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Why girls r like this ?? Ans this sakshi ...

The present  status of my love life ... 

After some one month of tussle , today finally madhulika (who introduced me to her) asked her what is the actual problem...
the ans she gave was " she lost the feeling of love"  I was shocked... what the fuck was it ??? Even madhulika couldnt believe ... That parents' problem was a fake excuse ... She said "unko to tayyar kar lete"

Then why she said yes to me... because " vo ek kamjoor pal tha aur vo disturbed thi so she said yes without thinking ". Then why it took three months too realise that this is not love ... No ans for this... Any fault from my side ... No fault. 

I remember the scene from the movie Euro Trip - Whn the guy was crying Pheona (i think its correct) n a kid gave the dialogue sentimental SOB. 

Girls are like girls ... So, sakshi what you say on this ???
Now I think the time has arrived to recall the famous saying...
"Life mein teen cheez ke peeche nahi bhagna chahiye - bus, train aur ladki ." 

Dont worry guys, I am normal . I am very much used to all this. Lets see for how many more days I am single .Waise bhi as per past records , I am never single for a long time ... Seeing the uncertainty in the market its better to become mom's boy & marry according to their choice. But atleast I had an experience of a full-fledged girl friend.

 Waise bhi "ladkiyan bus type hoti hai , ek jayegi to dusri jaroor aayegi " 

I have got an idea just now ... Why not I put all my so called love stories n crushes till date one by one. I know my number would be negligible compared to shayon... 


Agar kisi ki life happening hai toh woh teri hai..kuch naa kuch interesting chalta rahta hai .haha
Sakshi said…
I am going to quote your own previous post where you talked about how difficult it is for the boys to understand girls. You know, it is not only difficult for guys to understand girls, but even for a girl to understand another girl. Raj- You know I talked to Aditi... and well, even I was taken aback by how broken she sounded. And trust me- This excuse...was something that I could not have even dreamt off.
I don't know, what to really make out of this- but- Well, she could have said this so that you guys could have a clean break and that YOU are able to move on.
If you still feel that her reason as told to you by Madhulika is genuine, well then tough luck dude.

Because- She has not yet met the Rational Fools as opposed to the emotional one (like she called you).

You know Raj- I have no idea, how does it feel to feel out of love. Because- (If I can say So) I have been the one on the receiving end here. What with crushes never getting to know me liking them and all...!!!
Though I do not know how to feel out of Love, I do know the extent of love that a girl can give, when she is truly, madly and deeply in love.
I know this because- I do have a set of girlfriends, who along with me wonder all the time- Why are we the way we are when it comes to love... Most of us have agreed that it is the Y chromosome.
And- Dude You got way to personal when you gave the ' I know my number would be negligible compared to Shayon...'
Try not hitting the odd sore spots... It hurts. :)

Raj- The Day you will be able to figure out the mysteries behind the Y chromosome- All the excitement in life... will be gone. :P

(Ok with the comment- Ya.. zyaada Bol diya... sorry agar zor se laga... )

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