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The world we live in

Long time ago, by an instantaneous miracle, our world was created. So it happened Naari & Purush came upon to dwell upon this new world just so abruptly; both equal and complementary. The beginning was an Utopian dream in hindsight. Legend has it, the world would remain just so beautiful as long as a particular ring was out in the existential world. It is said the essence of life was inscribed on the ring. The inscription itself was indecipherable to anyone. Thus Naari and Purush explored the new world and lived happily together in harmony. With passing time, the numbers grew and to manage numbers a structure was required. Thus came upon the reign of Sabhyata. Under it rules were established and responsibilities marked for each possible classifications of the race of Naari & Purush. There were boundaries set both territorial and abstract, which strictly were not to be crossed. The Utopian landscape was getting some shape & structure. The ring was still out there th

And Finally we are married!

This weekend, Shayon and I complete one month of "Wedded Bliss".. ;) Whether it is bliss or not, well, that requires a lot of questions, answers and discussions. Without going in the details of that.. I want to really Thank every one here on TWM for being there on the most important day of our lives. The presence of TWM members is even more special because they have been a part of our relationship through the last eight years, through our ups and downs. Through the phone calls that I made to track down Shayon and through the chats and troublesome advice that I took, or simply the rants that I have vented out at so many of you. The whole thing became extra special with our very own Mannu bhai enthusiastically participating in the dancing and actually managing to do a salsa piece and a disco piece ;) Thanks a ton Mannu! And to our very own Karma, who clicked some of the most beautiful moments of the wedding :) To all those who were not there, Shayon and I missed you

Happy Diwali

Wishing you all a very happy and a prosperous Diwali!  

And its November

Manvender learning to dance

My two interesting neighbors !!!

I have got two neighbor ladies - one is touching 60 & other is in her late 30s . Lets call the older one - BA & younger one MB ... (The full form , il tell latter) . BA has problem with my everything - dustbin to couriers . MB is nice , keeps all my couriers . I generally wake up at 8 am ... One morning I woke around 6 hearing loud chanting & Puja mantras. Frustrated & thinking , "kise itna josh aa gaya subah subah puja karne ka", I opened the door but it was so smoky that I couldn't see anything. Mrs. MB was doing some heavy Puja with some three- four pandits. I just ignored thinking its for a day but bext morning too it happened & the next & it continued for whole one week . I questioned to God "mere hisse ki puja bhi padosi se karwa doge ??" I generally leave home at 10 am & daily these two ladies are chatting standing at their doors. When I come back in lunch around 3, then also they are chatting . I wonder what the h


Let there be peace, common sense and good will. By the way while there may still be special trains to the northeast, you may as well get on one and arrive to experience the region. :)

100 more to go

I had promised myself that I will not do a countdown, but with each day that passes, the realization of the biggest day in my.. our lives instills both a sense wanting the time to stop right now, and also wanting it to move forward. So as I countdown from 100th Day to the D Day.. I well, just have a video to share... This is my current favorite song, which makes me pine for Shayon..

Happy Birthday- Mann Man!

Alrighty, I thought that I would grant you the wish of a no special Birthday post.. but then I thought- To hell with it.. when was the last time I din get my way with you guys.. ;) (Now that I think about it.. a lot of times.. but then lets not get in the stats) So here is wishing our very own Rap star a VERY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! God Bless you.. :D 



"When u wanna torture someone"

Agar kisi se dushmani nikalni hai to use apne paise se "Jism 2" dikha do .... Yes guys it was such a horrible movie. My all time worst movie. The whole casting crew was below average. Dialogues ka to kuch kehna hi nahi .. Dear Sunny Leone , you do what you are best at !!! This type of acting is not your cup of tea . In 15 min I felt like leaving the theater but one thing stopped me, for which Payal is famous for - "Hooting" . I can feel the frustration of fellow viewers. All type of comments started pouring in. All the ladies in the theater left before interval . This was now all boys party . Reminded of college time Payal days. Enjoyed the evening :) My rating to the movie is : -1/5 !!!

"In search of that feeling"

Love is everywhere - people getting engaged , people getting married >>> but it is lost in my life ... I remember a time when the most motivating word for me was "love" ... I would do all those crazy things ... Today when I look back at those things , I laugh at them ... In search of that feeling , I watched many romantic flicks but in vain ... In fact I am not having that patience to watch a romantic movie in one go ... I am seriously getting concerned of myself .... Because of this weird feeling I am not responding to the interested girls for wedding ... There is one thing I am loving -  the extension of my Bachelor days.. The freedom of living my own life ... What you guys say of my problem ???

Thinking >>>

For the past two days every morning I open the compose of this page & just keep on looking & thinking what should I write ... This goes on for some half an hour & no topic comes to my mind ... & today also doing the same thing ... thinking ... thinkinggg ... thinkinggggg ...

Happy Birthday, Shayon!

Wishing Shayon a Very Happy BIRTHDAY! This one is VERY special, considering it is the last one as a bachelor! :D 

Congratulations Folks

This is serious now

  Friends, on 17 June TWM will complete 5 years!! More than the years at Jsr, amazing! Let us have a conference to discuss the road ahead and ways to avoid controversies. Kidding!! Just thought of having a hangout, simply. Using Google Hangout we can have a video conference. :) TWM HANGOUT Date: 29 June 2012 Time: 22:30 IST You should have a Google plus account (visit ). Mail me your Google+ id. TWM HANGOUT will be live tomorrow, tadaan!!

Coming Soooon !!!

Wedding in a Marriage Series- I

What is this eerie silence all about? Is it the silence before or that of after a storm. I sincerely hope, that it has nothing to do with the ‘storm’ that we brewed and then let it go! ;) Now without getting pulled into any sort of a controversy.. I’ll just get right back to my post.. (I wonder how much discussion will this post ensue… ) So I am getting married. (So is Shayon,and we are getting married to each other, but, this post is solely my own aversions on the whole ‘Wedding in the marriage thing’) Raj has been demanding a story, and since I am writing a detailed post about the whole thing, let me start from the start. First, KUDOS to Shayon. It was his push that got the thing settled, had it been solely on me, I am dead sure that we would have been bickering about what the right time is. And, you guys can’t imagine, I actually Googled the phrases “How to break the news about you wanting to get married to your father”; “How to make your boyfriend meet your parents”;

A proposal

Well, à la lumière des récents évènements, I propose that we make this blog available as invite only. Looks like, time and again, this blog and TWM end up burning one heart after another, for no fault of ours. The blog had been created for a small group of people to be able to keep the banter on, but it seems highly improbable at the watch of a couple self-righteous people . Do sound out your views, along with your email addresses, so that I can keep you all within the close circles, lest the majority of us vote for it. I shall need the email addresses because I know there are a lot of people who, probably, never even comment on the site, and yet have been following the updates religiously for years.

Song or SEX ???

Few days back , I was watched one Hindi & one English movie back to back ... In a hindi movie after the acceptance of love suddenly a song starts around tress (in 60s) or in foreign locations (present age) ... "Emraan Hashmi movies are exceptions." But in an English movie after the acceptance. the couple indulges in steamy sex ... I was wondering that in real life what is practically possible : Song or Sex ??? How many of you gonna sing "pehla nasha" in the backdrop of himalayas ??? It means Bollywood misguides us !!! So its better to watch Hollywood movies to get a feel of real life :p

All of you are invited!

~ Please CLICK HERE or on the image to RSVP ~ ~ Formal invitation to follow ~

"Bye-Bye Hyderabad.....Kolkata edition Begins"

Hey friends I have been transferred to Calcutta (I still prefer to call it Calcutta rather than Kolkata) so would be there from 2nd May. Provided no last minut changes happens. Finally I have to bid Bye to all sorts of Biryanis and Kebabs which i have been relishing since the past 2 yrs. Hope to see lots of old faces there.

"A memorable train journey - part 2"

"A memorable train journey - part 1" I figured out that because of ear phones she couldn't hear me & hence didn't respond to me ... I did the weirded of thing - waved hand to get her attention ... This time she responded asking, yes ??? Uska baad kya tha ... I did what I am best at - flirting ... Our talk started with Engineering , college life , family , in fact every damn thing ... I would pretend as if I know everything about everything to impress her ... I have found that all the girls I have met have been very talkative... They would keep on talking non-stop for hours ... We guys dont even get "Pee Break" !!! I asked her why are u studying so hard in train.. She replied , "just for time pass" ... huh !!! for time pass ... I would rather sleep than to study to pass my time ... Also , she told me that she gives GATE every year "just like that"... It was too much for me ... Puri pappu hai !!! W hat was her name , name ... I am not a


I am on a stretched catapult. Would you know the feeling? May be yes. Question is would one want to be on a stretched catapult? Long time ago at the beginning, I was a mid-sized boulder. I was taken care of by a fat being; seeing in me the potential of turning into a significant obelisk. I was well off; care & love. Time went by, I was hammered and polished, the potential may be reached eventually. This was never to be. I have already said, in the present, I'm on a catapult, obelisk will not fit in. The wear and tear, the Kinetic phase after the near-potential-state, turned me into a pebble. Not knowing for good, bad or worse, I was comfortable on a leather pad.  Another being had picked me and thought I could hit the target. The rubber was being stretched. I was happy perched on the leather pad. I realised one day, the other day. The aim is not as I wish but upon the bearer of the catapult.  Release I must, myself.  I know not where I will land. It might be a hard landing

Happy Birthday- Gandhi

Hey Gandhi.. Wish you a very Happy Birthday :) We wish you loads and loads of good luck, happiness and lots of success.. I would have written about the 'love and the girl bit' but then Mannu would have definitely gone all bonkers, telling me how can I wish you happiness along with you having a girlfriend *JUST KIDDING* I know it is a Monday, but I hope that they let you party hard and that you have an awesome awesome awesome awesome day :) Lots of love and hugs!

"A memorable train journey - part 1"

I was going from Nagpur to Pune in Garib Rath ... I had reached station some 30 min in advance... I got to my seat & settled with my baggage ... Only five minutes were left for departure & nobody had come to my compartment ... I thought this journey is going to be hell of boring type ... Only one minute is left for departure & here enters a girl with a big baggage , breathing heavily & hairs flowing in all directions .. Girls & big baggage has a deep correlation ... Irrespective of distance & days of travel the baggage is always huge ... Sometimes its bigger than the size of girl ... I donno why girls need to pack the whole world in a baggage !!! We guys just need a pair of jeans , few shirts & it done ... What the hell girls pack ??? So,this girl had a crash landing ... Now I was praying that train starts soon & nobody else should come to my compartment .. & yessss God blessed me - nobody came ... She sat on her seat & started arranging he

The Bong Connection !!!

Its 3 a.m. & I am not sleepy. So ,why not contribute to Wall-Mag ... Last saturday I was in Kolkata with Shayon , Karma & two other college friends. After a longtime I was in City of Joy. Two years back Kolkata was like crowded with college friends - it used to be a real fun time there. Things have changed completely now & only two or three of them are left there. Time passes so fast ... One day I was just sitting & thinking of past ten fun filled years. That feeling gripped me & made me sad. The flashback of old memories is talking upon me. I needed break to get out of this emotional confusion in my mind. This weekend helped me to refresh . We five guys met in Kolkata - Four Bengalis & One mathu-bihari . Shayon had in his mind to have pure bengali food for lunch.I think ,probably, he had come all the way from Mumbai just to have Bengali cuisine ... I have lived most of my as a neighbor of Bengal but somehow I didnt get a chance to have that true Bengali food

Woo her, keep her.. Love her!

 The following post is wholly and solely the world through the author's eyes. She is extremely naive and as her bf kam fiance zyaada says, I live in the fairy tales as far as 'Love & relationships' go, so please pardon the naivety and I really hope that you enjoy the post!  Psssst.. this one is as good for the married, the dating and the ones looking to either date and/or get married.  Let me start with a little joke.. It is often said that the thinnest book that is ever written is 'How to understand Women', considering that you can't really understand them. Since, I failed to help anyone to get a date or a girlfriend here, I thought that maybe I can help the guys out here by giving them tricks and tips, to woo the women, and if already wooed to keep the woman safe and sound in your arms. So here goes.. First Impressions- This one is the most cliched tip, but you have to make a good first impression. Very simple really, talk nicely, dress well, smel

Happy Birthday Raj!

Dear Raj, MAJOR apologies for not posting it a little bit earlier.. as in on your Birthday. And even worse, not calling you up on your day. No excuses I know.. but if at all- I was really stuck up at my cousins' wedding which finally has gotten over.. So, without further ADO- I want to wish you a belated, but never the less- still a VERY VERY Happy Birthday :) We hope that you had a blast :) Wishing you love, laughter.. and loads of success!

Those "30 kms" of my life ...

This was the most exciting part of my delhi visit in last Dec. Most of you know in bits & pieces about that crazy road trip we(me,shayon,mannu,dion) had made .. Here is the real story of those toughest 30 kms of the trip... We were not more than 50 km away from Jim Corbett National Park. It was around 9 pm . We thought in next one hour we would touch our destination . Shayon was driving & I was navigating using GPS & google maps . Google maps is very nice application but there is a problem with it - it shows the shortest path irrespective of road condition . You can see in the map the blue path as shown by gmaps . Previously we took a parallel path given in the signboard on road but we changed thinking the "G-way" would be a shorter path & it turned out to be a blunder !!! This G-way was under construction with big stones , no street lights , open fields on both sides & above all "FOG" . We cant see even 1 inch due to Fog.For the first time in my

Holi Hai !!!

Happy holi to all of us ... Wishing for a colorful & happy life for all of us ...

Will you do me a favour?

My guess is NO! How do you define a favour? Like really? What is it? Going out of your way to do something for some one? right? But, who would you do that favour to? To any random person on the road? OR To the person who you know will only come to you, when he or she is in a genuine need! Right? My father has never turned down a person who comes to him for free advice, and neither have I turned down any one who comes to me for help themselves, or ask us to do a 'favour' mind you, to give advice to their next of kin.. or next of next of kin. That is really a problem you see, being a lawyer or a doctor (I am sure TUIB's will agree with me on this one) is that, when they get to know who you are, they start discussing their problems, be it legal or be it medical. If I start generating bills for this, I would have been a crorepati by now. And, when you approach them, for something, you know, something as meagre as getting bookings done at a certain place, beca

"Happy Valentine's Day"

This year I am having nobody to wish - No more red roses , chocolates , teddies, cakes ... So I wished Raths in the midnight :p I got a Valentine's day gift from my parents - a paid account in "" ... I also got a 25% off on membership as a V-day special offer !!! I can't imagine that I availed such type of offer. This day is special for someone as their love story had started seven years back on the same day... This is the last time they will be wishing each other being unmarried as by next year they will be married couple ... You all must have guessed that I am talking about S & S - Shayon & Sakshi .. Wishing u guys a happy seventh anniversary ... Sakshi , your post on confirmation of wedding is pending ... For the rest of us (the singles) keep the search on ... God is not so cruel , we will find someone someday :)

"The Land of Smiles" - My trip to Thailand ...

Yes Thailand is actually "the land of smile" - all smiling faces :) :) It was my first foreign trip so its obvious how much I was excited (most of u know that) .. In thailand , there are two sets of tourists - Indian & rest of world ... Indians married couples might not do sex on a regular basis but nobody can match their potential to reproduce at such a great rate ... This might be problem for our country but there is also a positive side to this - We Indians are at every corner of the world !!! As soon as landed , police asked me many questions ... It reminded me of the incident when samik was caught at Mumbai railway station. In my case too my get up was pathetic enough for the police to question me . I didnt like the Thai food much - it smells so bad !!! But I love Thai girls ;) .... I didnt find any fat female (of any age) there ... Thailand is not a shopping heaven .. Infact most of their personal & home care products are imported from India ... We Indians are