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V- Day - unfullfilled dreams !!!

This is my last V-day as a bachelor and i am left with few unfulfilled dreams : 1) I have never gone out with a girl on this day . I regret is the most . 2) after three major relations and numerous minor ones , I found that nobody has ever given me a single gift on this day ... In fact i expected few one of them but in vain.. but I gifted to everyone who was with me ... 3) I had this dream to propose a girl for wedding on this day on my knees with a ring ... I have prepared a script what to say while proposing ... Now its not of any use for me so anyone can take it if u want to propose someone ... Ab to agle saal apni wife ke saath hi V-day celebrate karna hoga :( :( enjoy ...

Happy V Day

For all of us who believe in love and for those who don't- I wish that all of us find the magic... The magic of love, faith, hope & Happiness, Coz where there is love, there is hope, where there hope, there is faith.. and when you have faith- You are Happy! Here is to Love !

Winds of change

All of us must have been, at some time or the other, overwhelmed by the scenes of under-development in our society. It makes us think and react. It angers us to be judgmental of the apathy of governments/departments/offices/agencies. We have conversations to be critical of the situations giving rise to such low points in our society. We argue and debate solutions to the problems, though we may not be experts in the particular domain. The problems may in fact require a common sense solution with guidance from an expert group, isn't it !! All of us think of ways to get rid of the many problems of our society; be it education, poverty, health, human rights etceteras. When our discussion ends, we move onto the next discussion on some other day about another problem prevalent in our society. This is also an important part of our society, of our democracy. We must be aware of the things happening around us and also question things which are wrong. When we discuss and formulate our raw