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An odē to the Capital

So, I am gonna move back to Mumbai real soon. Somewhere around the first 2 weeks of August. Life seems to have come a full circle for me. I started off my career with Mumbai. And now with a stable enough career, I am gonna be back to where I belonged.

Life in Delhi was fun. When I was first planning to move to Delhi, there have been a lot many apprehensions from the quarters of friends and family. Frankly, none in my friend circle was too impressed by what they had called the "Delhi culture". And I don't blame them either. When I landed in the city for the first time (barring the occasional 2-day visits I used to make during college days, to meet with Sakshi), life wasn't really too great. I had gotten tired of having almost everyone and everybody around me trying to fleece me at every opportunity they would get. And of course the way the Delhiites speak (in general, especially on the roads) is super rough. I wasn't exposed to that kind of a behavior. However, as time passed, mostly because of my exposure to varied cultures and people throughout the country, I managed to figure out the pulse of this city. From then on, I was one among its people. So long as I knew what to expect and how to tackle it, life was smooth.

One of the things about Delhi that attracted me first is the quality of street foods. I mean, Bombay is great in that department too. But, it's mostly vegetarian. Being a hardcore non-vegetarian myself, I was blown away by the varied fare of Mughlai and Awadhi fare you get right on the streets! Starting from the kathi rolls to tikkas, shawarmas, kebabs and seekhs, you'll find them all. All in the price range of both Rs 40 a plate to Rs 400 a plate, depending upon which half of the month it is. Plus, Delhi has an old school charm that I seldom find in Bombay, unless I am in the Churchgate/Fort/Worli area [Mumbaiites call it the 'Town']. And the roads! Oh my God! The only roads that I have seen wider and cleaner than in Delhi, are in Nagpur. (Yes Raj, you can gloat in pride.) Moreover, who would expect an abundance of greenery in a super busy metropolitan city like Delhi? And yet, it has enough to make you feel like being in Jamshedpur during the rains.

I have had 2 1-year stints in Delhi. And already I feel Delhi has become my second home. I have spent most of my professional life here. This city teems with my friends and professional contacts. This city is also where Sakshi lives, of course. Even though I am gonna leave Delhi in a couple of days now, it shall always have a special place in my heart. This is my second home. And more importantly, Delhi is a foodie's paradise!

Thought I'll leave you guys with a couple of photos of Delhi and my tryst with the city.

Had taken this shot right outside the Old Fort (Purana Qila)
Sakshi & I had even gotten a couple married off
Lunches at the 5-stars
Attended Twitter Festivals
Had amazing colleagues
Lone leaf making the life's journey

Purana Qila


Sakshi said…
Well, you have made me gloat in pride about my city and made me feel all sad and go cry cry too.. in the same post!
I only agree on one thing that delhi is a Foodie's paradise. Rest well... I would not talk about it... any ways, WELCOME HOME DUDE! :-)
Unknown said…
@Sakshi: My life's as unpredictable as it gets. And you being a part of it, both fun and heartbreaks will go on, for ever!

@Ruchi: Papa John's garlic Parmesan bread sticks, Leo's beer and 5Spice's Mission Impossible await us, baby! Here I come!! :)
@ Shayon,
I loved the post! I've never lived in Delhi, just visited, but the stories aI've heard seem to match your first para!
Anyway, welcome 'Home'! Though I hate cities/metros, Bombay will always have a special place in my heart!

@ Sakshi,
Life always turns out for the best. Maybe there's another twist in the tale in store for you! Bombay is not a bad place to stay in/move to! >;P!

Unknown said…
@Dino : I guess you meant the second para, eh? And Bombay might be a special place for you because your grand parents stay there. Staying in Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata and Bangalore for considerable time, I figured every city has a pulse of its own. You just got to feel it, and adapt to it. The rest is a piece of cake :)
Sakshi said…

Dino, I wish I could tell you that its not about him moving to Mumbai. That its about the distance.

And I love mumbai too! I love it because its lk my second home!
Unknown said…

All the best for Bombay..

You mentioned of Sawarma, I love that food item which I had for the first time in Trivandram 4 years back..Also there was a gujia type Tibetan food item I liked in Darjeeling, Shefali, or it sounded like that..As you say Delhi is a great place for street food, my mouths watering already and of course more so because of the situation I am in!!

I have never been to Delhi & would like to make a trip North as early as I can manage..

Speaking of Bombay or Mumbai, I had been there three times now..People talk of the spirit of that city..Mumbai spirit..sometimes seems cliched..but it is truly family was there during the flood of was difficult situation as my mom was undergoing treatment one day there was this big deluge and people got stuck where they were..everyone was very nice and helpful..strangers became friends and it seemed there's still good will left in the humanity..overall, I can still visit Bombay but will only take the locals not the roads, never!

raj alakshendra said…
i visited delhi two times during shayon's stay there ... and must admit that all because of him my both trips have been memorable ...

I always prefer delhi than mumbai mainly due to amazing food , metro and the greenery ...

As , it has always happened whichever city shayon moves to, i definitely come there ...
dude , see u soon in amchi mumbai ....

n to all mumbai girls - be ready shayon is coming !!!
Sakshi said…
I think I am gonna sound like a spoil sport right now, but I sincerely expected some support here!
And Raj, your comment made me really miserable!

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