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shopping experience with a girl - part 1

A friend asked me to come for shopping for her birthday ... (Well today is her birthday) ..
I agreed to give her the company ... The only past experience of my shopping with any female was with my mom ... Once I had gone with her for some sandal shopping ... After visiting some 5-6 shops & trying more than 100 sandal , she didnt like a single one & we came back empty hand..

What a coincidence , this time too, the 1st thing to hunt for was sandal...
Shop 1 - lots of rush , so we came out ..
Shop 2 - window shopping , no good design so we didnt enter ..
Shop 3 - Enter the shop ... told our choice ...he was not having it , so we again came out ..

Now think what must be going inside my mind ... I told her, u shop like my mom ... She replied all females shop like this ... But frankly speaking till now I too havent found anything good...

We searched few more shops but in vain ..Some were extremely high heels, some totally flat, some colors didnt attract ....About the heel height I have to say few word ... As an ex-designer i know that every design possible in this world has got some tolerance ... But for a female sandal its not the case... if a girl wants 2.75 inch heel then it should be 2.75 only not 2.749 or 2.751... females keep on searching until they get that perfect size...

By now i lost my counting of shops ..
Finally , in one shop she liked a sandal golden in color ... I thought the hunt is over when she asked me how about if the same design is in black color ... I was dumb momentarily & finally nodded favoring her ... we came out of that shop too ... Fortunately a nearby shop was having the same design in black color ... I thanked God a million times in my heart ...That moment I felt that God really exists & finally he got pity on me... She wore it & instantly I said its perfect, buy it ... I dont want to take any chances so I said keep it wearing & pack the old one .. Who knows if she tries something else & her mind changes... This whole situation reminded me of LOVE AAJ-KAL scene...

After working hard from one shop to another I felt hungry , so we ate some snacks ... The good thing about guys is that if u fill their stomach & keep their mouth busy , they can accompany for hours ... I think there is a strong connection b/w a guys mind & his ever empty stomach..

Next thing to buy were typical ladies accessories - earings, bangles so on, so on ..its an endless list ... We went to some other market ... There were females of all ages in that market ... The male population consisted mainly of shopkeepers & people who follow these females ..

to be continued in part 2...


Sakshi said…
HUH!!! Man, you guys are not that great either. Okay.
Start being helpful accompanying girls... and then see, it is so much of fun... Or Be like Shayon, have a blackberry and keep yourself busy on twitter...!!!
Btw- I am curious- does the etc in your list also included Lingerie shopping? :P
raj alakshendra said…
Ha ha ha. It didn include that. Just normal stuffs. Il write that part of shoppin in next post. Wait for my next post , there many more things to be said.
If i do the shayon then il get my ass kicked.
Mainak said…
Abbe tereko apni shopping bag carry karwane ke liye le gayi thi aur tu khush ho raha hai :)
College lingo mein bole to Buthru giri karne gaya tha tu.
raj alakshendra said…
@ chaki
tu butru tha isliye tere ko aisa hi lagega :) is soch se upar uth.
Girls can be friends also n there s no harm giving them the company . Its fun actually fun as said by sakshi
Awesome article.Very nicely portrayed one of the facts !
I think you can a great time with a woman but only till the time she doesn't start her shopping spree because if a girl has to select anything say a bag,she'll explore all the shops in the markets and will always ask the shopkeepers that they are looking for something else-some other design,some other color, than what the poor shopkeeper already has.
You'll feel as though the girl is gonna buy something never before seen on earth or something which has been especially crafted for her ,only to get disappointed that in the end it was just another bag,or pair of sandals and there's nothing extraordinary with it.

"Blessed be the bag which gets to be the CHOSEN one."

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