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Double Delight in The City of Joy

No prizes for guessing what this post is about.Its raining Birthdays in Kolkata....Yes! On this very day, 25 years two souls chose to descend on this earth in their mortal forms.Two induhviduals - took their mundane forms in two different places.One in the WILD WILD EAST - a state called Assam, a place criss-crossed by Brahmaputra and surrounded by of lush flora and fauna.
Another chose his genesis from a quite but picturesque town of Ranchi.

Twenty Five years hence,that day has come back- life in full circle! A day when we celebrate their commencement on this planet,a day like no other day ! Ladies and Gentleman ,I give you Ratz and Sandy.

Look at these convicts !! Looking dazed and muddled up after a long slumber!

Ek cake aur admi do! Bohut nainsafi hain....

Well,thats the adorable cake we had!

Why does the cake has to be Black Forest all the time !!I am tired of forest..First in Assam,now here !

Dude! Are u sure that thing works??

Well,junta I hope the pixcerpts(picture + excerpts....coined by me!) substantiates our merrymaking.It was a day of faux pas.First,the cake had to be arranged by Sandy who unfortunately was one of the B'day boy.Next,these guyz chose very unlikely and untimely hour for their trip to slumberland had to be nudged out of their dormancy so that we could have the gala.It can be seen in the pics how inebriated and disheveled they look.And last of all,the cam got bust.Mr Ratz cam had exceeded its full quota and refused heed any order from the master!

But in spite of all these fallacies,the soiree was a delightful affair.The cake was too delectable and it was gorged up in manner such that it was hard to believe that there existed any cake at all!! The cream was placed where it truely belongs...onto the faces.Both of our B'day boy were royally treated in a manner befitting to our true NIT ishtyle.

To wind up the post, it was a night of celebration and camaraderie ,a day when amidst the carousal the silent vow of fellowship was taken by the participants,to continue that was started four years ago and still going strong.


Some more Nautankee on out for Sams adorable facial expressions!


raj alakshendra said…
1st pic is ultimate hai ...lag raha hai abhi abhi jail se bahar aaye hai ..u guys must have lots of fun ..
well raths is lucky to get two b'de posts .. abe kiske cam/ph se vido banaya ..
Sakshi said…
Awesome celebration guys...!!! :) Happy Birthday...!!!
Happy B'day Rathz!
Have a great day.

Happy b'day Sandeep!

Ankit said…
happy bday Ratz & sandy!!
Unknown said…
thanx folks for the wishes..

Unknown said…
Guyz go and check out karma's youtube account..You will find one VDO which has Sam's unique way to blow out the b'day candles!!
sandeep said…
Thanks a lot everyone..!btw...entire cake was gorged up by Sam alone..we hv d proof..!!! :-)
A belated Happy birthday to "Planning master" and Sandi .

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