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Hi Guys. Thank you very much for your support when i needed it the most. I'll be always grateful to you for the support extended by all of you. Because of this blog i never felt that I've left the college. We shared the happiness & sorrows together.

Now, I feel that the blog has matured & outgrown more than my brain can accommodate & work. I have taken a conscious decision of leaving the same. I'll be a silent spectator for sometime because i love to see u all.

I feel sorry if i would have unintentionally hurt somebody during my stay here.

Apropos the last post, I've commented what i felt.

Wishing best of luck to all of you for your future endeavors, though I'll be in touch by phone & mail.

Thanks & Regards
Ankit Gandhi


Shayon said…
Take a deep breath. And exhale. Take in another. And exhale again. And now read the above post all over again. Do you really think that this is what you wish to do?

Come on, dude! What were you thinking? Yes, we have been rude. But we have also embraced you. We have always supported our comrades when they needed them. And we have also hurt them to the hilt, when the need be. That's what brothers are for, isn't it? Yes, we are no more just "friends" who need to think about other's "personal space", and each other's vanity. We have graduated to being brothers! And is it really that easy to cut off your ties from your brothers?

Let me quote something on of my blog readers had recently written on my latest post - "When we make friends anywhere…in real life or online or through our blogs…it is two person contract that we enter…we extend a friendship that may or may not be accepted by the other person and we must abide by their decision.
Similarly we are no one on our own to snap that connection once formed!"

And that's what you just did. Abandoned your brothers. Why? Because they don't understand you. Because when they needed to support you, they dismissed you instead. Yes, we could have behaved better. But how about you, buddy?

Tell me something. Sakshi had been trying her best to get her parents sponsor her education abroad, but they have been refusing to. They do not want her to go out of Delhi. Simple. But, killing her dreams in the process. So, what should she do now? Would you advise to leave her parents, her life, abandon them in the middle of nowhere, and go ahead in search of her calling? Answer me, dude! What would you advise her, at this juncture?
Shayon said…

*Blogger won't allow me to publish such a long comment. So, breaking it into two parts.*

Being stubborn doesn't help, mate. That doesn't help at all. Today I have been facing a couple of issues at my own work place, and being the care free guy I am, I would have thrown it away long time ago, and gone back home. But I am still slogging my ass off. Why? Was that the kind of guy you remember me as? But, I am still standing tall, searching for better opportunities, but still taking the shit I have been dished out to. All because I need to earn the big bucks right now. Because, the time's finally come when I start settling down!

Recently, Sakshi and I had broken up. A couple of months ago. 5 years of relationship. And suddenly there was nothing before my eyes. But I kept going. I never lost my hope. And I worked towards what I wanted. You would never ever imagine what devils I had to fight, in the process. But I did get her back.

I do not care what the rest think about you, but I am very disappointed to see the lack of that fighting attitude, within you. Passion for work good, rather lovely. But it pains me to see you make that the center of your life. And mind you, had you made just your friends too the center of your life, I would have spanked your ass even then. Why? Because it is important to strike a balance between everything worthwhile, in your life!

Do you remember how I always used to tell everyone the story of you slapping me, back in first year, because I was smoking? I still haven't forgotten that. And do you know why we bonded? Because of that slap! Yes, strange it might sound, but I liked you, because I realized that you cared for me.

Being indifferent is fine, but you should realize who all should you be indifferent to. If someone random off the road ever calls me a slut, I'd just walk away. If someone I just know for a while calls me a slut, I'll just punch him on his face. BUT, if one of you ever call me a slut, I'll stop dead on my tracks and ask you why you think so.

Now, how important TWM ends up being, in your life, is upto you to decide. It's very gracious of you to agree to stay in touch with us, individually. But TWM is something that's shaped us a lot, in being what we are today.

And I am pretty sure, Raj would never have been leave TATA Motors, had there been no TWM to inspire him, every single day of his life. And neither would Mann have been able to quit CTS and end up being in the education sector.

Anyway, the choice is always yours. And it always was. All I can say is, I am disappointed!

Yes, I am sad too. But that's more because you disappointed me, than the fact that you decided to quit!

I was never good to inspirational speeches. But then, this wasn't meant to be one, in the first place. In case you are wondering.
Unknown said…

hey, ppl have been putting in some harsh comments..dats true..but I think everyone loves you..this is not how it should end..

TWM sure has become a part of our lives many times I have re-read the posts, at home and sometimes in cheers you up and brings back the lost energy..Does it not cheer you up as well??

Please think over your decision..

@ Gandhi,
Take sometime to think this over!
This is some development! I just checked this site 2 hours back and all was fine. Then I get an email from Shayon asking to re-check in and I see this!
Dude, seriously! Take sometime to think a bit and then make a decision. Call up a few people and talk it out!
I didn't read Shayon's comment (read below for why), but I guess he's said what I'm going to say now: We're all different and we're all still friends! We accept eachother for who we are and what we do, not for who we pretend to be. We'll always have fights and disagreements, running away doesn't solve a thing.
That being said, the decision is yours finally.

@ Shayon,
Once again you've written a comment longer than a post! Please post it as an article in reply to G-man's statement (resignation of sorts)!
Sakshi said…
You know how we are.. we are always harsh, rude, angry at the people who we love and who we care about.
We would not go about doing any of these things to any tom dick and harry.

I agree with Rathz, Dion and Shayon.. just re think about this.
Just know that we love you for what and who you are.

We care.

The final decision is yours.
Gandhi,I again offer unconditional apology if what I wrote hurt you,rather it did hurt you.Probably nobody better than me realizes that how much innocent,simple and a really lovely person you are.No,I am not trying to cajole you by saying words,in the form of blandishments,which I don't mean. It's just that your words seemed hollow to me,so that comment.I'd not have minded had you given a befiting response or better ripped apart my argument into pieces because we know that this forum isn't one's office which doubles up as a platform for ego clashes.I request you not to leave the TWM because of this one off event.However,if you think that quitting that quitting is the right thing,then can't say anything!
You were right!G-man took it to his heart.
Mainak said…

I Love U :)

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