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NIT Lingo

So I promised, and I have delivered!
Below is a post on the NIT lingo. I was going through my old e-mail and I found this. It's is an e-mail that was sent to me in my first year at Jam. The document was drawn up by a very talented senior of ours. I don't take any credit for the content, but I did try and clean up the document.

Enjoy! For those of us who spent some time there, relax and remember those days.

As we enter an age which marks a transformation from the innocence of childhood to the dignity of manhood, we get ourselves accustomed to certain lingual slang which today is an inseparable part of college habit. Colloquialism brings college ‘public’, oops I mean ‘crowd’ together. So an Oxford sophomore would use the ‘dashed’ woodhouse language, a commerce student from Bombay would use the ‘four letter word’, a Delhiite would ask you for C-bats and G-jabs when heez hungry (Chhola-Bhattura, Gulab Jamun)…an IITian, I guess would cry ‘eureka’ when happy, but we NITians believe that sophistication and colloquialism don’t go hand in hand. Go ahead and explore the NIT, Jam dictionary.

1. Butroo- An extremely important human component meant to take orders and obey them without questioning.
Occurrence: Mess, Canteens (unsophisticated), Cultural/Sports Clubs (sophisticated).

2. Kela - Used when somebody’s been made a fool of or proved a jerk before a group of people. You never want this to happen in front of the non-male population (Social suicide!).
Usage : “Uska kela ho gayaa”.

3. Peintra - Thinking about doing something out of the ordinary in NIT-Jsr? “Bahut peintra bud gayaa hai”. Ishtayeel gurus careful!

4. Lol - Somebody who is very dull. Don’t ‘laugh out loud’ guys. These are the people who actually survive this college.
Commonly - Duffer.

5. Baklol - Dumb+Dull = Baklol. These people get the least during ragging. So no harm being in this category for a year. Anyway, NIT is gonna improve all these for sure. Commonly - Dumbo.

6. Gandha - Used in the sense just opposite of what it means (pronounced gundha). If you play a superb shot through covers and somebody shouts out ‘ganda shot’, take pride, an NITian just appreciated you.

7. Count - It is the number of slaps we get during ragging. Ranges from 15 to 350.

8. Interaction - Ragging. Ask any fresher, there’s no ragging in NIT (that's for insecure sissies), we simply interact.

9. Fundey – Rules and regulations a fresher gotta follow during ragging. Here are a few of them:
3rd button- You have to show respect to your elders and seniors by looking at the 3rd shirt button and by wishing them whenever you cross them.
Intro- A set of four lines wherein you tell your seniors your name, your father’s name, your native place and your hobby. And yes, don’t forget to say ‘thank-you sir’ at the end.
Originality - Something that you never disclose.
Phylum - Gotta say ‘student’. Actually it’s the state you’ve come from.
Class, caste – Answer ‘Indian’ and nothing else.
List - It’s a list which has the names, branches and hometown of your entire phylum (state, all the 4 yrs). Should be at the tip of your tongue whenever asked. don’t worry we make you remember these.
Hobby - Should be something about which you know from head to toe. So if it’s watching cricket, you should know the number of runs Azharuddin scored in his 117th one day match.

Also keep in mind that you never use short forms while answering your seniors and no negative answers (so Cos 180 is ‘1’ less than ‘0’, not –1).
The purpose of all this as told by our respected senior ‘Respected sir Sujit’ is to make you smarter for facing interviews etc. Really noble thought! So guys take a bow to immortal Sujit but still stay away from him (only guys- seriously).

10. Sound of Clapping - Sound of Slapping.

11. Dubba - NIT bus. Has immense strength and capacity. Carries about 100 students daily to Bistupur (except Tuesdays).

12. TBM - ‘Tere Baad Main’. Used when newspapers etc. reach your room and there’s a fight among the roomies as to who’ll read first. The one who grabs it is obviously the owner and the rest settle the problem by using this simple lingo.

13. TTMM - ‘Tu Tera, Main Mera’. Used when NITians go out for dinner etc. (implies that everyone has to pay for himself/herself). Yeah friends we go dutch.

14. ATM - ‘Aunty Turned Model’. You get lots of these species in Jamshedpur. In the college itself (please don’t forward this to Madhu ma’am)

15. ATMF - ‘Aunty Turned Model but Failed’. Most ATMs turn out to be ATMFs. No ma’am u r not!

16. Public - NIT crowd.

17. Jantaa - NIT crowd.

18. Dhone Waali Public – Normal, unsophisticated crowd (refer Mattus below).

19. Pochne Waali Public - Sophisticated, accented crowd (refer Kaddus below).

20. Yo - Yeah illiterate mortals, we are hip and happening!

21. Ghoda - NIT doctor- he has the firm and solemn belief that there’s only one illness you can suffer from- viral fever and there’s only one medicine which can cure you- Paracetamol.

22. NIT Keerra - Beware guys this is a very dangerous species found in the down hostels, has bitten many. For a remedy, consult the Ghoda. There is a superstition that anyone who gets bitten, gets a job!

23. Gachh - Cool it man (Gachh ho jaa)! Chill out guys. Be Gachh!

24. Load - Tension. People who are short-tempered are called Loadoo. I’ve been going around and telling people personally not to take Load… Why don’t you’ll understand?

25. Panwaari - Our Math-2 teacher (pronounced punwaari). Does four things at a time- writes on the board, talks, induces sleep and guess what- eats paan!

26. Mattus - People from Maharashtra and Goa. The best college phylum (sorry friends but its true)!

27. Kaddus - People from Karnataka. Extremely diligent and studious people.

28. Khattas - People from Tamil Nadu. If you get an option between killing a snake or a Khatta, always go for the latter! (I know you won’t mind it Khatte- refering to CK (or Chota Khatta).

29. Gulties - People from Andhra. Never lend them money, never leave them alone in your rooms and NEVER (this is the most emphatic never) shake hands with them.

30. Mallus - People from Kerala. Harmless creatures.

31. Chutka - Something which most of us carry during exams- illegal.

32. Digital Chutka - Something which all of us carry during exams (calculator)-legal.

33. Gagg - Same as Gach (pronounced ‘gugg’). A Mattu patented word. Actually, there’s something called a Gagg dance we Mattus perform during 'interactions'. You come to know the meaning of Gagg only when you perform this dance because that is what this dance makes you feel- Gagg. For details, refer Madhur Pant or Prashant Singh Thakur.

34. Matiya - Forget it! Lets not do it.

35. Frustiya - A frustrated state of mind. A person who always is 'frustiyaya hua' is called a Frustoo.

36. Kabadoo - Fundoo, intelligent.

There are other commonly used slangs like CC, NCC, KLPD, Bakar****i which have been censored keeping public sentiments in mind.

I owe an abject apology to all the people whose sentiments I’ve intentionally hurt through this manuscript. Furthermore, any corrections to the above list shall be sincerely entertained by ignoring them.

Actually we NITians are a very open and benevolent crowd. We do care. Nobody is perfect (we are not talking about ourselves)!

Copyright: Apurva Agarwal- Mattu: Proud to be an NITian (Dhone Waali public)


Believe me, I still can't stop laughing.For some of the words,I really bursted out with laughter.Uahahaha
Especially the way u first used the word public .This word's still so much a part of my lingo that people around me must be surely wondering that what's with his inapt usage of "public" all the time.Same with the word paintra,which still remains one of my pet words.
And the comment on Gulties was really very true.My stomach's hurting with laughter.Don't let them alone in your room and never lend them money.Bomber(The great asshole friend of ours,Ravi Kiran) used to literally walk those words.After all,he's the proud record-holder of watching those 1000 porn movies.And if you ever lent him even a 100 bucks then you'd be a fool to expect that that 100 bucks were ever going to exchange hands and come back in your pocket.It was like donating your money to Charity.Not that that he never had money,he did which Alas he used to splurge on going to eating out, but whenever I used to ask hm for my money back,he used to use his pet dialogue in his famous,unsual tone(Sam used to mimmick his voice really well) "Mannu,you are my best friend naa.SO your money is OUR money .But my money is MY money".Bugger! D

And I hope that you still remember what our sexy Sam used to say about Madhu Maam.Uhaha.It would be too sacrilegious(Raj,check out the meaning in some e-dictionary D) of me to even write all that here-after all she was our prof.Though we used to give two hoots when we used to enthusiastically discuss this sacrilegious topic there:D
And forgot to say,Great work dude.Thanks for posting this awesome stuff.I was wearing a big grin while travelling in the past, through this post.
The life we lived in NIT,Jamshedpur was simply incomparable.I'm sure we would not have got such great four years ANYWHERE else in the world.It was like all the weirdos in the world had been thrown by God in our college and especially in our batch- kabaados,frustoos(Reminded me of Rai),psychos,weirdos and wat not.I am sure that we are not gonna meet ppl with so many different traits even in an entire lifetime.Such was our college and such was it's greatest batch -2K3-the batch of abnormal people.
Oops! please ignore the innumerable grammatical mistakes & typos in the first comment.Wat a reckless piece I am,seriously!
Shayon said…
Just adding a few more that you missed -
a. Intro - (continuation of above) You were also supposed to learn it in the regional language of the state you came from. So, if you are from Maharashtra, you must be able to "recite" the intro in Marathi too. As simple as that :-)
b. Kabadoo - (correction from above) It means and was used for an "Achiever" and not "Fundoo"
c. PMC - Piya Milan Chowk. There's a little "garden" right in front of the administrative building that also had the strategic positioning of being very close to the girls' hostel. Thus, becoming one of the best hang out spots for couples. Hence the name
d. Shyamda - How could you ever forget "Shyamda", man? "Shyamda" wwas/is actually a peon (ex-peon now) of the college itself who used to run a little snack store after college hours, till 10-11pm in the night. It was one of our most favorite hang out spots that saved so many NITians (from Jsr, of course) from starvation and also our sure shot source of cigarettes :-)
e. Bakland - Ahem... it's basically the abusive form of "Baklol", used liberally and as a part of regular vocabulary by the Legen-"wait for it"-dary Anoop Tiwari, aka Tiwari, aka a Bakland himself!

Sujit... Man.... Suddenly I can recollect that guy... Dushyant's die-hard lover... both a creep and a good-hearted guy at the same time. Had once got slapped by him, around 40 times.... just because I slept in the bed as Dushyant's :-p

By the way, never really heard of "Sound of Clapping". Was it present or did it phase out by the time we joined?

And of course, I'll always remember myself being cheered as... "Yo Pal..." (you know the rest :-D)

In all, a great post and salute to Apps for compiling this wonderful list. By the way, just a piece of info. Apurva has a personal blog of his own at
Do give him a visit a few times. Writes really well.
Sakshi said…
WOW!!! For all. I need to hear stories in person now. Btw- My exams have started... and I lost my SPECs... so much for being a careful girl...!!!
Sakshi said…
I was simply reading with my mouth hanging open...!!! Its just great...
raj alakshendra said…
abe haste haste meri watt lag gayi ... mast hai ...

il here give the names of our batch people who used to perfectly fit the lingos:

Butru - Rai
Peintra - Shayon
Baklol - A 2k seniour had called me Lol Baklol in freshers for refusing to drink
Gachh - Nandu
Loadu - Krishnan , Chaki & Dion himself
Frustu - Rai again ...
Kabadoo - sorry to say but its me for two reasons - 1) Getting placed in Tata Motors unexpectedly.
2) for dating the then most beautiful girl of coll ...

there is another word "BOKAchoda" U say to any bengali this word & he will feel proud as if he has been given the highest respect... But in our batch this word was reserved only for atri in short ABC...

hey dion how u forgot MG , we used to call Richa, in our mech class... Please nobody ask me what it standa for ... Btw one day a proff asked wht it stands for n some1 told Mech Girls - a uncensored version ...
Hahaha..mast hai bey tera comment bhi.
btw,Rai was also called Butru ?I Never knew or heard this.Uska naam toh Loadu aur Frustoo and sometimes Takla hua karta tha,yeh Butru kab se pad gaya ?
raj alakshendra said…
@ mannu

Actaully in mathus we sometime used to call him butru ...
raj alakshendra said…

whn will u put the posts of the contest
arei yaar,i have posted all the entries except for mine.I ll post my entry soon;haven't started with it.I tell you,logon ki entries edit karna aur fir unke liye preface likhna was no less draining.So want some break
Sakshi said…
Mannu's become a snob- Doesn't even reply to smses. And Raj- Dude- there is an unfinished post by you...!!! POST something...
Anybody home ?? Kahaan mar gaye sab ?
Mainak said…
Finally something worth from Dion urf..... Firangi
Some corrections and updates are required on that post i guess. here they goes
1. Nashta Boss- Raj (sirf ladkiyon ko shaam ko snacks khilayega. Hum log pooche to paise nahin hain :P

2. Pappu - These are special breed of ppl who sees nothing other than studies (Pappu Phylum eg: Bora aka. Chicken Boss)

3. Baba log - Aged guys/uncles of our batch. Sometimes also the suffix 'DA' is added to give respect eg: SamitDa, AbhishekDa

4. Tent Man- Guess everybody can identify the guy especially the occupants of Room No-211 Hostel A
Sorry cant reveal the reason and identity of the person due to social obligations.

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