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Arrange Marriage : step 3 - waiting for the reply !!!

Hello friends , I know many of you must be waiting to know what happened yest ...

It was not like a typical arrange marriage meet where a girl comes in saree or suit and doesnt speak a single word ... She had come in jeans and top ...

Both the families met in a restaurant ... some 10 min latter the oldies left off leaving both of us alone to talk ... the moment they left we started talking and we continued talking for some1.5 hours ... I didnt realize how the time passed away and I enjoyed every bit of it ...

Now coming to the point . I liked the girl a lot ... The best was her smile and I am short of words to describe her beauty ...

We are waiting for a reply from her family side ... Lets hope for the best and keep praying for me .


Sakshi said…
Wow! Seems like Raj apni Simran ko le hi jaayega :D
Unknown said…
@Raj: One crucial step... you forgot to share a picture of the girl you met! ;)
raj alakshendra said…
guys kahani mein naya twist ... now the girl's bro is going to meet me today eve ...
Unknown said…
abhi yeh naya twist kahan se aa gaya? and karta kya hai usska bhai?
@ Raj,
Obviously woh job karta hai! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Duffer!
Anyway, all our prayers are with you! It's great that you liked her, that's a start.
And what sort of twist is this? Meeting the brother? I've never heard of this before. Why didn't he come with the family yesterday?

Unknown said…
foto mast lagata hai post ke saath, where's Karma..I know fans of his posts and pics..

ye manglik shanglik kya hai?? ye arrange wala chakkar bahut lamba maluum hota hai !!
ROTFLMAO! What twists and turns in your marriage saga. Pehle ladki pasand aayi, fir uska bhai aa gaya and woh maanglik nikal gayi .Haha
Keep us updated with the search. :)
Ok, I'm really confused now!
First, what is 'Manglik' and second, what is 'Partial Manglik'.
Most importantly why the f*** should it matter.
Either way, you seem to be on a rollercoaster!

raj alakshendra said…
I also don't know much what this manglik thing is ...
As heard from people its like a bad thing ... It is said that manglik should marry a manglik only else marraige is not successful ... In worst case the non manglik partner can meet a fatal accident too ...
If u ask me I don't give a shit to all this crap ...

The latest update is that the girls dad's has taken my kundli details and let's see if something works out .. M keeping my fingers crossed ...

Btw u guys enjoy a typical bihari style of arrange marraige ...
Sakshi said…
Lets not even get into the whole getting the 'Kundli's' matched!

What really flusters me, is that fact, that how can we put our fate to certain planets/rituals that have no relevance what so ever.

Raj, you are going through the arrange marriage route, therefore you are shrugging your shoulders and moving forward.
In most of the 'Love' marriage scenarios, this is a MAJOR contention between the families!

And, I am sure everyone has seen Lage Raho Munnabhai.. and one of the major lessons that was taught via that movie was- to move beyond the whole astrological thing!

And just imagine, how the poor girl and her family would've felt when the rejection happened on the basis of one wrong planet placed at the wrong place in her birth chart.

I know its your own family etc that is involved, but seriously this stand irked me!

All the best, Raj.
Shayon said…
@sakshi: Usually, there are two factors that decide whether two people should get married or not.
1. Love
2. Everything else.

Don't people reject the other on the basis of whether he/she is good looking or not? Shouldn't that too be termed as a passé culture? If it's an arranged marriage, then a lot more factors come into play here. That is inevitable.

@Raj: I will not contest your family's stance towards getting married to a Manglik. But I know it for sure that such issues can be overcome by a few rituals. I think you should seriously consider those if you really like the girl. Have a heart to heart with the girl's family too, on this issue. If even after all of these you feel a truce isn't possible, you'll at least be satisfied knowing you tried your best. The option of moving on will always be there. But this girl might not be around long enough.

Go ahead. Take your chance.
Sakshi said…
I agree with what you say- That there are a lot more factors that come into play as far as it is an arranged marriage.
All I was just saying was another perspective.

take your chance buddy!
@ Raj,
Thanks for that explanation. All I can say is all the best. And as Shayon said, if you really like the girl, then there are ways to work around things. Either way, we'll support your decisions.

@ Shayon,
Sound advice!

@ Sakshi,
I must agree with you that the roles the planets play in two people getting married are beyond me and I disagree with that.
But at the same time it is important to understand that it is someone's belief and should be respected. For example, there are many things in my religion that seem ludicrous to the scientist in me, but I believe in most of them (that's just my faith) and so I cannot in good faith dismiss another's belief.

raj alakshendra said…
I am so lucky to have friends like u where everybody is giving their best to sort out a solution ... Thanks to all of u ..

There is some good news ... I talked to my parents in the eve n can u believe what they said ... They were looking on internet to find out a solution to this Manglik thing ...thank God my dad has started using internet ... I was like so relieved ... I knew my parents would always be on my side ...
Now we will have to wait for the other side that if they r ready for this ...

Actually in this whole scenario , I am not able to talk to the girl directly ... There r too many people in between us to take decision ... M regreting that I should have taken her no on the meeting day only .. I will have to make sure what is her stand ... Anyways I have put down a mail n waiting for her reply ...

I thing I have learned that arrange marraige is as tough as love marraige ...
Sakshi said…

And, well Shayon and I know how tough is to arrange the arranged marriage.. ;)
Mainak said…
After a long gap i finally opened up the TWM and was surprised to see so many comments and the most catching being Raj ki "Match Making".

Bahdai ho jo tujhe finally koi pasand aaya. I always remember the famous punch line "Just that i have written that im dark, does it mean i deserve a dark complexioned gal?"

Any way was amazed that u had an extended date with the gals Big Brother. Don't worry he was just checking ur attitude and character basically. I dont have a sister but i too have definitely done the same. The points i would have been interested are
1) Ladkibaaz hai ki nahin
2) Daru bidi ka kitna shaukeen hai
3) Respect to my sis n my family
4) Job BTW i wont care coz naukri nahin to waise bhi woh mere saamne nahin hota :)

Hope you passed these important points especially the 1st point.

Now coming to the issue of Positive/Negative Manglik.... See our previous generation will always look for these things nahin to Jyotish logon ki value hi kya reh jayegi... Its there bread and butter dude.

You know that even Iam partially Manglik and i came to know it only after my marriage. My wife and her family knew it and trust me they believe in all these to a great extent. Maybe only coz of my wife our marriage happened and she never told me also before hand. The astrologer who saw my KUNDLI happens to be a person who makes kundlis for some famous celebrities and politicians so i guess i should pay heed to him.

But who cares jo hoga dekha jayega.

So the only option what i see is "Ladki ko apne vash mein kar le" then kundli will also change.

@my life
Well its a bit hectic coz ghar ka sara kaam mujhe hi karna padta hai.... Kamino i can see the smile on ur faces and can guess what u ppl are thinking..... but the truth is that my wife is at her mom's place coz her PG results are out.

One good thing is that i have started playing professional cricket. Soon would be playing Hyderabad One Dayers 50-50 over match provided I am regular for practice and things go smoothly. My coach is impressed with me but i know age is not in my side.At 26 you don't debut in Ranji Trophy i guess:). Had i got this platform to showcase my talent some 10 yrs ago, maybe things would have been different.

The problem is that the coaching/practice academy is some 20 KM from my house and we are expected to be there everyday at morning 6:00 start from home by 5:30 AM then go for office at 11:00 AM . My coach understands my problem so he gives me some breathing time. So usually I go 2-3 days a week.

Kismat aur performance acchi rahi to maybe ill be able to realize some portion of my DREAM.......

On a funny note.....Few days ago I dreamt that i was bought by some IPL franchise dont remember which one but ya i was bought for some huge amount of Rs. can't even remember how many zeroes were there after that digit 3................
@ Mainak!
Great to hear from you. Looks like your life is settling pretty well.

@ Shayon,
Are you in Bombay? I hope all's well there. If you ask me, this world is going to hell!

Anyone else in Bombay?
raj alakshendra said…
@ Mainak
Buddha cricketer !!!
Unknown said…

poora bhashan likh diya yaar tuney..

Good to see you are busy playing, I also want to roll and tumble in the field !

btw if Shillong would have a team, what would it be called, Shillong Yankees or Shillong Knicks ;) haha ..
Ankit said…
@raj...aish & abhi had this manglik chakkar....ash was married to a particular tree(i think peepal tree)...& then married abhi
(2nd marriage is OK) search on of luck..
raj alakshendra said…
koi kuch naya post dalo !!!

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