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This Is A Surprise!

Guys, Could you just check out this link and tell me what's it all about? I somehow have a feeling that it belongs to one of our top floorers and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens to be Krishnan. So, what say?

My point of view..

hmmm.. well like shanoob I too wanted to come to the IT sector, core, I thought of as a boring affair..ya there has been some harsh experiences after actually joining IT..and add to that the timing of our joining..there has been a slowdown in the US economy as well as the Indian rupee is a result all is not fine in this sector..hopefully the bad phase gets over soon.. moreover I think now various companies are targeting markets elsewhere than the US..that's a good strategy than being at the mercy of the dollars from US.. like Deepayan said there are support jobs in this sector which anybody 12th grade guy can do..that's why now I think a change must come in the IT sector..Indians have done a lot of support its time we get into 'development' kinda well as into 'product development'..that way margins too will increase..another thing will be these kinda jobs will be done by 'proper' graduates not any 12th grader.. that&#


I still remember the day when I first used a computer and thought of being a computer engineer one day. Well that dream of mine has come true but that dream has failed to provide any satisfaction in my life. Its was not about money always that I thought in my childhood but about doing some good work ( and work to me is stuffs related to computers ) to get the ultimate satisfaction. All the top floorers might be knowing about my passion for computer but today after about 10 months of joining a company, I can say for sure that my dream has not come true and that I need to work more to fulfill my dream in reality. Most of us are in IT, can anybody tell me how many of you are happy with the job that you are doing. I will hardly get any answer for this question. Actually this is the Indian Software Industry that sucks. Its worse than the job of the Rickshaw pullers in the road. At least, they are praised for what they do. But in our present job we do the same thing - Give service to people

Howdy Pardners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!! I'm reading the blog after 2-3 days and boy what a surprise it was to see a new post and so many comments.... I've been a bit busy and will be till around 21-22 March (exams and all).Just wanted to leave some comments though. @Shayon In case you'll haven't noticed I'm all for rooting for the underdog and always have been and will be. I too am for following the unbeaten path, heck beat one yourself. You'll guys would laugh at me for being different, but thats just it. Conforming to the stereotypes and following the 'herd mentality' aren't one of my strenghts and I'm proud of that at least. Glad to know that you've made new friends (thats more than I can say for myself- just one I guess). Life's all about moving along & forward and we'll always have NIT, Jam. no matter what. As for Raj, take it from me, don't use big words with him (Eng. or Hindi). I talk from experience. @ Raj That word in simple language me

It's Time To Get A Life!

Wow! It seems almost everyone's having shitty times at their homes, eh? I ain't too sure if this post of mine is supposed to be a self-ego bashing write-up or should it rather concentrate towards reaching out to my buddies and make them realize that their lives couldn't be any more sordid than mine. Well, anyway, here I come out in the open with my take on life and how I'm handling the issues on my end. Everyone of you is aware of my state of things in college, aren't you? Yes, it's true that I finally managed to make quite a good friends from my current batch. Yet, the fact remains that I miss the top floorers a helluva lot! Having Gandhi to preach to, Dino to smirk at my actions, Karma to play WarCraft with, Nandu to haggle for his laptop and net connection, hankering Mutthu for fags and playing Mortal Kombat with Samik are just a few things that make me hate to go back to that hostel ever again. I dunno if any of you would ever understand how it might feel, t