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It's Time To Get A Life!

Eason Chan Get A Life 2006
Wow! It seems almost everyone's having shitty times at their homes, eh? I ain't too sure if this post of mine is supposed to be a self-ego bashing write-up or should it rather concentrate towards reaching out to my buddies and make them realize that their lives couldn't be any more sordid than mine. Well, anyway, here I come out in the open with my take on life and how I'm handling the issues on my end.
Everyone of you is aware of my state of things in college, aren't you? Yes, it's true that I finally managed to make quite a good friends from my current batch. Yet, the fact remains that I miss the top floorers a helluva lot! Having Gandhi to preach to, Dino to smirk at my actions, Karma to play WarCraft with, Nandu to haggle for his laptop and net connection, hankering Mutthu for fags and playing Mortal Kombat with Samik are just a few things that make me hate to go back to that hostel ever again. I dunno if any of you would ever understand how it might feel, to be in that floor and find not a single one of you having a gala time!
But then again, this is life, they say! Yes, shit things do happen in our lives. So what? You just gotta stand up and take notice of the potential you have within yourself and follow where your heart wishes you to follow. Lemme try to make you understand my point of view taking examples out of my own life!
I know, a lot of you have been wondering about what I am up to, lately. Well, you do know about my passion for blogging and one fine day, I actually decided to take it up for a profession. I have been training myself all this while with all the shitty details about blogging, Search Engine Optimisation, Internet Marketing, making connections with people, knowing the right kind of technology, learning to be at the right place at the right time. And now, I happened to lap up a pretty good job in a firm called WATConsult. It is basically a start-up of just 11 people on board, currently. It's basically a blog consultancy firm that advises companies like Rediff, Mahindra, Nokia, HSBC, Frito-Lay and Force India on the upcoming Web 2.0 technologies.
Now, who'd have ever thought, even in his wildest dreams, that I could end up with such an offer, what with my backlogs in college and endless supplementary papers? Yet, here I am, trying to make my mark, to the best I can. I have already started writing for WATBlog and am pretty sure I shall be able to give them pretty useful inputs as an employee.
And you know something more? Life could've been much easier had I just followed everyone of your foot steps and gotten a job on campus itself. But, I knew what I wanted. I knew that I'd faced enough hardships in my life and a little more shall never hurt my guts. That's the reason why I'd originally decided to go solo and set up a firm of my own. Now, doncha think that I've gone all weak hearted and have backed out. Rather, I got more intelligent. I wanna work in this certain company and acquire the required skill sets. I want to watch closely how a start-up works. I want to know how to run a company and what are the hardships one normally faces. I wish to watch the market first hand. And here's another pointer for you. The business model that I'd thought of, I just happened to stumble onto a similar business about 2 months back, a business from USA. That certain company was following the exact model that I'd thought of. But you know what spurred the fire into my ass. A little notification at the top of their web site that said, "Patent Pending!"
Well, despite everything, here I am, fighting chicken pox at home and writing this little post just to cheer up you guys and make you look deep within you. Damn the environment, damn the surroundings. If you don't find them conducive enough for your way of life, keep the guts to change them according to your whims! Get a life, dudes!!


Unknown said…
it was g8 2 see something frm PKP after a along time... m in constant touch with him.... d only guy frm 2k3 batch in coll.... after coll i hav come more close 2 him... many a times v discuss our plans...he is one who thinks 2 do something different like me...maine pehli baar pal ki taarif ki hogi.. frankly speaking guys do something diffent dan doing d regular job... trying 2 do mba... dis isnt life...
jindgi ek baar mili hai , ek baar jaan laga ke dekho maaza aa jayega..
hey pal...great to c u back man !!
& Feels really great that you are doing something which you alwyas wanted to do rather than holding to sm pigeon job..Keep it up man!! This life aint meant for just earning money by wasting your time in something where you dont have any interest ..
I sincerely wish that many more of us Topfloorers work their way out to break free from these chains of a living a meaningless life & do something creative or different..
I am already working towards it. I really think that Rathz should also join the bandwagon & go for a course in Film direction, editing or watsoever related to that..Watdyasay Rathindra ???
Shayon said…
Hmm...thanks for sticking up for me, Raj. I ain't too sure if you realise this but you "praise"d me while comparing myself with yourself. Doncha think it's a little too narcissistic? ;-)

As for the rest of the folks, seriously, I was hoping for some response on your part. It's amazing how easily you allow people flame your egos.

Mann, temme something, do you really wanna spend hours coding away behind some non-responsive screen or is it that you plan to get into some comfortable managerial post and while away your fattened up ass like Atri does? Get into the groove, man! Tell us something u r doing that ain't common for everyone else.

As for Rathz, I'd always believed he has huge potentials when it comes to off the track thinking. 'Got no idea what he plans for his own life.

Anyways, I'm really sorry for criticizing you guys the way I did. I guess I just got a little too carried away. I know, someone staying in glass houses should never throw stones at others. I just wish you all well in your lives and careers and hope for a great future for us!
Unknown said…
narcissistic- whts d meanin of this????
aur pal sale ek to teri taarif ki uspe bhi bhav kha raha hai... dis is a perfect example of "pal ka paitra"

abt raths, he should seriously try something diff... he has got g8 creativity n managing skills...

mannu.. u r already involved in stockmarkets... in future ul b of g8 help 2 me......
Shayon said…
@ Raj

As for the meaning of narcissist, here's reference for you

Abey, main bhav nahin kha raha tha...bus teri taang kheech raha tha.
hey guys !!! gud to see that The wall mag has bcom quite active again...
If I want to do something in life it has to be in working my way towards it.practising hard..joining a music school(visitng them these days)..but frankly, I dont feel comfortable in revealing all these things..I mean, one should firstly really "DO" something before blowing his trumpet..As they say "Actions speak louder than words"...That's work is on..let's c wat happens..

abey stockmarket toh bas paisa kamane kay liye hai..i aint gonna make it my career..
shanoob said…
nice to hear frm u man...
wish all success...
Unknown said…
itni mehnat kaun kare... jo meanin hai us word ka , i don care...
Shayon said…
@ Mann

I understand wot u r tryin to say, man! Good to knw tht u r workin towrds ur dream! Wish u all the best, buddy!

@ Shinnok

Thnks a lot for the wishes. man! Hw r u doin these days, btw?

@ Raj

Typical "Raj ka Paintra" ;-)
Unknown said…
shayon, best wishes in your new venture..ya man it always feels good to do what you love..the same thoughts that constitute your post have been in the mind these's not a secret that whatever jobs we are into right now, thats just for the 'paapi pet' got to earn something to feed yourself..our interests lies elsewhere..
you have already taken the 'road less travelled'..couple are already planning to take the plunge..
as mannu bhai says..let's see what happens along the way..only thing is we need to keep up our interests..

constructive karma..njoy..

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