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Hi Guys. Thank you very much for your support when i needed it the most. I'll be always grateful to you for the support extended by all of you. Because of this blog i never felt that I've left the college. We shared the happiness & sorrows together. Now, I feel that the blog has matured & outgrown more than my brain can accommodate & work. I have taken a conscious decision of leaving the same. I'll be a silent spectator for sometime because i love to see u all. I feel sorry if i would have unintentionally hurt somebody during my stay here. Apropos the last post, I've commented what i felt. Wishing best of luck to all of you for your future endeavors, though I'll be in touch by phone & mail. Thanks & Regards Ankit Gandhi

But at what cost?

I’ve been so swamped with work the past two – three months that I find it real hard to pen done a few lines of non-scientific pros. Actually, I think the last two – two-half years is a more truthful estimate of when my life first started getting busy and busy and more busy! Is this what my life has become? Does my disappointment with this development stem from the fact that I hate to change or that I just hate change? When I see pictures of friends meeting up (courtesy Facebook), I tend to question myself and my choices made thus far. Are the sacrifices made worth the reward? Living away from family and friends, walking (far too often) the path less trod on, sacrificing relationships (to be the good guy and/or to pursue my goals and ambitions) are a short list in what is a long line of decisions made for better or worse. They have often led to many missed opportunities and an equal number of achievements. The point is when you weigh them all balancing the pros and the cons, the rights

Red on Green !!

Follows from here: Deuce !! Love all and play, but they only parted ways. An imprudent net lay between them. Either side of it, they stand with a burning desire. Yesterday they were tossing flakes of snow, now they volley mundane indictment at each other. Yesterday they learnt to maneuver a tram, now they drive powerful shots at each other. This day, she wins her point. The red of the clay shall now go to the grass. This time he'll make his point. Lady and the gentleman, who is winning and who is losing !!