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"When u wanna torture someone"

Agar kisi se dushmani nikalni hai to use apne paise se "Jism 2" dikha do ....

Yes guys it was such a horrible movie. My all time worst movie. The whole casting crew was below average.
Dialogues ka to kuch kehna hi nahi ..
Dear Sunny Leone , you do what you are best at !!!
This type of acting is not your cup of tea .

In 15 min I felt like leaving the theater but one thing stopped me, for which Payal is famous for - "Hooting" .
I can feel the frustration of fellow viewers. All type of comments started pouring in. All the ladies in the theater left before interval . This was now all boys party . Reminded of college time Payal days.
Enjoyed the evening :)

My rating to the movie is : -1/5 !!!


Unknown said…
"Payal ke andar ghusna khatarnak hai"
I also saw the movie yesterday more out of curiousity to see whether sunny leone has actually transitioned to become an actor and unfortunately, she was much better at the career she has recently quit(maybe temporarily,who knows ?)in which she didn't have to speak but just make some noises. More than being sexed up, I was actually laughing watching how outrightly cheesy the dialogues were and how utterly boring and insanely predictable plot was.For instance, you'd have to be have just grown up in India on a dose of Bollywood movies to figure out that the novel she uses to frame a fake story in the beginning would fall in her ex-flame's hands in the end and that the other guy who was Sunny Leone's companion would in the end kill her. The only mystery was that how in the world didn't Sunny Leone didn't give head to the Stallion Arunodhay Singh even when they were living in the same house . Seems like he has joined the brotherhood of faggots that is increasing in numbers in this feminist world.
My only thought after seeing the movie was that maybe Pooja Bhatt,whose all her recent movies are going the way her career did, may have hit upon a new fetish-squander the producer's money in a movie and boom! move to the next one without any sense of guilt.

P.S.- Just checked on wiki and turns out that Pooja Bhatt is the esteemed producer of the movie too. Well, I hope she ain't smoking too much pot these days that a couple of millions look like a few hundred bucks to her that she splurges on buying dogfood.
raj alakshendra said…
hahaha ...OMG .... superb review ..

jsr mein payal mein movie dekhe bina mat jana :)
@ Mann,
Hahaha, what a review! Left me in splits! I loved your characterisation of the 'Stallion', Arunodhay Singh and his recent induction into the community of men who behave like faggots!

@ Shayon and Raj,
I have to agree, I'll never forget the 'first day, first show' nightmares you'll dragged me to! I hated them, but they were an experience I'm happy I had.

atri said…
@ Mann .... Nice review. I was wondering how this movie will be....

@Dion and others there is a huge difference between yesterday's and today's Payal.... I heard recently that Payal got multi screens... Raj correct me if I am wrong..
raj alakshendra said…
who told u that payal has got multi screens ... its the same single screen with improvement is chairs quality ... Thats it ...But the public is almost same :D

A seperate multiplex had opened which closed due to non-payment of tax ...
So back to basics - Payal ...
atri said…
awwwww.... I came to know from another friend of mine... neways good to hear that the seat quality has improved..
raj alakshendra said…
Good news : The multiplex has reopened again .. yiee

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