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wedding bells round the corner ....

Shayon , what u thought that u will win the competition so easily ... i am here to compete you ..

Friends , its official that i am tying the knot as early as March next year (it might extend too) ... control , control guys .. the whole story goes like this .. the whole planning was done when i had gone to home last week during puja .

I have decided to give a live update of how arrange marriage is done ... my dad had officially announced in all his friends to find a girl for me .. it would be better if i put this arrange marriage thing in points :

Step 1 : my parents have shifted to a big new home . they have almost changed all the old furnitures . the best of them was the king size bed ... its seriously beautiful ...also a separate room is being prepared for me ...

Step 2 : they asked for a nice photo of mine ... i showed him all my pics ... they rejected all of them ... when i showed them the following pic , they asked “chehra kahan dikh raha hai” ... i replied back , the girl will accept me seeing this pose only.. dad laughed & said u shut up & come for a photo shoot.

Step 3 : i had to go for a photo shoot .. this was the most irritating thing ... i had to give some weird poses . . the cameraman asked to change dress, i said “chup chap photo khicho , dimag kharab mat karo” ...
when i get the pics, il put it here ..

Step 3: dad forced me to apply for passport ... probably il get a honeymoon trip in Europe .. i liked this step a lot .. i needed passport for some other reasons too ...

Step 4 : il be taking my 1st car in next 2-3 months ...i havent decided on the model yet ... for that il put a seperate post... i have also joined driving classes ...

Step 5 : here, i need help of u guys ... i need to make my wedding bio data to give to dad to circulate it .. so guys , lets prepare something creative . u get married once & it should be special .. the girl should become fan of me of my out of the box ideas... also we will write in the bio data that it is designed by wall-mag ... free ki publicity ho jayegi.. i need to get the bio data on an urgent basis so please hurry up ..

I am excited for this whole thing ... this whole process is so much of fun ... lets see who is that lucky girl ... but il have one regret in my life.. i wanted to do love marraige & wanted to propose my dream girl in shayon's style- getting on knees n giving her the ring ... now that wont happen, i know ...
Many of u must be thinking how come i agreed so easily for this arrange marraige ... my parents asked for my choice, if there is someone in my life ... my parents r ultimate ... full frank n open ...
I have realized that a girl can talk to me ,like me, miss me , be the best friend to me but can never love me ... girls can never understand my unconditional passionate love ... i have heard that its passion that counts but nobody got impressed by my passion to fall in love with me .. i don’t have anything to regret in future... i have given more than 100% to persuade .... i don’t understand what more should be done ...the big ques still lies - "what more girls want from a guy ??"

One of my close friends longtime back had said that “compromise is sometimes good”, lets start a new chapter in life ... i also have gone bored of living alone ... need someone who is fully for me ... its all state of mind .... i am now mentally prepared to get married since i need a company now ...
it can be said that maturity has come ...

Finally , the competition has gone stiff ...

n friends dont forget the bio data design


Unknown said…
Separate room, Europe mein honeymoon, new car..kahii sey accha rishta aa hii jayegaa..good for us..we'll get a reason to eat and dance..

abey ye shaadi ka bio data kya hai??marks aur percentages batana paregaa !!

aur haan TWM ko kisi matrimony site sey sponsorship milegi kya..bahut shadi related posts aa rahein hain ;)
raj alakshendra said…
lets pray we get some sponsorship ..

i just need the design of bio data ... even i too dont know what all data needs to put in that ...
Sakshi said…
Trust me I will be very happy if you get married first. A lot of expectations from Shayon and me will be put to a rest!

And Shaadi ka Biodata, simple straight hota hai...!!!
And, I am really excited to see the photographs from the whole 'photo shoot'!

Aur agar aap Europe jaa hi rahen hain Honeymoon ke liye, oh Indian honeymoon bhi chaiye? ;P

Btw- Renovation toh mere ghar ka bhi ho raha hai!!
@ Raj,
An early congratulations- at least for getting the ball rolling!
And what's this biodata? I have no clue about it. If you give me an idea of what is required, I can give you some ideas on how to spice it up!

...@ish@... said…
RAJ ki aayegi barat....
rangili hogi raat....
magan raj nachegaaa
ki finally uska vivah ho gayaaa...:D
raj alakshendra said…
obviously , il take the tickets frm the contest .... m always ready to tour n all..

bio-data is a kind of wedding resume giving ur basic info ... btw i have already made one ...

nice song .. dance on this song on my wedding ... wht u say ???
LOL! I never knew that there's something called a bio-data for marriage.
Ab toh tu thode mahino mein Shaadi shuda aadmi banne waala hai! What is to be seen is that whether you actually get married in March or again your plans of getting married get delayed .
Btw, nice post. Enjoyed reading it.I could feel your excitement through the post. And anecdote related to the picture you've posted was hilarious!
Mainak said…
Don't get surprised with the extension to your name. Guess u got get adjusted to this term very soon.
Ab se colony ke bacche tujhe isi naam se bulaya karenge :)
Any way we all would love to bid you farewell from this bachelor/spinster community, after all there is goin to be a generation gap between us.
Alvida Raj Uncle aur Aunty ji ko bhi mera Parnaam kehna.
Sakshi said…
Oye, I never thought of this.. awesome :)
Now we start calling him Raj Uncle. :P
raj alakshendra said…
in my life anything can happen .... il get a clear picture when i go home in diwali ....

farewell - what was that ??
n as per my "young" look people still think me to be a college student ..

@sakshi mummy
u like it ?? :) :)
Lol! What the hell is going on here! Somebody has become "uncle" and now somebody has even become "mummy" ? :D
Sakshi said…
MUMMY? Whose? Hello? Think before you write.

I think we are still kids, and have the growing up to do!
raj alakshendra said…
load na liya jaye ... bas mazak kar raha tha ...
Mainak said…
Mummy naa sahi but an Aunty would be coined to your name pretty soon.

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