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Updation of the Contribution Done ...

Hi friends..
More contribution is coming for the for the Daksh team ... The latest in the list are Rahul & Nandan... The total contribution is Rs 16500 now & I am hoping for more.. The team has gone to Indore to compete in the event there . Lets wish them goo luck...
The updated list of the contributers goes like this:

Dion - Rs 4000
Nandan - Rs 2000
Rudra- Rs1000
Karma - Rs 1000
Chiru - Rs 1000
Debu - Rs 1000 (deposited directly in the college acc)
Gandhi - Rs 1000 (deposited directly in the college acc)
Atri - Rs 800
Chaki - Rs 700
Shayon - Rs 500
Raths - Rs 500
Andy - Rs 500
Sandeep - Rs 500
Samik - Rs 500
Myself - Rs 500
Mannu - Rs 500
Rahul - Rs 500


When is the deadline to send something? I can't send anything from here, but I can ask my mom to send a check!
Let me know soon.
Shayon said…
Kudos to Raj for taking up the initiative. I have been so lazy myself that I am sure I wouldn't have ended up contributing had he not called me up for the same.

Anyway, as for the logo, I am guessing Karma and Rathz have taken up the mantle. How's it going, guys? And yeah, kindly try to include the URL of the site too, in the logo.

On an unrelated note, I wanted to tell you all that I was planning to shift the website to a personal server. Right now, the blog is hosted up on Google, and that gives very limited chances of customization. Moreover, if our government ever decided to ban the blogs, again, you shall not be able to access this website too. However, I already have a server of my own that currently hosts 2 blogs of mine, and this one won't pose much of a problem.

Moreover, I was also hoping to shift this blog to Wordpress, the best blogging software in the world. There would be a learning curve, but it won't be too steep, I promise. And anyway, you weren't too habituated with Blogspot either, when you started off. Ain't it time for a little more of exposure?

DO let me know what you think.
Shayon said…
Dude, can you pay via Paypal. If so, then you can transfer your contribution to my Paypal account, and I can forward it to Raj. What do you say?
@ Shayon,
My mom is transfering the money to Raj, but thanks for the offer. By the way, I haven't made a Paypal account as yet, but I should.
As for the blog's next shift/transition? I'm game for something new!

Unknown said…

Hey, since the past few days, the IE browser hangs up on opening the TWM page..any idea??

Yes, I guess we can go for some pnew exciting changes for our blog..

merey naam ke against 500!!

LOGO kab tak chahiye..Will have to inform Karma to work on the logo!!
Kudos to our combined effort.14 grands is a good collection.

I'm sure that you'd be elated that you've donated a handsome amount for a noble cause instead of squandering it in strip clubs.Charity usually washes away the guilt
Awesome contribution,man!
@ Mann
Thanks a lot. I was hoping no one would find out about my indiscretions! Anyway, after giving the money my soul feels cleaner now!

Ha haha haha ha ha!

Unknown said…
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