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Cheers- To peace!!!

It is the one year anniversary of 26/11, a day when the financial capital of India was held hostage to terrorists... not for one, but for almost 4 days. The ONLY days in the violent history of Mumbai where, the city came to a complete standstill... and when the entire nation was glued to their television sets... seeing a reality unfold in front of their eyes- which was no less than a movie. There were candle marches then, there are candle marches that are going to mark the memories of those dreadful days on its first anniversary. But, we still refuse, refuse to take action- SOLID action. Everyday without fail there is one blast... or new terror infiltration.... and not from our unworthy neighbours but also from within our own country. Its a shame that we have become immune to violence, that it doesn't matter to us anymore.. or does it? If it does- then we should just stand up and say ENOUGH to blood and guts... ENOUGH to losing of so many innocent lives at the hands of petty pol

HaPPy Birthday- To Dipayan..!!!

It surely seems like the birthday week at the top floor...!!! :D So here is another birthday post- This one is for Dipayan, the one sitting down in south. So Dipayan, as I gathered from his personal blog- yeah he had a personal blog long back, is a hard core techie, I mean, can you imagine what it would be like to observe a conversation between him and Shayon, especially now, since Shayon has also become a linux person??? Totally insane. Hey Dipayan, I know this was something that you least expected, but I guess, my unpredictable nature is not new to you..!! :P So, here is wishing you a GREAT GREAT day, and a great great year ahead...!!! PS: This is not fair- 4 birthdays in four days- me get no party no cake.. :(!!!

Sam's leap to glory !!

That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind Well junta, this video is uploaded due to persistent nudges by Ratz.Though the protagonist in the video was apprehensive that this is yet another attempt to make a tomfoolery out of him.But we managed to convince him that junta out there is eager to know what he is UP TO these days!! Enjoy this visual caper. Salud !

for a very good friend... long live raths...

hi folks, I had planned for long to write for Raths ... so here it for one of my closest friends... We got into touch during 1st year Utkarsh in 2004 & our frequencies matched ... Both of us like eating , roaming around, playing n doing every adventurous stuff... There are many things I learnt from him, the most important of being patient ..That is probably the reason we never had any fight.. He is the most creative guy I have seen ... A perfect director , photographer , video maker ... Only thing he needs is original music for his videos.. I pray his dream of mega Dam project comes true ..Well thats a really big dream ... He is one of the few persons on whom i have blind faith ... Whatever he says , I agree to it ... no questions ... Sometimes I feel if i can become like him ... but the next moment I think that he misses most important thing in his life - girls :) :)) ... seriously u should have learnt something from me about girls after being together for more than 5 ye

Double Delight in The City of Joy

No prizes for guessing what this post is about.Its raining Birthdays in Kolkata....Yes! On this very day, 25 years two souls chose to descend on this earth in their mortal forms.Two induhviduals - took their mundane forms in two different places.One in the WILD WILD EAST - a state called Assam, a place criss-crossed by Brahmaputra and surrounded by of lush flora and fauna. Another chose his genesis from a quite but picturesque town of Ranchi. Twenty Five years hence,that day has come back- life in full circle! A day when we celebrate their commencement on this planet,a day like no other day ! Ladies and Gentleman ,I give you Ratz and Sandy . Look at these convicts !! Looking dazed and muddled up after a long slumber! Ek cake aur admi do! Bohut nainsafi hain.... Well,thats the adorable cake we had! Why does the cake has to be Black Forest all the time !!I am tired of forest..First in Assam,now here ! Dude! Are u sure that thing works?? Well,junta I hope the p

Why U Should Use "Mac"

Few days back i used Apple Mac for the first time ...I must say its generation ahead... I felt Windows is outdated .... Few pics :


Best wishes friend.. (L to R: Karma, Andy, Wrangler, sam)

The one who believes in doing his 'Karma'

"Thats what a friend is for, when your lost in darkness and searching for the light, to help you through those lonely nights, when everything around you fails just hold out your hand, and i'll come running, thats what a friend is for." -Marty Keith The last long conversation that I had with Karma, is described in the words above. He very nicely told me, that in college it was Shayon who used to rant to him about so many things, and now it is me. It is very rarely that we come across such people who are absolute sweethearts from all angles... from the insides to the outsides. Those are times when life tells us, that so what if you are pretty fucked up, you have friends that will take you through it all. Karma is one such great person. I can't thank him enough to hear my rants on a lot of girly issues, for waking up in the middle of the night to find Shayon for me, and for simply being a great great friend, not only to me but to all of us. You inspire us to read di

How to get a "Ladki" in !!!

I am back with my studies on girls after a long time... This time I am assisting a friend of mine to get his girl.. Story goes like this: He was my officemate...Few days back he came to me & told he has fallen for a new trainie in the company...He asked my help to persuade her for a date ... I was super excited & assured him that mission will be accomplished in a week's time... But all this is not for free :) Il get a treat at regent ... I started guiding him ... This guidence package includes everything from saying dialogues to fwdding msgs... Ya its correct some of the senti msgs i drafted myself & sent it to him ... My friend without editing a single words fwded it to her ... I tell him "kab bhav khana hai" ,"kab senti marna hai"...We do regular ph counselling... Even I am surprised that whatever I say is falling into place ... Probably by now after so many unsuccessful relations I have become a perfectionist...Atleast my experience is helping som

Click Che'

My City..My Life.. 3

The city life is sometimes strangely cruel. You will have millions besides you in the city streets, yet no one actually to have a good conversation with. Your families and friends would be scatterred around the globe and only the technological advances come to your rescue. Priorities, committments and responsibilities keep on adding days, months and years untill the next rendezvous. You can tweet, poke, sms, scrape and call; but our protagonist does not like the digital or virtual communication. He will rather meet someone in person than exchange emoticons. He says, "The person at the other end may be sending a smile emoticon but actually he/she may be in flesh and blood experiencing some other natural emotions. True emotions play out in front of the eyes." He has hundreds of friends in the virtual world, but the weekends go by without a game of football or a trip to one of the latest movies. Is the reality getting virtual? There is a rapidly growing parallel universe som

A lesson in sanity- Any teachers??

I am totally going MAD. Not that, I was totally sane at any given time of my life. But , it feels like I need some semblance of sanity in my life. Its a huge cliche in our lives when any of us say- "Life is in a Mess" so here again, I say that- My life is in a Mess- more like a monster created by me. My college has actually given me ultimatums that I should be coming to college or else- they will not let me give me exams. No big deal you guys say- ASK ME- I am the ' Good Student' in college- and when my HOD tells me that- No more excuses or that no more internships- I feel so screwed. And if that was not enough- My stupid ass of a boyfriend is moving away. In his last few weeks here in Delhi, instead of spending as much with each other- we both are keeping so freaking busy. There are assignments to be given in college- the Damn practical file which is a killer this semester- has already attacked- and I have no defense- I was supposed to be doing research- Instead I am


It’s been a long time I’d been on a vacation. I am badly in need of a break from the city life. Not that the past few months have been cruel/harsh/busy or so. On the contrary recent few months have been easy and may be that’s why very boring. These days I am not finding xing in anything. A trip to the mountains or any place out of the city limits might bring my spirits up. One of my long term plans was to make trips to Ladakh/Tawang. Lately I have also added Bhutan to the list. Is anyone of you interested in making a trip to any of the three places?? We can plan for it !! Actually, I’ll coordinate and leave the planning task to someone else considering my ‘history of grand plans’. On a serious note, is anyone really interested? We can plan for Feb-March-April time, when everyone is done with their exams and can take out some time from their ‘scheduled life’. Anyways, I will clear off some important office work this month and then will be on a trip back to Assam. Times have gone by in a

Our last bill in Regent

Yesterday me n Atri created a history by getting the minimum bill in the best hotel of jsr - The Regent (now known as sonnet) Previously it was Rs 700 but last night it came down to Rs. 192..