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Aila effect for 'Rain Lucky' !!

Two days back Kolkata experienced the Aila cyclone. It was a welcome relief, of course we left office early !! Our office is at the edge of the city limits, beyond there are some shallow water bodies. The window panes just infront of my cube were shaking to the violent push of Aila. There was total chaos outside on the roads. People were scuttling back home paying anything the taxis, autos and rickshaws were charging. Well most of us who lived nearby walked our way back.
Here are few pics I clicked from my new cell and yeah my same number is now in service.

And of course, I got 'Rain Lucky' and did the following lines. Njoy..

The wind is beating on the glass,
Luring me to join the rush..
But I sit sipping my mug of coffee,
a faint heart that I am.
Then a part of me is there,
already in the midst of the rains..

He's already wet,
with the sails all set.
He take's out the little dingy;
Not to take on the storm.
There's a magic,
in riding with the storm..

The waves rise and the mast creaks.
He is momentarily shaken;
But then he's not me,
The waves fall on him,
The winds push on him,
But then he's not me.

The storm lasts forever,
Until he's sailed a million knots.
Then one day the black cover clears,
and a sun comes out.
Suddenly the flying fish take flight,
and the dolphins do acrobats.

He's travelled a million knots.
And he's made friends with the storm;
It has brought him to a place..
unseen and undiscovered on the planet,
It's the land of the wonders..

The sun is falling down on me;
I am still by the window..
while he's savouring the new wonderland.
If only I were him and he was me;
But arent we the same..

I must take out my dingy!!


hmmm..well,this poem is gud but not as gud as the last one you'd posted.Unable to feel what you're describing .Anyway,keep writing.As they say "The best way to get gud ideas is to get a lot of ideas".
Anyway,the pics are fantastic.Doesn't look like they have been shot from the camera of a mobile fone!
raj alakshendra said…
arre u have become a poet ... its too good...lagge raho ...
it rained heavily here too... it reminded me of our college days when we used to play football for endless hrs ...
Sakshi said…
Ahh... great composition... and great pics rathz...
Unknown said…
previously if it rained, i would be on the field with a football, but now it's different..

the pen/keyboard has replaced the football..

and well mannu, the composition is about 'taking the plunge' !!

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