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Ek Kahani

Once upon a time in the history of recent times, a war had been raged between V and NV. A lady was not responsible for it as in a famous Greek war. It was a contest between equals unlike a biblical fight between a boy and a giant. It did not involve ugly monsters and magic by bearded old men like in the new line cinemas. Nor was it a fight between good and evil as in the battles of Indian mythology. Neither were there any flamethrowers and bazookas or any other weapons of the world wars. It was a confrontation like no other in the history of the real world and the world of mythologies.

V was the ruler of the Northern land which stretched in all directions with the infinite spread of the finest velvety grassy pastures. Orchards abound in great numbers in the kingdom area, so all homes in the Northern land were always filled with the aromas of the strawberrys, the oranges, the mangoes and the exclusive 'fal'. The last variety grew only in the Northern land which smelled like cardamom-flavored milk. Vegetable farms kept the cattles busy in an otherwise lazy kingdom. People worked their cattles in the day and made merry in the evenings.

The infinite spread of Northern country was only cut off by the maze of wilderness of the Southern land. It was an impenetrable jungle kingdom with some sporaidic clearings inhabitated by the humans. Many beautiful creatures; some very dangerous and some very shy; could be found in the Southern land. The dearth of farming land meant the people had to rely on their hunting skills for food.

It so happened, an invite was sent to both V and NV to attend a confluence organized by Paristhiti, the ruler of Circumstances which was a mercurial and hovering cloud kingdom, sometimes present over the Northern land and sometimes over the Southern land. Since both the invited kings could not go to the cloud kingdom because of logistics and will not go to each other's kingdom because of ideological issues, the parties agreed to meet at the Origin, the place from which the infinite spreads started.

The confluence went underway and has not ended since the 'once upon a time'. Paristhiti brought the two kings together at Origin and then the mind games started. V wanted the refrigerators to be stocked with the best cauliflowers and choicest pumpkins whereas NV wanted the freezers to be stuffed with fresh red meat and chicken livers. V gave strict instructions to the butlers to seggregate the green-dot packaged food from the red-dot ones. NV instructed the cooks to set up a tandoor for grilling marinated chicken. Thus, the kings are still residing in the same palace at origin attending the confluence and trying to win arguments on everything and anything fuelled by their cullinary differences.

This story is unlike any other, it does not have an end yet. Though as of now, NV has started trying vegetables and V is accepting NV's ideologies. Though the occasional flare up happens and otherwise a peaceful status quo lingers on !!


raj alakshendra said…
another classic from raths ...

for the major part of the post i thought its a story of two friends from north n south living in the same room n fighting ...

loved reading it ...
ABC said…
abey classic bolega to, word ka definition change karna parega..eeks.. :) !!

This post has influences of Salman Rushdie..Haroun and the Sea of stories & Luka and the Fire of life..I have become a fan of him..will try some of his other works..
Sakshi said…
Wow Rathz! This is great! You should really consider compiling your stories... !!!

Loved it! Totally loved it!
@ Rathz,
Really really good!
Keep it up!

...@ish@... said…
WoW !!!
nice to dwell into your imaginations.
Unknown said…
a big thank you.. :)

sometimes I wonder what if TWM wasnt there..who would have read the posts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wondering..

cheers folks..
A fantastic piece from our own Salman Rushdie. I had read Haroun and a sea of stories long back and absolutely enjoyed that,and for a change Salman Rushdie didn't leave you feeling bad about your Vocabulary as he does in most of his other books.

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