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shopping experience with a girl - part 1

A friend asked me to come for shopping for her birthday ... (Well today is her birthday) .. I agreed to give her the company ... The only past experience of my shopping with any female was with my mom ... Once I had gone with her for some sandal shopping ... After visiting some 5-6 shops & trying more than 100 sandal , she didnt like a single one & we came back empty hand.. What a coincidence , this time too, the 1st thing to hunt for was sandal... Shop 1 - lots of rush , so we came out .. Shop 2 - window shopping , no good design so we didnt enter .. Shop 3 - Enter the shop ... told our choice ...he was not having it , so we again came out .. Now think what must be going inside my mind ... I told her, u shop like my mom ... She replied all females shop like this ... But frankly speaking till now I too havent found anything good... We searched few more shops but in vain ..Some were extremely high heels, some totally flat, some colors didnt attract ....About the heel height I ha

Experiences in Bangalore

Firstly, let me wish you belated Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!! Bangalore (or should I call it Bengaluru ?), officially known as the Silicon Valley of India , is the city of dreams for many a software professional. What entices all the more is the temperate climate in the city, thus earning it another name, Switzerland of India. Landed in this mega city on the 30th of November, '09, and the first thing I was greeted with was the 'jalebi' language. Yes, that's how I address the Kannad script. No personal offence meant, just a light-hearted jab at the way Bangaloreans show utter disregard to both English and Hindi, pasting every single sign board around the city with the jalebi language. They didn't even spare the buses. How in the world is a common man supposed to figure out where a bus is headed to? However, I must admit, my ride in the city has been much smoother than what I was led to believe, by my peers who had visited the city much before.

Hi Idiots!!!

Normally when I go and watch a movie minus Shayon, I miss him like crazy.. but today, I missed each one of you. And as I am writing this post- I feel like giving each one of you a hug... a big bear hug. I went to see 3 Idiots today, and trust me, from the moment I sat in the theater and the movie started I felt that I needed to call each one of you and tell you that go and watch this movie now, coz, all I could feel in the movie was you all. And it totally reminded me of the crazy things that you guys did back in college. Yeah, the movie also talks about following what your real passions are etc etc... but mostly it is about the joy and warmth that friendship is. I mean, I could really visualise, how Mannu took the case of Gandhi, or how Karma would try and put some sense into Shayon or how mad you guys went without any reason... I know, for a fact that how so far you guys are from each other, the true blood friendships still pull your strings in your hearts... So my dear idiots- Wake

the jrs hav made us proud....

By this time most of u would have known about this NIT car (i call it by this name).. Check this out... But this all to happen jrs need some help from we alumni ... Below is the mail which I got from them ...Also the had called me.... Dear Sir, We take extreme pride in the fact that we, a group of 22 students from National Institute of technology, Jamshedpur, the DAKSH team, have been selected to participate in BAJA SAE ASIA 2010, a Mega Off Road Vehicle Race to be held in NATRAX site at Pithampura, Indore form the 29th -31st, January 2010. We were one of the four teams from the Eastern zone to be selected and appreciated for our design by a judge panel consisting of who’s who of the automobile industry out of a total of 165 teams. We are glad to inform you that we are also the only Indian team to be participating in BAJA SAE Washington, to be held from the 19th to 22nd of May 2010. We are delighted to inform you that as a result of the tireless and diligent working of our team, we ha