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the jrs hav made us proud....

But this all to happen jrs need some help from we alumni ... Below is the mail which I got from them ...Also the had called me....

Dear Sir,

We take extreme pride in the fact that we, a group of 22 students from
National Institute of technology, Jamshedpur, the DAKSH team, have
been selected to participate in BAJA SAE ASIA 2010, a Mega Off Road
Vehicle Race to be held in NATRAX site at Pithampura, Indore form the
29th -31st, January 2010. We were one of the four teams from the
Eastern zone to be selected and appreciated for our design by a judge
panel consisting of who’s who of the automobile industry out of a
total of 165 teams. We are glad to inform you that we are also the
only Indian team to be participating in BAJA SAE Washington, to be
held from the 19th to 22nd of May 2010.

We are delighted to inform you that as a result of the tireless and
diligent working of our team, we have completed the fabrication of the
vehicle. Now that we have reached the final stage of our project and
we are determined to make it to the pinnacle by making our design
competent in the international level where teams from all over the
world would participate. Sir, as you are the alumni of our Institute
in a very influential position, we are hoping to gain your invaluable
help and guidance in materializing our dream.

Our team is in need of financial help for both the events and it would
boost our morale if you, as valuable ALUMNI would lend us your
support. The DAKSH team looks forward for your keen interest and
support as it tirelessly works, keeping the glory of our institute and
above all, our nation in mind.

Yours Sincerely,

Joshua C. V.
Team Member.
Hostel G, Room 309

Following is an letter from Mech HOD asking from help all the college Alumni..

So what we are going to do for this ???


I'm all in for helping them. I'm a bit busy today, but we should discuss how we can set up a way of supporting them.

raj alakshendra said…
Today I called R.V.Sharma sir. He has asked me to come to college next week during the testing of the machine.
Btw i had once seen the machine during the makin phase. I must say dat the jrs hav really worked very hard in this screwed up coll. Also they were fortunate to have R.V.Sharma sir who is presently the HOD of mech .
For the knowledge of others i had done my final year project under him only. My othr grp partners were rudra, harish, rai, nikhil n nandu.
Newz coming to the point , transfer the money in my acc n il give it to the jrs or Sir.
Hey dion , 1 mathu s also in this project, Pradeep of 2k6. Also Amal, bf of Samayna on whom also the NE guys r havin crush, is also in the team.
We wil work fast. As my business mind goes , il try to get a logo of twm . Obviously v need to be popular.
atri said…
i am ready to help
Ankit said…
it would be gr8...and amal is my great grand tech son....gujju mech...arrange for his no & give him mine....i'll try to get some funding..
Ankit said…
one of the deptt managers of R&D is from our college...
Karma said…
Count me in .

What should be a the amount we should xfer,should be a fixed amount or just impromptu!!
raj alakshendra said…
There s no fixed amount.its voluntarily contribution.
Btw eastern front collect n give it to Raths. He l transfer it to me.

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