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here it is - for u "Dion"

I was a bit busy for past few days in fixture trails n other craps so got out of touch .
I have been planning for this post for a long time . I knew dion wont give any entry . Thats the reason I call him Sentimental SOB . He is a big paitra ... Sometimes you will feel like killing him for his ethical fundas . I had many arguements with him on  an any fucking topic ... In fact both of us wont agree on most of the points ... Interestingly , while writting the post I dont remember any of those arguments or small fights ... Its all those good 4 years spent in college ... 

I still remember his appearance when I saw him for the 1st time . He was having a french cut , if i am correct . He has brought a big, I should say extremely large suitcase with him. I dont know what all stuffs he had packed in it. He was the 7th member of the great mathu phylem. N we mathus were really great with every individual different from the other - rai , wasu, prem, vaibhav,yo pal, dion n me ...

In 1st year one night shayon arranged for TV in his room to see movies . The movies included all types ... Infact, for me n dion it was 1st time to see XXX movies. What u guys expect Dion to do the next day after seeing the movies? This guy called up his mom n said I saw XXX movies. I was shocked to know this ... I can never do this in my whole life ... Btw his mom probably said that my kid has grown up...

Dion would never leave a chance to make fun of me ... This incident took place in 7th sem... hold on, the incidents are not in a sequence ... I am writting as I am recalling ... 
coming back to the incident ..It was sunday a day before OBIP end sem paper . I was studing with my room closed . I recieved a msg frm aprajita proposing me .. I thought what has happened to her ... I hardly know her... I thought of keeping the news within me else i would be screwed up in the hostel ... When I was going for lunch , i donno from where dion got this news, he shouted in the corridor that aparajita has proposed me.. after that i got one of the worst GPL... Abhinav was also there ... my God he hits badly ..that day i got to know that dion is also having his spies in GH.. That was not enough ... I had become the talk of the town ... The condition was so worse that I used to go to mess very late ... Interesting thing took place after few days when the same girl proposed dion .. ha ha ha ... then it was my turn ... but he used to take load when we used to tease him... bahut kamina hai sala.... 

Dion is a chupa rustam ...  he wont accept but he is a big flirt ... During Utkarsh'07 & Pravah'07 he took pics with all the so called beauties of college ... He didnt spare a single girl...he was behaving as if he wont see any girl in US.. In some of the pics it seemed that the girls were forced to take the pic with him .... But he is such a fool , he never took pic with his girl... gandu sala ...One of the most beautiful girl of college was after him n he was so shy to react... Somehow one day  me n raths forced both of them for a ride on my "superbike" ... 

Have u ever seen how dion eats roti ... he will roll it , hold it in one hand n eat. probably he thinks every flat thing is a egg roll or roti n vegtables would mix in the stomach then whats the point in making hand dirty...

dion was a having a hard d**k ,oh sorry its hard disk, full of movies . it helped us a lot to pass our time in final years.

dion looks so sexy in his extra small jockey... what a leg , full of sex ... :) krishnan used to say this ... it was better to try for dion than to run after 2k3 girls... when he used to walk in his jockey in the hostel not a single guy would miss a chance to see his sexy legs ... oh dion ... 

during final year holi, when he was not coming out of his room , I had poured a full bucket of water in his room inspite of knowing the fact that he used to keep many of his stuffs on the floor ... After that i just ran away ... he came out shouting of his room ... I bet , if i was there then he would have given me a good bang... 

He is a superb sportsperson but was most of the time injured. 
During the annual sports event of 2006 , dion had ran the race of his life ... it was the final event - 4X100 relay ... All the other three sprinters of 2k3 team were too much tired n injured to give their best. We were very doubtfull if we can win. The other teams were very fresh & fit ... Everything depended on dion . He was to start the race n it was his lead which would win us the relay. I was standing there. when it started , I had never seen dion running so fast .I am still having that picture in my mind .. what a start it was. He himself took a lead of about some 40 metres . our other sprinters couldnt maintain the lead but it was too much for other teams to overtake the lead in next 300 metres...

Dion had once said "2k3 batch is not having the best of indivisual talents but we are the best when we work as a team whether its sports meet, utkarsh or pravah , we have always given the best as a team".

Me & dion were the only two guys in 2k3 mathus who dont drink. But we both had got the responsibility to buy drinks for others in the mathu parties .. Mathu parties happens to be the most violent n vulgar of all the phylems of college. 

He used to bring a very soft eating stuff from goa ... samik has given a spl name to it ... i cant write it .. 
if no water is coming off the wash basin then dion would use the toilet water to brush... On this he would say all water is same .. samik gave a perfect reply explaining how dirty the toilet tap could be ...

I think I have written a lot about him  .. I have got tired .. Please correct if i have done any mistake . I am too lazy to revise the post ...

Have fun , njoy ...


Sakshi said…
Ahem... DION THIS IS NOT FAIR!!! You should have sent an entry...!!

Raj- Thanks... this is awesome stuff... I just can't seem to relate all this with the 'dion' I had met in Mumbai.... ;P
raj alakshendra said…
dion is like this only he would become a good boy infront of girls .. sakshi i have added few more incidents about him ...
@ Raj,
Thanks for the post man. It really made me reminisce about those days.
That story about the sports meet also brought back such memories- too bad Abhinav wasn't there for the final year too. I can still picture Abhinav finishing the final hundred even though he was injured, Nandu's and my baton exchange and Debu sprinting on the bend! How we were soo excited. Ha ha ha ha ha. We were the best batch by a long shot- in almost everything. I don't have either medal by the way. The gold medal from the previous year was never given to us (I'm not sure I have the certificate either) and the final year one, I think the medal is with Nandu. So I don't know when I'll get it- if ever.

About the comment that I'm decent only infront of the girls is a wrong statement. I'm decent and proper to everyone. It's just that when I know people for a long time (like you'll guys at college), I let my guard down a bit. So Sakshi, I'm sorry that you can't relate the two guys!

And regarding the pics, common! I didn't take a pic with all the women and I never coerced anyone. I took pics only with people I knew and spoke to. And like I didn't take enough pics with you guys (I've always shown where my loyalty lies). Plus, I'm definitely not a flirt.

And go on exagerating about the boxer shorts! You'll guys are real arses.
@ Raj,
Mattus were definitely the best and our parties always set a

@ guys,
As you'll can see from Raj's post too, I've never done anything stupid in my life- I'm a bit too proper for my own good.

Shayon said…
Ohh man... after a 4 hours long marathon meeting in office, this is the kinda stuff I'd always dig for! This was both hilarious and extremely nostalgic at the same time.

I will always remember how we had to close the windows with a bed cover since all the other guys were peeking in through it, to a bit of the "action". I guess, no other scenario would fit the phrase "a bunch of hungry wolves" better than that particular scene.

Dion and his legendary 300GB hard disk. You could only trust Dino to have so much a memory space yet have not a shred of porn in it. Umm... I guess he did have a few soft core stuffs, didn't you, Dino?

@Raj : You can not really call him a non-drinker. He is just a social drinker who enjoys his red wine only during the Christmas.

And yeah, I'd agree with Dino. He aint really the flirt kind but yes, he was a "floorer". He would definitely know how to flatter in the most subtle manner... and of course, the most chivalrous of us lot. The only guy from our college who would be right next to Dino, in chivalry, has to be Raj and only Raj.

@Dino : Dude, seriously, I could never imagine you to write something like "And like I didn't take enough pics with you guys (I've always shown where my loyalty lies)". I mean, of all, you'd be the last guy I'd expect to equate "taking photos" to "loyalty". Man, what a shame!

As for your legs... yup, I miss them too! :-)
@ Shayon
I definitely didn't equate the takin pics to my loyalty- that's figurative in a sense. Raj implied ( at least I thought he implied) that I had shifted my allegence to the other side. I was just makin a point- maybe a bad to do so afterall.

So where's your post?

Shayon said…
Huh? my post? U mean, my "entry"?
ABC said…
ha ha ha..
Dion you arent fuming, right !!

I'll agree you were on a mission during our last Utkarsh & Pravah.

'Get snaps with as many chics from collge' .. I have most of the pics.. Especially funny is the one with borcar which has some strange smile from you and some awkward expression from borcar.. folks if you all say i can send few of dion's snaps to ur mailbox ..

And yeah your legend of shorts..You inspired AD to buy a pair of boxers and krish who was always afer you!!

Your excuses were too sophisticated and sentimental.. people just couldnt help but falling onto them..

that's why the name sentimental SOB, if i remember that phrase came from the movie 'Outbreak'..
Ankit said…
abt shayon....i remember that incident...when that porn racket was "busted" in rai's room by sanjay, shayon acted in a way that he had just woken up and knows nothing that porn show was going on in his room.....and then sanjay said that is rai's room the only place where he could find peace to sleep!!

abt dion, he was always the gentleman among the guys.....
raj alakshendra said…
in final year v all had gone to KGp so v lost in athletics meet..

@ all
gandhi is back after a long time .. y not write a post on him too ... mannu would be best to do this job ... v can do like this ... every week v can put one post on gandhi .... in these 4 years he has done infinite no of whacky things... btw where is mannu ???
Sakshi said…
Amongst all this discussion- where is Mannu...!!!!

@ Dion:
With all the comments I gather that you are a gentleman... but- I would really like to see the 'other side' as well...!!! It will be fun.
That Borkar pic was totally random. Prags and Rashmi wanted their pics taken, so I took it for them. Borkar was the only one around, so I told Prags to my pic with her. It's not like I was on a quest to get her pic or something!

And please be done with those 'shorts' comments!

@ Shayon
Excuse my shortcomings on 'net lingo'. I meant the 'comment' that you made.
raj alakshendra said…
borkar wali photo mail kar be ....
I loved reading the post ..All of the things mentioned about Dion were absolutely correct! Notwithstanding his idiosyncracies, he's a great guy and a person who values friendship.

Regarding the photo clicking sesssion with chicks,I'd agree that that time it seemed as though Dion is on a "photo clicking" spree with all the chicks in the college.Didn't spare even a single chick worth getting clicked with.:P

Anyway, guys I wouldnt be able to comment regularly as I'm disconnecting the internet at home as we're shifting to a new aptt .And on top of that,had to surrender the VPN through which I used to logon from the office for full blown internet access.But that doesn't mean that u guys also get in the lazy mode again.Keep kicin' ass here ,guys! WE ROCK! I'll return ASAP.

And you'd be surprised to know that that it's 4.30 in the morning and I am up! Actually,saw a good dreams of our beautiful college days and then suddenly woke up and couldn't sleep after that.
raj alakshendra said…
Now Raths is competing shayon 2 loose his phones . Fortunately the phones r not that much costly.
Its his 2nd ph lost .

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