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I am getting married. NOT

And I give up.
Totally totally give up.

ALL OF YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BUTTHEADS. Yeah read that again and again. I mean, hello- I thought that TWM is a forum which you all love. But no, all of you are so busy in your lives that you can't spare 10 minutes in ONE whole week to either update your beloved page, or to just leave a message on this page.

This what a third post that I put up in last couple of weeks, dammit the lack of enthusiasm by all of you is not helping the cause of the topfloorers who would normally contribute. When Gandhi put up the New Year post, none of you had the courtesy to wish Happy New Year to each other.Ofcourse you all did that through smses and phone calls... but I am sure that you guys are getting the drift.

Mannu and Dion...
I am really sorry that I had to resort this cheap marriage stunt. But yeah, this did not help either.

For the record- Shayon and I will get married eventually, I just made the announcement 2 years odd in advance. To support my claim here is the evidence.

I am sorry guys, but if you all love each other and this page- Then do something to keep it alive. I am sure that life is not as mundane as you guys are making it sound.

Rest ofcourse is upto you.


Shayon said…
And she's not da only one, you know! :-D
WTF? Anytime soon (because we all know that you will, someday!)?
Is this a ploy to get comments out of people? Well, it worked in my case
Wat the hell! I was surprised to see who put up this another fake "I'm getting married" article but am absolutely perplexed now that the "content-less" article is by Sakshi so that means there must be some credibility in the news.Had it been by Raj or the rest of us ,I'd have never believed such a news!
On a second thought,I am still wondering is it some kind of prank and we are becoming bakras ! :-D
Shayon said…
I think u r hyper-reacting a little bit. Now, people would like to update others with their lives only when they have something worthwhile to share. Otherwise, where's the point? No love's lost here. But yes, you should also learn to accept the fact that your friends might have other engagements too.
Frankly, I really do not find the point in coaxing someone to update the blog. It's a point of love. You should be here only if you wish to be here. You should be writing only when you want to write. You should be commenting only when you like the piece that's been posted.
You can not really force someone to love you, can you?
Sakshi said…
Yes, I totally understand what you are trying to say. But, its not a single person's blog... and no one knows it better than you that- how important is it to get that impetus to do something, anything- and in this case... blog. That is all I am trying to say.
Unknown said…

I'm back.. :)

shaadi kab hai waisey !!
raj alakshendra said…
no fights b/w hus-wife :) ... we all r back ....

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