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Time goes by- Not so slowly!

I have this big collage in my room, the collage chronicles my 2 decades of being on this earth. *It was a gift from my younger sister on my 20th Birthday*, and trust me, every day for 5 mins I look at it, and wonder how days have gone by, and all of a sudden we all are grown ups! *by we, I mean all of us and ofcourse the child hood friends and the cousins in the similar age bands!*

I still remember it was such a tough job, trying to convince my mother to take me shopping, rather the day she decided to take me with her, it was a treat! And today, I shop for her and give her surprises! There was a time when deciding the cake for a birthday was a huge huge thing, going and placing the order with dad, deciding on the flavour and design.. today it just comes.. and there is hardly any festivities about it.
There were those dreaded exams that used to decide all the family gathetrings, today those have to be decided keeping the work hours in time!
Boyfriends, were for the super duper cute chicks and rest of us had crushes.. Oh my Gosh, the time has flipped, and the crushes don't go beyond a cute TV star any more!

It was a torture to get up in the early mornings to go or school, and then for the tutions, and today, we are working 24x7 all rge freaking time, and evn though we whine about it, we know that there is no choice. There is no more dady who takes care of the monthly expenses, or other elders who pay for you when you go out with them.

I remember, how I loved dressing up as a bride when a kid, and dream about my prince charming coming and sweeping me off my feet! *Yeah, I was and still am a HUGE fan of Fairy Tales* and now, my Prince Charming has come, proposed, and OMFG, we are planning a future ahead.

There was, a five years back, when none of us here thought about ever having this sorta a page, or for that matter, the kinds of lives that we have now *not that I am complaining* , all of us when we stepped in college had our own little set of dreams that were not as complicated as the reality of the real grown up world that we stay in now!
Yes, I am scared, and yes, I am cranky.
I hate being a grwon up.. I hate the fact that life has run by me. I know, that I have lived through each day of the last 24 years of my life, but somehow still the time looks like it has just flown.
i can hardly believe that we have all grown out of nursery rhymes, and now just wonder about the stock market, and the job market!

"Yeh Daulat bhi le lo,
Yeh Shauhrat bhi le lo,
bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawaani,
magar mujh ko laut do,
bachpan ke woh din..
woh kaagaz ki kashti..
woh baarish ka paani!" 


Unknown said…
Time sure flies away. And well, if things go right, there might already be a winner to the 'competition' Raj had recently put up ;-)
@ Sakshi,
Nice post. What brought on the sudden nostalgia?
For me it happens every once in a while- and there's no reason for it. I just find myself thinking of the past and what the future possibly holds.

Sakshi said…
Really? Wow!

I had been planning a post on these lines, after Mannu had commented on being a grown up. It takes me a while every morning to realise that college is over, and that it is a work day! And that, I am a grown up.

My dad treats me like a kid still. So it is hard for me being a grown up grown up!

Glad you liked the post!
raj alakshendra said…
thank God i saw a post ..


a sweet post ...

i can see the winners ....
Lovely article! As you keep growing older,you realize that the flashbacks of the past keep zooming through your mind more often then they used to earlier.And one of the triggers for such nostalgia for me is to see kids playing and creating ruckus.
ABC said…

Beautiful true thoughts..Lately I have been trying to become a kid, have been watching old cartoons..hehe..

By the way anyone knows where is 'Neverland', I want to go there !!
Sakshi said…
Thanks :)

Somehow, it is the child in you that always lives, even after your youth disappears..

Take me with you when you find your way there!!

If anyone cribs about the frequency of the posts, then move your sweet lazy asses and post yourselves too!
Rajorshi said…
@ Sakshi,
Nice post and the childhood examples are common to most of us,I guess.

The post made me stop & recap for a while and just go nostalgic.

Life does go by nd if we all live that moment, then the present will always be good if we've good memories of the past.

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