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A little experimentation with video blogging :-)


Sakshi said…
well no comments... :|
Shayon said…
huh? WHat was that straight face for? :-0
LOL! Awesome,man!Just loved it.I had a big grin on my face while watching you speak.
I have seen vlogs on youtube and I must say yours was rocking!
And I'd have loved to hear you speak a bit more about the new step in your life.It sounded quite exciting!You have all it takes to be a kick ass entrepreneur-great knowledge,awesome communication skills and fierce passion.
Keep rockin'!
@ Shayon,
Nice 'vlog'- This is the first one I'm seeing, so it was fun. Fun to hear your voice and I never knew you called Sakshi 'Jaan'! I was actually wondering who Jaan was! I first thought you said 'gaands'- for our Big G. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
I didn't take any pics- I keep forgetting to take my cam with me when I go to different places!
I'll put up a post on something in a short while.

Sam put up just one post on the blog- that too it was a year and a half back.

@ Rathz,
Why don't you'll record a song and put it up- it doesn't have to be an original composition, just so that we know that all are alive and kicking.

ROTFLMAO! Some people and their command over a language(read:hindi) never change! Ha ha ha ha.Seriously can't stop laughing!
By now,I guess,you'd have forgotten whatever hindi we taught you.Save for the expletives-something guys can't just do without.Hahaha
Sakshi said…
Yeaah- for all those who live in the la la land- I am 'Jaan'- And yeah that is what Shayon calls me.
I did not really comment on the vlog, coz- Well- apart from the fact that the techie geek bf of mine has done a great job, the part referring to me is not my fav- I hate thinking about him moving away. And, I am being a bad bad girl and being very sensitive about it.
ABC said…
sahi hai bidu \m/
raj alakshendra said…
jaaaaanu ...... how sweet :) in my wildest of dreams i never xpected shayon to use this word ..

newez , the vido was really nice ... more of should give it a try..

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