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On a rainy day, my mind just slipped

I sit .. I glare.. I think..
It shines.. It rains..
I still sit here..
For the moment unknown..

I define.. I redefine..
But I still miss the description..
Tides rise.. Time goes..
And the mould takes shape..

Moon goes down..
Sun comes up..
I still stand under the sky..
For the embrace divine..

One day all comes by..
The moment arrives..
And stars twinkle..
The diamond sparkle..

It's the unknown waiting to be known..
It's the mould whose shape is taken..
It's the embrace divine of heavenly warmth..
The diamond sparkles for the rest of eternity..


Sahi hai bey..It's really awesome.Too good! You wrote it? If yes,then great work.Keep it up!
Where are the other poets/composers from Kol? Karma and Sam..ook remove the latter name coz he never even comes online so no point in even asking :-D
Sakshi said…
Lovely Composition Rathz. You should copyright your stuffs..!!!
Wah wah!
Kya bola be!
Keep 'em comin'.
Sakshi said…
Samyrocker is my sister arushi's friend...!!! :)
Sakshi said…
DION where are the two more posts you promised?

Mannu- Bhaav khana band kar... aur contest ka last post blog kar.

Cmon guys.... WAKE UP
People(including me) have become sloths here..Seems like the month of May is gonna be a dry one for the website.
raj alakshendra said…
I know u guys wont believe but for past few days m a bit busy in office. I don get time 2 sit on my system. Don worry, il put a post 2mrw.
n dion s a ful paitra.
I hav thot of puttin an articl on him since he hasnt given any entry.
Hey dion u wont shout at me afterwards .
zEaLoUsMe™ said…
one of the simplest and the easiest poem to understand yet has so much with in! loved it! congrats! :)
ABC said…
hello folks..

it's always that the rains does some magic on me.. and so the composition..

monsoon is due and may be i can do some more ..


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