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Aila effect for 'Rain Lucky' !!

Two days back Kolkata experienced the Aila cyclone. It was a welcome relief, of course we left office early !! Our office is at the edge of the city limits, beyond there are some shallow water bodies. The window panes just infront of my cube were shaking to the violent push of Aila. There was total chaos outside on the roads. People were scuttling back home paying anything the taxis, autos and rickshaws were charging. Well most of us who lived nearby walked our way back. Here are few pics I clicked from my new cell and yeah my same number is now in service. And of course, I got 'Rain Lucky' and did the following lines. Njoy.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The wind is beating on the glass, Luring me to join the rush.. But I sit sipping my mug of coffee, a faint heart that I am. Then a part of me is there, already in the midst of the rains.. He's already wet, with the sails all set. He take's out th

F**k me, I’m famous

Well it started with my desperate need to get out of the lab and my roomies’ equally desperate need to get laid. So where do you think that lead us? Approximately 900 miles from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia to a party haven called South Beach, Miami, Florida! But I (the only sane person in this miss-adventure) had to play spoil sport and make a detour in Orlando. Well you see, I thought if we’re going all the way to the S.E. of the huge US of A, why not stop at Universal Studios, Orlando and Disney World (I hadn’t been to the latter since I was 3 years old, in Tokyo)? Finally on Friday, 26th March, 2009, three extremely horny guys and I (I distance myself from their plans) left a very rainy and gloomy Philly to board the United Airways flight for sunny and Spring Break Florida. So let me explain a bit here. Spring Break is that time of the year when 90% of college students get extremely sloshed and head to the sunny parts of the country to celebrate the arrival of Sprin

here it is - for u "Dion"

I was a bit busy for past few days in fixture trails n other craps so got out of touch . I have been planning for this post for a long time . I knew dion wont give any entry . Thats the reason I call him Sentimental SOB . He is a big paitra ... Sometimes you will feel like killing him for his ethical fundas . I had many arguements with him on  an any fucking topic ... In fact both of us wont agree on most of the points ... Interestingly , while writting the post I dont remember any of those arguments or small fights ... Its all those good 4 years spent in college ...  I still remember his appearance when I saw him for the 1st time . He was having a french cut , if i am correct . He has brought a big, I should say extremely large suitcase with him. I dont know what all stuffs he had packed in it. He was the 7th member of the great mathu phylem. N we mathus were really great with every individual different from the other - rai , wasu, prem, vaibhav,yo pal, dion n me ... In 1st year one n

Sleepy weepy.... *YAWN*

Ok, all the busy bees.  You guys have been absolutely... ever so busy. Or should I simply say lazy...!!! You know it is at these times- when I feel like shouting and saying BOYS WILL BE BOYS... (I am not starting another debate...)  But- Rest of the times you all are fabulous. Such sweethearts. The seista season has started. As you all would know- I am having exams. And that is not really the high point of my life right now.  The best thing that is happening in my ever so boring life is MY DANCE CLASS. Yup- with all you creative people around me, I decided to do something about the creativity that I have. I cannot sing.. or make music... but I can sure dance to it. Thus- I have joined Ashley Lobo classes, and am learning Street Jazz (Its the Justin Timberlake style).  Here is a quick fact- Jazz was a dance invented by the Blacks because they were not allowed to do ballet. Therefore- Its also called the rebel dance. And most of the postures in Jazz are completely opposite of those in Ba

On a rainy day, my mind just slipped

I sit .. I glare.. I think.. It shines.. It rains.. I still sit here.. For the moment unknown.. I define.. I redefine.. But I still miss the description.. Tides rise.. Time goes.. And the mould takes shape.. Moon goes down.. Sun comes up.. I still stand under the sky.. For the embrace divine.. One day all comes by.. The moment arrives.. And stars twinkle.. The diamond sparkle.. It's the unknown waiting to be known.. It's the mould whose shape is taken.. It's the embrace divine of heavenly warmth.. The diamond sparkles for the rest of eternity..

Why girls r like this ?? Ans this sakshi ...

The present  status of my love life ...  After some one month of tussle , today finally madhulika (who introduced me to her) asked her what is the actual problem... the ans she gave was " she lost the feeling of love"  I was shocked... what the fuck was it ??? Even madhulika couldnt believe ... That parents' problem was a fake excuse ... She said "unko to tayyar kar lete" Then why she said yes to me... because " vo ek kamjoor pal tha aur vo disturbed thi so she said yes without thinking ". Then why it took three months too realise that this is not love ... No ans for this... Any fault from my side ... No fault.  I remember the scene from the movie Euro Trip - Whn the guy was crying Pheona (i think its correct) n a kid gave the dialogue sentimental SOB.  Girls are like girls ... So, sakshi what you say on this ??? Now I think the time has arrived to recall the famous saying... "Life mein teen cheez ke peeche nahi bhagna chahiye - bus, train aur lad

NIT Lingo

So I promised, and I have delivered! Below is a post on the NIT lingo. I was going through my old e-mail and I found this. It's is an e-mail that was sent to me in my first year at Jam. The document was drawn up by a very talented senior of ours. I don't take any credit for the content, but I did try and clean up the document. Enjoy! For those of us who spent some time there, relax and remember those days. As we enter an age which marks a transformation from the innocence of childhood to the dignity of manhood, we get ourselves accustomed to certain lingual slang which today is an inseparable part of college habit. Colloquialism brings college ‘ public ’, oops I mean ‘ crowd ’ together. So an Oxford sophomore would use the ‘dashed’ woodhouse language, a commerce student from Bombay would use the ‘four letter word’, a Delhiite would ask you for C-bats and G-jabs when heez hungry (Chhola-Bhattura, Gulab Jamun)…an IITian, I guess would cry ‘eureka’ when happy, but we NITians be