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How to get a "Ladki" in !!!

I am back with my studies on girls after a long time...
This time I am assisting a friend of mine to get his girl.. Story goes like this:

He was my officemate...Few days back he came to me & told he has fallen for a new trainie in the company...He asked my help to persuade her for a date ... I was super excited & assured him that mission will be accomplished in a week's time... But all this is not for free :) Il get a treat at regent ...

I started guiding him ... This guidence package includes everything from saying dialogues to fwdding msgs... Ya its correct some of the senti msgs i drafted myself & sent it to him ... My friend without editing a single words fwded it to her ... I tell him "kab bhav khana hai" ,"kab senti marna hai"...We do regular ph counselling...

Even I am surprised that whatever I say is falling into place ... Probably by now after so many unsuccessful relations I have become a perfectionist...Atleast my experience is helping someone...
Sometimes our hero becomes restless that she is not msging , I tell her jus hold on , let her feel more about u ...She will msg & she does n that too some senti one...

Some might say I am doing wrong but not everyone is shayon or to some extent me, to have guts to talk to any girl...Who cares..After all evrything is fair in Love & War ..

Present situation is that our herione has got ready to go out...


Unknown said…
ha ha ha ha..gr8 going Mr.Hitch..
keep us updated..
Shayon said…
You really never stop, do you, mate? :-) Well, all the best for your "counselling" sessions. And yeah, I ain't no Casanova, man (although I am flattered).
Sakshi said…
Dr. LOVE, huh...!!! All the best.
Abey tera dost bhi dhakan hai kya ? Yeh kaam toh Gandhi ko chhod ke sabko aata hoga ! :-P
raj alakshendra said…
Latest update: our hero took his girl out yest after bunking the office. Everythin was goin well n good when his boss called. Newez he enjoyed his time n he was blushing.
Actually the girl is a localite so he cant take her out in the eve only office hours. But this is also fun.
i remember that movie . The best line in that movie was "duniya mein har ladki patai ja sakti hai"
what u meant to say , i didn get it.
Btw u r now a family man :)
abe dangu kahan hai ?
thank u.
Mainak said…
Sudhar jaa beta..... honest suggestion. Ladki ko bhau dega to ladki palat ke bhi nahin dekhegi:)

Please refer to the below mentioned rules. might help all guys who are in need of a gal.

Theorem 1: All gals wants attention from guys.

Theorem 2: They want their guy to be different from the masses.

Theorem 3: The moment u stare at them, they start feeling that you too are like any ordinary road side romeo staring at gals.

Theorem 4: Gals fall for guys who are tough to get or not easily seduced

Theorem 5: Look at a gal once remember Just Once. 2 baar dekha to kuch nahin ho sakta(Reason- she should know that u saw her but ur not interested in her. She takes this as her challenge to make u fall for her.Every gal considers herself the best and also feels that she can make any guy run after her.**Extension of Theorem 4***)

@Sakshi: You can give you feedback if i have made any mistake :)

@Unknown Ladki Baaz: All the best for ur tries. Theorem yaad kar le zindagi bhar kaam aayegi
raj alakshendra said…
Chaki ki m*** , meri lif mein koi ldki palat ke nahi aati.ek baar gayi to permanently ovr. So , its good . Koi justifiction dene ka tension nahi hai.
Btw i haven seen u followin all these theorms .u jus do d reverse like runnin after d girls.
I agree only 20% to ur so called theorms. Infact i never follow all dese age old style. For me if my instincts say go then i go for it. Its that simple for me :)

latest update frm my student:
he took the girl to CCD n Dominos . They were together for more than 3 hrs. My friend is also quite intel. He didn take his bike. They went on auto so that he can be wid her for more time. Note-no reserve auto , he used share. Also d girl paid at CCD.
Karma said…
kudos to Mr. Raj....
Karma said…
kudos to Mr. Raj....
Karma said…
kudos to Mr. Raj....
Kudos to Mr. Karma, for posting the same thing thrice! :-D
Sakshi said…
OMG!!! I laughed after ages reading the comment section.
@ Karma-
LOL, poor you getting your leg pulled.

Live Commentary dene ka kya chakkar hai, itna footage to Mr Unknown Ladki Baaz.

My take on your theorems
Theorem 1- Is 100% true. Every girl makes a HUGE effort every morning to look good. Unless and until she doesn't get the appreciative looks of the boys, all her sajna sawarna goes waste.

Theorem 2:For this all I will say is that 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder', but one thing is for sure- That for committed girl- her guys is different from the masses.

Theorem 3,4 & 5- Guys need to learn the art of subtly appreciating the beauty of girls rather than ogling them like objects of desire.

I hope that is helpful.
raj alakshendra said…
mission they regularly go out..

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