , yes I am bored of FB ... And the day my set of friends are on google plus , il also shift to it ... And the million dollar question is Can google+ break the 750 million subscribers of FB ??? who knows ... It happened with orkut so it ca

An odē to the Capital

So, I am gonna move back to Mumbai real soon. Somewhere around the first 2 weeks of August. Life seems to have come a full circle for me. I started off my career with Mumbai. And now with a stable enough career, I am gonna be back to where I belonged. Life in Delhi was fun. When I was first planning to move to Delhi, there have been a lot many apprehensions from the quarters of friends and family. Frankly, none in my friend circle was too impressed by what they had called the "Delhi culture". And I don't blame them either. When I landed in the city for the first time (barring the occasional 2-day visits I used to make during college days, to meet with Sakshi), life wasn't really too great. I had gotten tired of having almost everyone and everybody around me trying to fleece me at every opportunity they would get. And of course the way the Delhiites speak (in general, especially on the roads) is super rough. I wasn't exposed to that kind of a behavior. However,


जब जब  दर्द का  बादल  छाया जब ग़म का साया लहराया  जब आंसू पलकों तक आया  जब यह तनहा दिल घबराया | हमने दिल को यह समझाया  दिल आखिर तू क्यूँ रोता है  दुनिया में यूँही होता है  यह जो गहरा सन्नाटे है वक़्त ने सबको ही बांटे हैं  थोडा घूम है सबका किस्सा  थोड़ी धुप है सबका हिस्सा  आँख तेरी बेकार ही नम्म है हर पल एक नया मौसम है  क्यूँ तू ऐसे पल खोता है दिल आखिर तू क्यूँ रोता है  || - ज़िन्दगी न मिलेगी दोबारा

Arrange Marriage : step 3 - waiting for the reply !!!

Hello friends , I know many of you must be waiting to know what happened yest ... It was not like a typical arrange marriage meet where a girl comes in saree or suit and doesnt speak a single word ... She had come in jeans and top ... Both the families met in a restaurant ... some 10 min latter the oldies left off leaving both of us alone to talk ... the moment they left we started talking and we continued talking for some1.5 hours ... I didnt realize how the time passed away and I enjoyed every bit of it ... Now coming to the point . I liked the girl a lot ... The best was her smile and I am short of words to describe her beauty ... We are waiting for a reply from her family side ... Lets hope for the best and keep praying for me .

Vrooooooom @ Silverstone

Arrange Marriage : step 2 - meeting the girl !!!

Finally the day has come ... My parents have chosen a girl n I am going to Nagpur on Monday to meet her... The whole story is very interesting n il put it up if it gets finalized ... BTW on seeing the pic of the girl I was like totally flat ... She is amazingly beautiful ... For the time being I am having cold feet ... Donno what to say , how to react ... All my PR skills seems to be of no use for this meet .. I dunno what should be the opening line .. Oh God there is so much of confusion .... At the same time I am very excited for the meeting ... Eagerly waiting for Monday ... Time is moving so slowly :( Give me tips guys .... Also suggest me what to wear .. Already I have got a new pair of shoes ... I am hoping for the best .... Please pray for me guys .... And il keep updating about the events ....

Happy Birthday Shayon :)

Just the right kind of cake for you! Wish you a very very Happy Birthday :) Wishing you all the Happiness, Success & Love! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

TWM @ SW19

It is good time to be in Europe if you want to attend any of the sporting events. I happened to be at SW19 and attend the middle Saturday schedule of play for Wimbledon 2011. There are some (approx 1500) tickets available daily for the show courts (Centre Court, Court 1, Court 2). So, I was there on the night before, on Friday, but unfortunately my queue card number was 1900+. Braving the night chill and non stop drizzle, the buzz at dawn lifted the tired spirit and once inside, the first player I see was Roger Federer. That started a great day at Wimbledon. Minutes later, I was at close proximity to one of the greatest athlete, Roger. Great feeling ! Sachin Tendulkar was also there on that day but I came to know only later. There was a good crowd on all courts, that's something noteworthy, as anything you do here, you will get the support and acknowledgement. I watched the Paes and Bhupathi doubles match for some time. Bhupathi particularly was doing lot of unforced errors, fin