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HAPPY Birthday "Sexy Dion"

many many happy returns of the day .... i hope u have maintained ur sexy legs ... oh .. i miss them .... wishing u a great birthday .... My most important wish for u is that u get a girl in ur life ... i know its tough as u r growing old n fat too ... there is a special request from me that please put some latest pic of yours or atleast mail me ... & for God's sake write down a post ... enjoy ur day to the fullest ....

Delhi Calling ...

Whenevr Shayon shifts to a new place , I definitely go there once ... Here , I come again ... Of the 4 metros I like Delhi the most ... I hate Chennai - serious food prob . Mumbai is too much crowded . I dont count kolkata to be a metro . Even my hometown Nagpur looks much more better than it . Last time I had come to Delhi exactly a year back in Oct . . I had enjoyed a lot that time . Shayon is always a great host. Actually I am going to Indore on 7th Nov . I found that Delhi is an overnight journey from there . Also I had promised someone that il come to Delhi in Nov. Il be in Delhi on 8thNov & 9th Nov .. So , guys lets plan a wall-mag get together of all those who are in NCR . lets have a blast ..

Green drive at CWG 2010

A small team at Maruti R&D has been preparing for this mega event since last eighteen months. Of course this was not for any medal wining competition. Our given target was to provide a fleet of environment friendly vehicles including hybrid and electric options to CWG 2010. I worked on design & packaging activities of these vehicles with my colleagues. SX4 was chosen to make it a parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). It means the vehicle can be driven from a petrol engine (1.2L) as well as from an electric motor(50KW) (providing zero emission) and also as combined power source i.e. engine+e-motor. Such kinds of hybrid vehicles are available in the world from very few manufactures. E.g. Toyota Prius, Honda insight hybrid etc. Even our parent company Suzuki , Japan has not made any parallel hybrid yet. This vehicle is very fun to drive because it has pure I/C engine drive, E-drive, boosting with e-motor while combined drive and regenerative braking. Also due to having

Ek Kahani

Once upon a time in the history of recent times, a war had been raged between V and NV. A lady was not responsible for it as in a famous Greek war. It was a contest between equals unlike a biblical fight between a boy and a giant. It did not involve ugly monsters and magic by bearded old men like in the new line cinemas. Nor was it a fight between good and evil as in the battles of Indian mythology. Neither were there any flamethrowers and bazookas or any other weapons of the world wars. It was a confrontation like no other in the history of the real world and the world of mythologies. V was the ruler of the Northern land which stretched in all directions with the infinite spread of the finest velvety grassy pastures. Orchards abound in great numbers in the kingdom area, so all homes in the Northern land were always filled with the aromas of the strawberrys, the oranges, the mangoes and the exclusive ' fal' . The last variety grew only in the Northern land which smelled like c

wedding bells round the corner ....

Shayon , what u thought that u will win the competition so easily ... i am here to compete you .. Friends , its official that i am tying the knot as early as March next year (it might extend too) ... control , control guys .. the whole story goes like this .. the whole planning was done when i had gone to home last week during puja . I have decided to give a live update of how arrange marriage is done ... my dad had officially announced in all his friends to find a girl for me .. it would be better if i put this arrange marriage thing in points : Step 1 : my parents have shifted to a big new home . they have almost changed all the old furnitures . the best of them was the king size bed ... its seriously beautiful ...also a separate room is being prepared for me ... Step 2 : they asked for a nice photo of mine ... i showed him all my pics ... they rejected all of them ... when i showed them the following pic , they asked “chehra kahan dikh raha hai” ... i replied back , the girl w

Time goes by- Not so slowly!

I have this big collage in my room, the collage chronicles my 2 decades of being on this earth. *It was a gift from my younger sister on my 20th Birthday*, and trust me, every day for 5 mins I look at it, and wonder how days have gone by, and all of a sudden we all are grown ups! *by we, I mean all of us and ofcourse the child hood friends and the cousins in the similar age bands!* I still remember it was such a tough job, trying to convince my mother to take me shopping, rather the day she decided to take me with her, it was a treat! And today, I shop for her and give her surprises! There was a time when deciding the cake for a birthday was a huge huge thing, going and placing the order with dad, deciding on the flavour and design.. today it just comes.. and there is hardly any festivities about it. There were those dreaded exams that used to decide all the family gathetrings, today those have to be decided keeping the work hours in time! Boyfriends, were for the super duper cute

kahan mar gaye sab ...

hello guys & also beautiful girls , where r u all .... put up something ....